Orange Revolution.
  Леся , Київ, Україна
13-03-2006 16:13

Про диск "Помаранчева революція". Гарний. Якісний. Але, як на мій смак, аматорський. Дизайн не досить гарний, мій ноутбук його сприймає незавжди, отже якість диску теж не дуже. Підбірка "Веселих яєць" - невдала. А музики - чудова! Громадяни Умки :), купуйте його заради музики, він набагато цінніший, аніж звичайні збірки помаранчевих пісень.

Zamky Ukrajiny. (Ukrainian Castles)
  Леся , Київ, Україна
13-03-2006 16:12

Дуже вам вдячна за диск "Замки України" - він дуже цінний для тих, хто подорожує. Я вагалась купувати чи ні, адже майже всі замки вже відвідала і почула їх історію. Рада, що купила, бо почула безліч нового.

Borys Hmyrya. Ukrainian folk songs with accompaniment of the Capella of bandurists.
  , Rishon Le-Zion, Israel
12-03-2006 23:44

Вiн найсправжнiй генiй! Пiсля 10 рокiв життя в Iзраiлю, я був заворожений, майже плакав, чуючи цей диск, хоч за цiй перiод чув iнших украiнських виконавцев. Це найсправдi високе мистецтво.
Щиро дякую.

Faktychno Sami. 70 tracks in mp3 format.
  Wade , Sydney, Australia
11-03-2006 06:46

This is freaking terrific! Even though I don't know entirely what's going on, I do know that after clicking on this CD for the facile reason that there was an outrageously cute girl on the front, I auditioned some of Faktychno Sami's songs, really liked them, jumped in deep with this 70-track collection and was blown away. Covering 10 years of their musicmaking, I can perceive the evolution of a band with a true hybrid style and a consistently punk attitude. It's raucous and inventive guitar rock with lurching electronics, a lot of yelling and eventually, singing. The style becomes freer as time passes, with dance and groove elements, and the main guy never loses his ear for really hooky patterns and rhythms. Female vocalists join the frey and again the possibilities are multiplied. The female lead has a really captivating and adaptable voice.

I still can't read a word on the packaging of the CD, and I can't find any info about the history of this band that's in English, but even through my foreign filters, I know a rocking band when I hear one, and Faktychno Sami have jumped way up into my consciousness.

CD Compatibility - I can tell the folks out there that this CD is readable on both Mac and PC. On the PC, there's multiglingual player software included (displays song names in Russian or English, I think), which launched but didn't produce any sound on the computer I tried. On the Mac, you can drop the audio files directly into iTunes where they work just fine, and on the PC you can use iTunes or Media Player, etc.

Ani Lorak. Smile.
  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 22:26

Ani is thee best singer out there, she is beter than the singers in USA.
How do I describe Smile. Well Ani's music on this album is energetic, vigorous , brilliant .It's easy to jam to in the car , while exercising , or just about anywhere you go. She made a huge step singing in English, and she did a great job. I still love when she sings in Ukrainian. I will recommend this CD , and all of Ані Лорак CD's . She is a Ukrainian jem, and should be cherished as a jem. I have no complaints at all. Two thumbs all the way up.

Peace , Love , and Ані for life.


Ruslana. Wild Dances.
  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 21:15

Ruslana. A name evryone should know when they think of superb dance music! Ruslana's tracks are energetic, passionate and raw. Each song evolves into the next, almost as if one long piece. The album is put together very well, and has a few bonus-track remixes twoards the end. Ruslana's energy is in full throttle on tracks such as "Wild Dances," "Dance With the Wolves," "The Same Star," "Play, Musician" and "Like a Hurricane." Although Ruslana looses a bit of her appeal whilst singing in English, the tracks are nevertheless thouroughly enjoyable! This album will be a gem in anyone's music collection!

*I also reccomend supplemeting this album with the other Ruslana albums. They all go together quite nicely.

Ruslana. Club'in.
  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 21:04

On Ruslana's inventive remix album, her passionate songs are given a new feel and sound. Almost as if the remixes have become new songs all together. Ruslana shows her imagination whist compiling with remixers to deliver to us more great tunes.
For a Ruslana fan, or just someone who loves dance music, I reccomend this album!

*I also reccomend supplemeting this album with the other Ruslana albums. They all go together quite nicely.

Ruslana. Dyki Tanci. (Wild dances)
  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 21:00

For everyone who wants a great upbeat album, but this now. Ruslana's raw energy and feeling shines through on her tracks. Her passion for the music ia quite apparent on tracks such as "Oj, zahraj my, muzychen'ku," "Arcan," "Skazhy meni."
This is overall, a thouroughly enjoyable album, and I reccomend it!
*I also reccomend supplemeting this album with the other Ruslana albums. They all go together quite nicely.

Shock! Super Dance Ukraine.
  , Gibsonia, USA
10-03-2006 20:00

SHOCK! Superdance Ukraine is overall a good abum. There is a nice thransition in the tracks, and they are nevertheless energetic. However, a few of the tracks get to be a little tedious in the middle. But after sluggishly moving along, twoards the end the energy picks up again. My favourite tracks are the Ruslana tracks, the Ani Lorak track, Mad Heads XL, Talita Kum, Olexander Ponomariov and Skyrabin.
As a final verdict, I would ceartainly give this disc a try!

Olexander Ponomariov. Krashche. (The Best)
  Юля , Киев, Украина
10-03-2006 17:31

Честно скажу, я покупала этот Альбом для своего парня, ему нравится творчество Пономарева. Он в восторге от альбома, но так же сказал, что мог бы и еще несколько песен внести в этот альбом.
А в целом альбом получился действительно удачным!

Anatoly Solovyanenko. Ukrainian folk songs.
  , Москва, Россия
09-03-2006 13:33

Полный восторг!!! Прекрасно, что есть такие песни, которые можно слушать и слушашь. Получила огромное эстетическое удовольствие, спасибо.

NAOFI. Melodies Of Ukraine. The sixth CD.
  Stephen , Melbourne, Australia
09-03-2006 01:11

The Sixth CD of the 'Melodies of Ukraine' series continues the high professionalism as seen in the preceeding 5 CD's. Particularly the fifth and sixth CD's are not specific dances but rhapsodic pieces and scenes, adaption of folk songs. My favourites, 'Suholosia Svitojaru', and 'Vinochok ukrainskyh narodnyh melodij'. I'm sure all who listen to this disk will appreciate the heart felt interpretation as a representation of Ukrainian instrumental music!

Ukrainian Folk Songs. Golden Collection.
  Олена , Киiв, Украiна
07-03-2006 19:57

Цей CD включає в себе багато цiкавих украiнських народних пiсень, якi виконують кращi спiваки нашоi Украiни. Особливо вразили i зворушили мою душу пiснi Анатолiя Солов'яненка, Наталi Безкоровайноi, Нiни Матвiенко...

Kyiv Chamber Choir, Yevhen Stankovych. Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.
  , Hong Kong, China
06-03-2006 17:46

A capella singing is a particularly difficult art, but here one is left in breathless awe at the way the singers slip seamlessly between chromatics and keys. Music and singing of the very, very highest order. It inspires me to turn out the lights, to light the icon lamps, and to sit in quiet and awe before the beauty of the Creator.

Iryna Shynkaruk. Vidchuvaju.
  Oksana , Toronto, Canada
06-03-2006 17:28

As for me, it was just okay. If you like Iryna's voice and her style, you will love tthis CD. Me - it's not really my peace of cake.