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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Winter Tale on M1. World hits performed by Ukrainian stars.

Reviews (17)
Winter Tale on M1. World hits performed by Ukrainian stars.
You might have already understood what the main attraction of this collection is. You will hear your favourite songs – though they are not Ukrainian, but the world hits of the latest decades. Still it concerns only music, as the lyrics of these songs are Ukrainian after all. At that, they are not translated, they are composed especially on the occasion of the New Year celebration. To be on the safe side, I’ll mention at once that some cool fans of the Western performers presented here won’t like this project at all, at least because in most cases the Ukrainian performers have turned out to be talented enough to sound quite harmonious in their new roles. As for some songs, they sound not simply at a decent level – it is naturally – but even a bit better than the original. In other words, this collection gives a listener the possibility not only to get satisfaction from sudden combinations, but also to be proud of the level of our Ukrainian performers.

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 6355322 2
Year: 2006

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
1.  Viva, Ukrajina (We Will Rock You - QUEEN) (Tanok Na Maydani Kongo)
2.  Novyy rik (Ladies Night - ATOMIC KITTEN) (Alibi)
3.  Zolote Rizdvo (Enjoy The Silence - DEPECHE MODE) (Druha Rika)
4. Mp3Anhel ne spyt' (Un-break My Heart - TONI BRAXTON) (Ani Lorak)
5. Mp3Z Novym rokom (Real Sugar - ROXETTE) (Talita Kum)
6. Mp3Scho ty znajesh po zhinok? (She’s A Lady - TOM JONES) (Victor Pavlik)
7. Mp3Lambada (Lambada) (The Yurcash)
8.  Ne zimknu ochej (I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing - AEROSMITH) (Iryna Novikova)
9. Mp3Kozhen podyh mij (Every Breath You Take - POLICE & STING) (Rosava & Kontrabanda) (Rosava,
10.  Rozslabsja (Don’t Worry Be Happy - iz repertuaru BOBBY McFERRIN) (Mad Heads XL)
11.  A sertse mlije (O Sole Mio – LUCIANO PAVAROTTI) ()
12. Mp3Try solodki dni (Dragostei Din Tei - O-ZONE) (XS)
13.  V Novyy rik (Only You - THE PLATTERS) (JazzEx)
14.  Novorichni pryvitannja (The Pink Panther Theme - HENRY MANCINI) (Vova zi L'vova & Max Chorny) (VovaZiL'vova, Max Chorny)
15.  Z Novym rokom! (One Way Ticket - ERUPTION) (MJ Kuvaldin)
 Total playing time: 46:38

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 250.60UAH
International price: $17.90USD
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Novorichni pisni, abo V ljesu radilas' YOlochka.

A carol song follows a joke, a ballad - reflection follows a carol, something romantic follows a ballad, and again a joke goes, and in the same way one wave follows another, so that there’s no time for real sadness.
Domestic price: 250.60UAH, International price: $17.90USD

Reviews (17)

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