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Oksana Zabuzhko. Yak rubaly vyshnevy sad, abo Dovha doroha z Bad-Emsa. (How the Cherry Orchard Was Cut Down, or the Long Road from Bad Ems)
Zabuzhko. How the Cherry Orchard Was Cut Down..
Domestic: 194.60UAH
International: $13.90USD
Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 306.60UAH
International: $21.90USD
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Volodymyr Kushpet. The performance tradition of Ukrainian folk musicians of 18th the beginning of 20th centuries. Kobza, lira, torban, bandura. Second Collection Release. (2CD). /digi-pack/.

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Volodymyr Kushpet. The performance tradition of Ukrainian folk musicians of 18th  the beginning of 20th centuries. Kobza, lira, torban, bandura. Second Collection Release. (2CD). /digi-pack/.
Traditional culture in general and music culture in particular are unsteady phenomenon. In order to comprehend the essence of changes in their development we have to distinctly separate artificial processes from natural ones. Absence of the Ukrainian state has forced out ancient customs into the conservative countryside environment. Exactly there, in those songs and stories, dumas and legends the spiritual heritage of our forefather was being preserved. One of reveals of the ethno-cultural self-expression could be traced in the musical sphere. Except of very popular in Ukraine collective singing, individual performance accompanied by kobza, lira, torban and bandura have been also developed. This genre's flourishing fell on the period of 15th 18th centuries. But from the end of 18th century the national music priorities in city music culture changed for the European ones. Secular bandurist necessity disappeared and the traditional folk instrument (except torban) remained only in hands of blind traveling old men. Each period of this genre's existence requires a detailed analyses. Recognition of all previous minstrels as kobzars is rather biased. Only reconstruction of instruments, proficiency in methods of using them and, finally, giving utterance to authentic note materials that is the only way to make correct solutions in practice. The comparative analyses of different music samples from kobzars, torbanists, lirnyks, bandurists of 18th early 20th centuries shows existence of the genre and performance differences within traditions that have been formed due to different tasks (secular, spiritual, social, political, etc.) minstrels had to confront throughout different historic periods. These recordings are an arrempt to draw social attention to reconstruction of the traditional performance which is a working monument to Ukrainian music culture.

(information from the polygraph of the disc)

In the booklet, you will also find articles on each of the instruments: kobza, lira, torban and bandura. The text is in Ukrainian and in English.

Publisher: Ukranika
Year: 2009

See all albums and songs of the musician(s) on our site:
Volodymyr Kushpet

Domestic price: 334.60UAH
International price: $23.90USD
1. Mp3Dudochka (The Pipe), Kozak-valets (dances) kobza
2.  Kyselyk (dance) kobza
3.  Duma about Khvedir bezrodnyi (a cossack psalm) acc. kobza
4. Mp3Rozpynanie Khrysta (The crucifixion of Christ (psalm) acc. lira
5.  Mlynok (The Mill) / Savradym / Molodychka (A young women) (dances) bandura
6.  Georgiu (chant) acc. lira
7. Mp3Podorozh Vaclava Rzhevus'koho (A jorney of Vaclav Rzevusski acc. torban
music: Gregor Vidort
8.  Vidortova pisnya (Vidort's song) acc. torban
music: Gregor Vidort
9.  Spiv Revukhi (Revukha's singing) acc. torban
music: Gregor Vidort
 Total playing time: 42:36
1.  Pobratavsya sokil (Falcon fraternized) (according to the authentic kobzar's genre definition "street" song) acc. bandura
2.  Bida (A trouble) (authentic definition "shtuchka") acc. bandura
3.  Pro Savu Chaloho (a cossack song) acc. bandura
4.  Potop (The Flood) (psalm) acc. lira
5.  Kaperush (dance) acc. lira
6. Mp3Khhrystu na khresti (To Christ on the cross) (psalm) acc. kobza
7.  Duma pro udovu i tryokh syniv (Duma about a widow and three sons) acc. kobza
8.  Hey hook, maty, hook (18th century cossack song) acc. kobza
9.  Khloptsi-molodsi (Cheerful fellows) (by S. Rudansky) acc. kobza
10.  Oy, jihune [gigolo] (19th century humoristic song) acc. kobza
 Total playing time: 48:33

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 334.60UAH
International price: $23.90USD
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Volodymyr Kushpet. The performance tradition of Ukrainian folk musicians of 18th the beginning of 20th cent. /cassette/.

Audio cassette/ ..Volodymyr Kushpet is a teacher at the High Pedagogic School of Kobzars' Art. He is a dedicated researcher of the kobzars' and lirnyk' performing traditions, a master of the Kyiv Kobzars Guild and a member of the Ukrainian Kobzars' Union.
Domestic price: 194.60UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Bandura-Players Trio of the Ukrainian Radio. De viter zemlyu holubyt. /premium, digi-pack/. (Where the Wind Cuddles the Land)

"The Bandura Players Trio of the Ukrainian Radio" the creative credo of this small but amazingly brilliant team is coded in this name. Although its main task is to make audio records for the Ukrainian radio Fund (as it is a well-known collection, which reflects the history of Ukrainian culture) the Trio has a surprisingly bright creative biography..
Domestic price: 320.60UAH, International price: $22.90USD

Bandura-Players Trio of the Ukrainian Radio. Melodiji ridnoho kraju. (Melodies of the Native Land)

If we are not mistaken, you now see already the second album by this trio it's nice. Because you start listening and immediately you are shrouded by such spring, real magic, that you don't want to say or do anything only to listen. Still, in sounding of the bandura there is some lightness and clarity, which is able to raise you unnoticed over the earth..
Domestic price: 194.60UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Volodymyr Luciw. Ukrainian folk songs & dumy.

Volodymyr Luciw is one of those Ukrainian artists who during their whole life have honored and glorified Ukrainian art in the world. But it happened so that an enormous part of his creative life passed outside Ukraine. It is, actually, possible to say that up to a certain moment he was better known and respected abroad than in his motherland.
Domestic price: 144.20UAH, International price: $10.30USD

Vasyl Lytvyn. Oy polety halko. (Hey, Fly the Daw)

Vasyl Lytvyn has already been singing for almost fifty years but a disc with his pieces has been released only now. It is possible, sure, to complain on that score for during the time that has passed a lot has been done, and it would be a pity if his achievements were lost. But it is also a reason to be glad as well because if there is beginning, continuation may follow.
Domestic price: 264.60UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Yuri Yatsenko. Sribljastyj kobzy peredzvin. (Kobza silver sounds)

On this CD you will hear soundings of kobza, enriched with considerable quantity of other folk instruments, and also solo works played by maestro.
Domestic price: 222.60UAH, International price: $15.90USD

National Honored Bandurist Capella. P.3. /digi-pack/

The release consists of four discs of premium design. And, though each of them is independent and complete, we still recommend those interested to buy all the four collections. Figures of an epic scale require extensive canvas and great attention but there is nothing to compare with the experience of getting acquainted with them.
Domestic price: 256.20UAH, International price: $18.30USD

Mykhaylo Koval'. Homin, Homin...

I have tuned my bandura the way the God inspired me, and learned to play the way my soul wanted...
Domestic price: 194.60UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Reviews (2)

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22 february 2022
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13 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock. Olena Teliha" the album as a present!
Shopping Hour. Sunce Viter. (premium edition). /digi-pack/. (The Sun Wind)
music of the world
Domestic: 166.60UAH
International: $11.90USD
Astarta. Astarta/Edwin. /digi-pack/.
slow drive
Domestic: 180.60UAH
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Borys Hmyrya, National Honored Bandurist Capella. Ukrainian folk songs. /cassette/.
Hmyrya, Capella of bandurists. Ukrainian folk songs. /cassette
Domestic: 138.60UAH
International: $9.90USD
NAOFI, Borys Hmyrya. Ukrainian folk songs. /cassette/.
Hmyrya, NAOFI. Ukrainian folk songs. /cassette
Domestic: 138.60UAH
International: $9.90USD