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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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Sally Green. Napivdykyi. (Half Wild)

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Sally Green. Napivdykyi. (Half Wild)
"In the modern England, where among people there live among Black and White Magicians, who feud among themselves, 17-year old Nathan encounters a lot of challenges. After all, he is a BW, Semicoded, neither Black nor White. White Magicians hunt for him, while Black ones reject him. He is in love, but even the girl who has subdued his heart can hardly be relied on who knows, she may also be a spy? Nathan got his unique magical Gift, but it is very difficult to master it the beast that lives in the boy really likes to kill. However, having learnt to manage his Gift, Nathan will contribute into restoring the lost balance of power in the witch world, and he will, finally, decide on whether he is good or, still, evil."
Translated from English by Viktor Morozov
In Ukrainian

Edition type: hard cover
Format: 130x200 mm
Number of pages: 400
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv

Rozdil 1. ChERVONE

- novyy den

- chekajuchy

- my z annalizoju

- temnishaje

- ne chekajuchy

- to ty ne pomer, chy sho?

- nesbit

- kiren i partner

- ostanniy pohljad

Rozdil 2. DARY

- van dal

- amulet

- propozytsija

- nichnyy dymok

- doshch

- slovachchyna

- mahichne mumbu-jumbu

- kazhuchy habrielju

- vykorystovujuchy dushu

- pershyy kilok

- druhyy kilok

- tretiy kilok

Rozdil 3. U DOROZI

- zroby obamu

- barselona

- moja vchytelka y opikunka

- ish

- providnytsja

- u dorozi

- karta

- forma slova


- znovu buty pozytyvnym

- my rozrobljajemo plan

- bunker merkuriji

- my

- rozhevist

- tsiluvannja

- zachynena shukhljada

- annaliza ne dykhaje

- nabyrajuchys syl

- kopajuchy

- fejirborn miy

- shramy

- pokhovannja

- skladannja karty

- ne chynjachy oporu

- drezden, volfhanh i markus

- rozkolyna

Rozdil 5. RIKY KROVI

- die rote kurbisflasche

- arakhis

- markus

- aljans

- riky krovi

- zahotivelnytsja proviziji

- pershyy napad

- blondin

- prohuljanka

- z arranom

- smikh

- zustrich

- konnor

- spovilnjujuchy chas

- bachyty dzhessiku

- chervin


Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176791232
Year: 2015

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Sally Green

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MuzBat. Neskoreny ProRock. Taras Shevchenko. /songbook+CD/. (Unsubdued ProRock. Taras Shevchenko)
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