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Roman Kolyada, Anastasia Kolodiuk. KoKo Melange. /mini-pack/.
ethno melange
Domestic: 190.30UAH
International: $17.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Sashko Dermansky. Mary.

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Sashko Dermansky. Mary.
"It's hard to say that the Kovalchuks family is special. Mom, dad, two kids. However, the elder son, Andriyko, still does not speak. And the junior, Mariyka, lacks friends and attention from her parents. Everything turns to chaos at dad’s work, while mom just wants everything to be well. An ordinary family, ordinary life – where one day racing horse Mary appears, and very strange things start happening..."
In Ukrainian
Type of the edition: hard glossy cover
Format: 130x195 mm
Number of pages: 192
Publisher: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, Kyiv

- Proloh

- Rozdil 1, u jakomu Red‘ka malo ne zzhyraje Bul‘ku, ale sam potrapljaje v khalepu i nenadovho staje synochkom

- Rozdil 2, u jakomu my diznajemosja deshcho nadzvychayne pro Andriyka i pro te, jaka okazija trapylasja z Red‘chynoju babtseju

- Rozdil 3, u jakomu stajet‘sja horobyna nich

- Rozdil 4, u jakomu did Rukavychka pryvozyt‘ vodu

- Rozdil 5, u jakomu tatko prohraje, a vnochi za viknom chujut‘sja chudernats‘ki zvuky

- Rozdil 6, u jakomu znykaje balija i khtos‘ bezsovisno vys‘orbuje sik

- Rozdil 7, u jakomu poshuky sokopyvtsi zaznajut‘ nevdachi, ale Andriyko shchos‘ taky znakhodyt‘

- Rozdil 8, u jakomu rozbyvajet‘sja serviz, a Mariyka zakhodyt‘ tudy, kudy zakhodyty ne varto

- Rozdil 9, u jakomu Mariyka znayomyt‘sja z panom Vykhyljasom, i vin jiy strashenno ne podobajet‘sja

- Rozdil 10, u jakomu obiystja Koval‘chukiv popovnjujet‘sja novoju meshkankoju

- Rozdil 11, u jakomu prymanka sprats‘ovuje, a pohonja zavodyt‘ nashykh herojiv u hadjuchnyk

- Rozdil 12, u jakomu dity znayomljat‘sja z dyvnym meshkantsem buzynovoji "pechery"

- Rozdil 13, u jakomu Mariyka z Andriykom lovljat‘ Mefodija na harjachomu, diznajut‘sja, khto vin i zvidky vzjavsja, y dovidujut‘sja pro dyvnu yoho slabkist‘

- Rozdil 14, u jakomu Mariyka ne navazhujet‘sja dopomohty Mefodijevi

- Rozdil 15, u jakomu Meri dilyt‘sja z Andriykom svojimy hryzotamy

- Rozdil 16, u jakomu tatko trymaje slovo, Meri zabyrajut‘, a Mefodiy povodyt‘sja dyvno

- Rozdil 17, u jakomu Red‘ka spivchuvaje, a Mefodiy rozpovidaje ditjam pro pana Vykhyljasa take!.. A shche z'javljajet‘sja nadija na povernennja Meri

- Rozdil 18, u jakomu Mariyka spuskajet‘sja v krynytsju

- Rozdil 19, u jakomu Mariyku obdureno, Andriyko y Mefodiy vodoportujut‘sja, a Mefodijeva neharna zvychka staje v pryhodi

- Rozdil 20, u jakomu Andriyko diznajet‘sja, shcho stalosja z yoho holosom i shcho take zhyvoda, a Mefodiy dovidujet‘sja, shcho stalosja z yoho rozchakhalochkoju

- Rozdil 21, u jakomu Andriyko zakhodyt‘ u tajemnu kimnatu, a Mefodiy z zhakhom usvidomljuje svoju pomylku

- Rozdil 22, u jakomu Andriyko znakhodyt‘ ne te, na shcho spodivavsja, a Mefodiy namahajet‘sja pidduryty nechystoho

- Rozdil 23, u jakomu Andriyko postaje pered neymovirno skladnym vyborom

- Rozdil 24, u jakomu Mefodiy zustrichaje Andriyka, vony vtrapljajut‘ v tornado, a tatko ukladaje pari z nechystym

- Rozdil 25, u jakomu Meri trenujet‘sja, stajet‘sja nepopravne y vidnimajet‘sja odyn den‘

- Rozdil 26, u jakomu krynychnyk vzhe ne mozhe dopomohty, dity diznajut‘sja, na shcho zdatne mamyne sertse, a Mefodiy prosyt‘ probachennja

- Rozdil 27, u jakomu zduriv Varenyk, zduriv i Karyy, zate z'javylasja nadija

- Rozdil 28, u jakomu Bul‘chyna mrija zdiysnjujet‘sja, na ipodromi kojit‘sja shchos‘ nesusvitnje, a perehony zavershujut‘sja sl‘ozamy

- Rozdil 29, ostanniy

Publisher: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786175851555
Year: 2018

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Sashko Dermansky

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Mykola Hohol. Vechornytsi na khutori bilya Dykanky. /art book, transl. by Yu.Vynnychuk/. (Gatherings on a Farm near Dykanka)

Mykola Hohol keeps coming back (turning around!) in the Ukrainian literature. Due to Yuriy Vynnychuk, the text pours like a song, because it finally rings the generous colorful Poltava dialect, which formed the basis of the literary Ukrainian language..
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Volodymyr Rutkivsky. Schyryk zi Zmievoi hory. (Schyryk from the Dragon’s Hill)

Every 400 years, the terrible Dragon Gorynych wakes up and goes for a hunt. Together with Kostiy the Immortal, he kidnaps a boy who comes to visit his Carpathian relatives. Characters from the earlier fairy-tales by Volodymyr Rutkivsky come to help the human child...
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Serhiy Oksenyk. Vbyvstvo pyanoi pionerky. (The Murder of a Drunken Pioneer)

This novel is a sort of ticket for a movie about the life in the late 1950s. Full of irony and intense nostalgia, this is a detective story about an investigation conducted by both adults and children. Looming behind the crime, there is the Soviet system, hopelessly bogged down in lie...
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Petro Radkovets, Ivan Radkovets. Taemnytsi lvivskikh leviv. /revised/. (Secrets of Lviv Lions)

"Secrets of Lviv Lions" is a book of the authors' fairy tale legends by the guides well-known in Lviv – brothers Ivan and Petro Radkovets. Readers will find out why the clocks on the towers and on the town hall in Lviv show different time, how two brothers searched the bottom of the ponds of Lviv for treasure of their father, what happened to greedy Martyn..
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Yuriy Vynnychuk. Mistse dlya drakona. (The Place for the Dragon)

What happens when people feel that death of the dragon is not enough, because the evil has not disappeared with it? What happens when they rush out to look for other sources of evil? One dragon for an entire country is not enough. Where to get so many more dragons that everyone had one to crucify?..
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Oleksiy Chupa. Vyshnya i ya. (Vyshnya and Me)

Yarchyk does not even suspect that the most important person in his life will be a little girl who he met by chance in a store. First, they feel a bit shy and alert, but increasingly easier and smoother they completely change each other's life..
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Nadiyka Herbish. Mandrivky z charivnym atlasom: Venetsia. (Trips with the Magic Atlas: Venice)

Once in the evening, Luka and Terezka were turning pages of an atlas in the study of their geographer grandfather, without even knowing that it was a magical one. Suddenly, the children find themselves in Venice. They admire the gondolas and the wonderful architecture of the city, taste the local cuisine, and learn about the most interesting events in its history..
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Mykhailo Ivasko. YaloVokhus.

A teacher is fired – and yet at her last class she manages to tell her first-graders what seems to be a completely innocent fairytale. And a decade after the cleverest students of the class try to figure out what is really happening in the fairytale and what miracles or horrors hide in the bizarre word "yalovohus"...
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Fozzey. Hupalo Vasyl.

All of us from childhood are taught to believe that the good triumphs over the evil. Those who for some reasons got disappointed or started doubting this postulate are referred to the book of semi-fable tales by Fozzey.
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Andriy Bachynsky. 140 detsybeliv tyshi. (140 Decibels of Silence)

In a car accident, young musician Serhiy loses not only his parents, sister, but also the ability to hear. He has to learn a new way of communicating with his peers at the boarding school, overcome disappointment and despair, so that the bereavement did not completely kill his desire to live. As well as – rescue his sister from trouble...
Domestic price: 76.12UAH, International price: $6.92USD

Dzvinka Matiyash. Marta z vulytsi Svyatoho Mykolaya. (Martha from St. Nicholas Street)

The story "Marta from St. Nicholas Street" is addressed to teenagers. It is a story of growing up of a girl who dreams of becoming an artist, her becoming as an individual. This is a story about the life of her family and friends, about creativity and inspiration, painting and music, love and loss. And about the birth of a new life...
Domestic price: 102.08UAH, International price: $9.28USD

Kateryna Shtanko. Drakony, vpered! (Dragons, Go!)

A Kyiv student, fascinated by biology, accidentally breed... a dragon, who abruptly changes his routine life. This enchanting tale is to some extent a detective story, and a parody of a detective story. Here, you find both light fantasy, and children's James Bond series, and lots of instructive aspect...
Domestic price: 146.30UAH, International price: $13.30USD

Sashko Dermansky. Chudove Chudovysko i Pohane pohanysko. (Wonderful Wonder and Monstrous Monster)

The new portion of funny, creepy, and exciting adventures is here awaiting for you. Monstrous Monster is ready to fight against us all, but in the modern Ukraine there are so many brave heroes, young and old, that even the absolute evil does not always have a chance to win...
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Olha Voronchykhina. "Try monety", schebpak ta inshi pryjemnosti. ("Three Coins", Youbet and Other Nice Things)

"Three Coins" is a work of fantasy intended for teenage audience. I tried to write it with humor, easily. And I referred to the sacred knowledge of the Ukrainian people of pre-Christian times – to mystical beings and creatures. It was a big piece of job, I won't lie to you.." Olha Voronchyhina
Domestic price: 113.30UAH, International price: $10.30USD

Halyna Pahutyak. Vtecha zviriv, abo Novyi bestiariy. /second edition/. (Escape of Animals, or the New Bestiary)

I still do not know, – the author admits, – where Kaspar Hauser appeared from – a boy who had no childhood. Perhaps, he emerged contrary to Peter Pan...
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Vsevolod Nestayko. Toreadory z Vasyukivky. New author's edition with new episodes. /fourteenth edition/. (Toreadors from Vasyukivka)

It is difficult to discover in our literature anything as merry, talented and witty as this book by Vsevolod Nestayko, who is often named the Gogol of the modern Ukrainian literature for children. It is not for nothing that "Toreadors from Vasyukivka" has been translated into 20 languages and was included into the Special Honored List of Andersen as one of the most prominent works of the world literature for children.
Domestic price: 163.90UAH, International price: $14.90USD

Mykola Hohol. Nich pered Rizdvom. /second edition, supplemented/. (Night Before Christmas)

When reading "Night Before Christmas" in the unbeatable translation by Maxim Rylsky, you are willing to believe the ancient legend that Gogol wrote his first works in Ukrainian... Edition type: premium, colorful and luxurious, hard cover, dust cover with pressing.
Domestic price: 212.30UAH, International price: $19.30USD

Sashko Dermansky. Chudove Ñhudovysko v Krajini zhakhovysk. /second edition/. (Perfect Beast in the Land of Terrors)

"This is the second book of the forthcoming trilogy. I sincerely believe that with this story Sashko Dermanski starts meeting the boldest hopes for success of the new Ukrainian children's literature... After reading the manuscript, I was bursting with joy." Ivan Malkovych
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Sashko Dermansky. Chudove Chudovysko. /fifth edition/. (The Wonderful Beast)

The new story by Sashko Dermansky describes an unusual acquaintance of a girl named Sonya with a monster named Chu. Within several month, Chu must earn seven "thank you"'s from people, otherwise it will be expelled to the country of Horrors. The characters will face a lot of adventures and dangers, but real friendship works wonder...
Domestic price: 131.12UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Maryna Rybalko. Podorozh tudy, de snih. (A Travel to Where the Snow Is) may go beyond the Reality! And there ... next to ordinary people, dragons, bandits, rulers of natural elements live and experience human feelings. A return only becomes possible when the power of friendship overcomes all trials and binds the "Scythian Sun" amulet into an integral whole...
Domestic price: 97.90UAH, International price: $8.90USD

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