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"Verbena" trio. Bila kazka. (White fairy-tale)

Reviews (6)
"Verbena" trio. Bila kazka. (White fairy-tale)
This "Verbena" is a tender flower but also passionate, its color is far from resembling cold snow. And it is not important whether these three ladies sing with accompaniment of banduras, or with modern variety music, or even without accompaniment in the end, all the same, you listen to the voices. The music against the background of which they sound no, everything is ok with it, but one just does not pay any special attention to it. Because practically all attention is completely attracted by the voices. Strong, flexible, soft, quivering, ardent they can be different, all that depends on a song. But in any case they remain beautiful. Our land is rich in singing talents it is nice. And not only us are pleased otherwise, oversea tours would not have such success. If there were no talent neither brass, nor symphonic orchestras, nor the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments would cooperate with "Verbena". But they have cooperated. For the first time in history of the bandura, by the way. And it would seem well, what might be that special there, three women, three banduras...

Publisher: author
Catalogue number: 4 820011 570028 RR CD-675
Year: 2006

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"Verbena" trio

Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
1.  Bila kazka
music: O. Sopryko
lyrics: L. Sapa
2. Mp3Ja rozkazhu
music: O. Osadchyj
lyrics: I. Chubach
3.  Pisnja ljubovi
music: T. Olenjeva
lyrics: M. Synhajivs'kyj
4.  Jak ja ljublju tebe
music: I. Poklad
lyrics: D. Lucenko
5.  Lito zorjane
music: O. Semenov
lyrics: V. Herasymov
6.  Dubochak zjalenen'kyj
lyrics: folk song
7. Mp3Topolyna vulycja
music: E. Brylin
lyrics: B. Olijnyk
8.  Lukasheva sopilka
music: A. Kos-Anatol's'kyj
lyrics: J. Strucjuk
9.  Kolomyjka
lyrics: folk song
10. Mp3Chom, chom ne pryjshov
lyrics: folk song
11.  Barvinkova
music: I. Sl'ota
lyrics: V. Juhymovych
12.  Retro
music: A. Dovhan'
lyrics: A. Dovhan'
13.  Nas pojednaje val's
music: A. Horchyns'kyj
lyrics: M. Lukiv
14.  De ty, ptashyno
music: Ju. Lanjuk
lyrics: R. Lubkins'kyj
15. Mp3Zakuvala zozulen'ka
lyrics: folk song
16.  Hata moja, bila hata
music: A. Pashkevych
lyrics: D. Lucenko
17.  I bahata ja
lyrics: folk song
18.  Dosch
music: T. Olenjeva
lyrics: I. Lobovyk
19.  Cyhanochka
lyrics: folk song
20. Mp3Stojala-m pid hrushkov
lyrics: folk song
21.  Spovid'
music: A. Dovhan'
lyrics: A. Dovhan'
 Total playing time: 57:10

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Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
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Reviews (6)

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