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Chorny Potik. /cassette/.

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Chorny Potik. /cassette/.
It contains some songs and traditional performs from Prykarpattya Ц western region of Ukraine located close to Karpaty mountains. Recordings are "true" Ц not purified studio records, but songs performed by residents of three villages.
Note! All the tapes presented here are sold on AS IS terms. That is, we do not undertake responsibility if a certain tape cannot be played on your player or has lost its technical qualities over time because it was produced long time ago. All the cassettes are sold in their factory packaging (sealed in cellophane film).
1. The band plays music to the wedding songs
2. The band plays music during the wedding table
3. The band plays the wedding song
4. The band plays music as the leave for the ceremony
5. The march played on the road to the wedding ceremony (to the melody of "The Cossacks awoke at dawn")
6. Wedding music to the dance "Hutsulka" (The Hutsul Woman)
7. Tsymbal music
8. Tsymbal music
9. Tsymbal and violin music
10. Flute music with commentary ("The Incident with Sheep")
11. "Hutsulka" (dance)
12. "Holubka" (dance)
13. A waltz (to the melody of the song "The cloudy sky cries")
14. "The Czech Polka" (dance)
15. Polka on the tsymbaly
16. Polka, dance, (the band)
17. "Kovalivka", dance, (flute, violin, tsymbaly)
18. Violin and tsymbaly
19. "Krizes" or "The Jewess"
20. Kolyadka
21. Ballad
22. Kolyadka
23. Ladkanka
24. Lyric Song
25. Mirthful songs
26. Ballad
27. Song of gratitude to the hosts
28. Haivka
29. Haivka
30. Lyric song
31. Playing on the leaf
32. Singing while shepherding
33. Singing while shepherding (continue)

Publisher: Karavan CD
Catalogue number: KMC 109
Year: 1999

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