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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Tryzubyj Stas. Ja povertajusja vol 1. (I am coming back)

Reviews (9)
Tryzubyj Stas. Ja povertajusja vol 1. (I am coming back)
This disc is a greeting to everybody who has already lived approximately a quarter of a century. Why? Simply because, as my observations show, the greater part of young inhabitants of our parts (or those who come from our parts) mostly do not know what bard songs are. At that, I mean exactly our parts, since in the West this phenomenon had somewhat different form and was not so much spread or popular as it was here. Here, in our parts, even today many people know who, for example, Bulat Akudzhava, is - though not all of them know what he was singing about. However that may be, but Tryzubyi Stas, who is also called Stanislav Shcherbatykh, is an experienced Ukrainian bard who has all necessary attributes of this genre. He composes verses by himself, he accompanies himself on an acoustic guitar. With his verses, he both laughs and grieves, or simply ponders over our life, which is so multicoloured. At the first sight he seems to be a usual person, still having a bit more attentive look at different demonstration of life. That's why, if you are not lazy to think over things you are listening to, in this album you will probably find some observations, which are worth while pondering over. Or, as minimum, you will find here the picture of an epoch - if we use this word in terms of the last fifteen-twenty years of Ukrainian realities. Somewhat amusing, and somewhat sad.
This item is available only in the collection: Tryzubyj Stas. Collection: set of 4 CDs

Publisher: UKRmusic
Catalogue number: UM-CD007
Year: 2004

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Tryzubyj Stas

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1.  Anhola
2. Mp3Povnyj abzac
3.  Demokratyzacija
4. Mp3Mili, santy, kil'o
5.  Jak prezydenta obyraly
6.  Lilychka
7. Mp3Chornobyl's'kyj metelyk
8.  Schury
9.  Vitamin "Ju"
10.  Vkolit' anal'hinu!
11.  Simejno – politychna
12. Mp3Himnastyka
13.  Kosmichna
14.  Jisty daj!
15.  My je taki
16.  Zemletrus
17.  Hlobus Ukrajiny
 Total playing time: 47:18

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Reviews (9)

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