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Zwyntar. Mertvi holosy. /digi-pack/. (Dead Voices)
trickster's tear
Domestic: 188.35UAH
International: $17.28USD
Anne Applebaum. Chervony Holod. Stalin's War on Ukraine. (Red Famine)
Anne Applebaum. Red Famine
Domestic: 347.93UAH
International: $31.92USD
LBB. Lemko Bluegrass Band. /digi-pack/.
Carpathian bluegrass
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
Terra Ucrainica. The History Atlas of Ukraine and Neighboring Lands.
Terra Ucrainica. The History Atlas of Ukraine and Neighboring Lands
Domestic: 544.13UAH
International: $49.92USD
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Yuri Andrukhovych. Leksykon intymnykh mist. /h/. (The Lexicon of Intimate Cities)

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"The Lexicon of Intimate Cities" is Yuri Andrukhovych's largest product in terms of its size. Arranged alphabetically by geographic names, these texts of various genres – from essays and short stories to poetry in prose –constitute together an autobiographical atlas of Andrukhovych's world. In addition, each "lexicon" adventure is clearly inscribed not only into space, but also into time coordinates, allowing the reader to follow the author and dare 111 privately historical leaps from the mid 1960s to the present day. One could hardly expect from this atlas, this extremely subjective "guidebook in geopoetics and cosmopolitics" any objective characteristics of Kyiv and Lviv, Moscow and Warsaw, New York and Yenakievo. But one can definitely discover more artistically important things in it: the atmosphere, moods, images, smells and tastes of the favorite cities and destinations as they got etched in the author's memory. As well as instant observations and deeper reflection, lyricism and sadness, irony and sarcasm – i.e. everything due to which our communication with the world obtains intimate traits."

In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 166x238 mm
Number of pages: 480, illustrated
Publisher: Meridian Czernowitz


A: Aarau \ Alupka \ Antverpen \ Augsburg \ Afiny

B: Bazel‘ \ Bayroyt \ Balaklava \ Barselona \ Belgrad \ Berlin \ Bern \ Brjussel‘ \ Budapesht \ Bukharest

V: Varshava \ Venetsija \ Viden‘ \ Vil‘njus \ Vinnytsja \ Vrotslav

H: Haydel‘berg \ Haysyn \ Hamburh

G: Gdans‘k \ Geteborg \ Grats \ Guadalakhara

D: Denver \ Detroyt \ Dnipropetrovs‘k \ Drohobych \ Djussel‘dorf

E: Essen

Je: Jenakijeve \ Jerusalym

Zh: Zheneva

Z: Zal‘tsburg \ Zaporizhzhja \ Zolotyy Potik

Y: Ystad

I: Izmir \ Izjaslav \ Iks

Ji: Jilhava

Y: York, Novyy

K: Kalininhrad \ Kvedlinburg \ Kel‘n \ Kyjiv \ Kyshyniv \ Konstantsa \ Krakiv

L: Leninhrad \ Lints \ Lisabon \ Lozanna \ London \ L‘viv \ Ljublin \ Ljayptsig

M: Maynts \ Mal‘bork \ Marburg \ Mins‘k \ Moskva \ Mjunkhen

N: Naymekhen \ Novyy Sad \ Njurnberg

O: Odesa \ Olomouts \ Osnabrjuk \ Ostroh

P: Palermo \ Paryzh \ Passau \ Pitsburg \ Poltava \ Praha

R: Ravenna \ Regensburg \ Ryha \ Rym \ Rodos

S: San-Dzhovanni-Val‘darno \ San-Frantsysko \ Sevastopol‘ \ Stambul \ Stokhol‘m \ Strasbur

T: Tallinn \ Ternopil‘ \ Toronto

U: Uzhhorod \ Urbino

F: Filadel‘fija \ Florentsija \ Frankfurt-na-Mayni \ Frankfurt-na-Oderi

Kh: Kharkiv \ Khust

Ts: Tsug \ Tsurjupyns‘k \ Tsjurykh

Ch: Chernivtsi \ Chykago

Sh: Shtuttgart

Shch: Shchetsin

Ju: Juteborg

Ja: Jalta


Publisher: Meridian Czernowitz
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789662578119
Year: 2011

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Yuri Andrukhovych

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Andriy Sodomora. Usmikh rechey. (The Smile of Things)

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Yuriy Vynnychuk. Vikna zastyhloho chasu. (The Windows of Time Frozen)

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12 january 2019
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Pedro Lenz. Kiper – tse ya. (I Am the Keeper)
I Am the Keeper
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Askold Melnyczuk. Posol mertvykh. (Ambassador of the Dead)
Ambassador of the Dead
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Carlos Castaneda. Vchennya dona Khuana. (The Teachings of Don Juan. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge)
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