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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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Alex Bobrovnikov. Krayamy Hruzii. In Search of the Treasure of the Country of Wolves. (Along the Outskirts of Georgia)

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Alex Bobrovnikov. Krayamy Hruzii. In Search of the Treasure of the Country of Wolves. (Along the Outskirts of Georgia)
"The author traveled by bike all along near-border Georgian territories to describe the amazing customs that one can see without diverging from tourist routes, provided you find yourself there at the right time. This is a book about the customs and traditions that have survived in Georgia in spite of the Soviets' rule, neo-capitalism, and civilization as it is. All the people and events described here are real. The routes feasible.
The original guide through Caucasus, full of sparkling humor and genuine love for that land, will capture you from the very first page, and as well as the author, you will fall hopelessly in love with the country of majestic mountains, crystal springs, and true people..."
Translated from Russian by Dmytro Mamchur
In Ukrainian.
Illustrations: Oleksiy Bobrovnykov, Koba Samkharadze

Type of the edition: paperback
Format: 166x237 mm
Number of pages: 192, illustrated
Publisher: Bookclub, Kharkiv

- Pro avtora. Zamist peredmovy. strakh mandrivnyka

Marshrut 1. Vik-end u Tbilisi. Pid chas jakoho mene vyseljajut z hotelju i ja opynjajusja v hostjakh u pravnuchky hruzynskoho tsarja

Marshrut 2. Iz Tbilisi na zakhid. Cherez Nyzhnju Hruziju i Dzhavakheti

Marshrut 3. Cherez hirsku Adzhariju do ushchelyny Machakhela. Vovky, rushnytsi y vidchaydushna hostynnist

Marshrut 4. Z Kolkhidy do Mestiji. Do mehrelskykh vidom i svanskykh knjaziv

Marshrut 5. Svjato Lomisoba v seli Mleta. Vehetariantsjam krashche ne dyvytysja

Marshrut 6. Do Khevsuretiji cherez selyshche Dzhuta. Zahubleni v horakh

Marshrut 7. U Shatili cherez krajinu pshaviv. Cherepy, drevni svjatylyshcha ta khevsurskyy Nju-York

Marshrut 8. Z Mestiji do Vilnoji Svanetiji. Skarb krajiny vovkiv

- Epiloh. Miy druh Koba

- Hruzynski slova i vyslovy, neobkhidni v podorozhi

Publisher: BookClub
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789661483407
Year: 2015

Domestic price: 141.90UAH
International price: $12.90USD
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Dato Turashvili. Pokolinnya dzhyns. Vtekty z SRSR. (The Jeans Generation. Escaping from the USSR)

This book is more than just a book, just a story. No extra laces frank, light and painful to the extent that one feels no shame when, while reading, one senses tears in one's eye...
Domestic price: 113.30UAH, International price: $10.30USD

Aka Morchiladze. Prohulyanka na viynu. (Journey to the War)

..Having lost the taste for life, Gio subdues to his friend's persuasion to help him traffic "weed". At night, they enter the territory of Karabakh. The friends are captured by Azerbaijanis, and a bit later they are recaptured by Armenian... To survive, for the first time in his life Gio has to make his own decision...
Domestic price: 113.30UAH, International price: $10.30USD

Anna-Lena Lauren. Nevidoma tsina svobody. The Democratic Revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. (The Unknown Price of Freedom)

This is the third book by the famous Finnish journalist and writer Anna-Lena Lauren published in Ukrainian. While her previous two books reflected current realities of life in Russia and in the Caucasian republics, from this book the Ukrainian reader can learn more about the author's interested perspective of Ukraine as well.
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

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8 october 2021
Dakh Daughters: Make Up CD as a present!
24 august 2021
Congratulations on the INDEPENDENCE DAY!
Natsume Soseki. Sertse. (Kokoro/ The Heart)
Natsume Soseki. The Heart
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD
His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Oksana Zabuzhko. APOKRYF. Chotyry rozmovy pro Lesyu Ukrainku. (THE APOCRYPHA. Four conversations about Lesya Ukrainka)
THE APOCRYPHA. Four conversations about Lesya Ukrainka
Domestic: 427.90UAH
International: $38.90USD
Andriy Bondar. Lasoschi dlya Medora. (Treats for Medor)
Andriy Bondar. Treats for Medor
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
Mykola Kulish. Myna Mazailo. Vybrani tvory. (Myna Mazailo. Selected works)
Mykola Kulish. Selected works
Domestic: 152.90UAH
International: $13.90USD