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Zwyntar. Mertvi holosy. /digi-pack/. (Dead Voices)
trickster's tear
Domestic: 184.43UAH
International: $16.92USD
Anne Applebaum. Chervony Holod. Stalin's War on Ukraine. (Red Famine)
Anne Applebaum. Red Famine
Domestic: 347.93UAH
International: $31.92USD
LBB. Lemko Bluegrass Band. /digi-pack/.
Carpathian bluegrass
Domestic: 151.73UAH
International: $13.92USD
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Ensemble "Masterok". Rejoice To Christs Birth!

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Ensemble "Masterok". Rejoice To Christs Birth!
When I first saw the title "Masterok" ("Little Master"), I thought at once that at this album I would hear childrens voices. My assumptions proved to be correct, as "Masterok" is a childrens ensemble that comes from Dnipropetrovsk region. And as you know, the sounding of a childrens choir practically never leaves any listener indifferent. Especially when children sing Christmas carols. Clearly about clear things - it is touching, isnt it? Still the age of performers is not the only trump card of the ensemble. Let each listener estimate by himself the skillfulness of both authors (since authors songs are also presented here) and performers. The main thing is not to forget from which miracle this disc and his relatives come from. Do you remember? Is this holiday pleasant? Then, try to remember about pleasure not only in the middle of winter, but also during the whole year. Here you are.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2005

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Ensemble "Masterok"

Domestic price: 122.95UAH
International price: $11.28USD
1.  Glory to the Lord (Slava Bohu rozhdenomu)
2. Mp3Wonderful news (Dyvnaja novyna)
3. Mp3Angels in the sky (Anhely v nebi)
4.  In the field (Oj, u poli)
5.  Great King of heaven (Hospodi Boh predvichnyj)
6.  On the Christmas Eve (Na Rizdvo Hrystove)
7. Mp3The Son of Lord is born (Narodyvsja Syn Bozhyj)
8.  Land of Judaea (Zemlja Iudejs'ka)
9.  Dont cry Rachel (Ne plach Rahile)
10. Mp3Rejoice (Vozveselymsja)
11.  Lets go brother (Pidem brate)
12.  Love of the Lord (Ljubov Hospodnja)
13.  Bless to the Lord (Slava Tobi Hospody)
 Total playing time: 48:06

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 122.95UAH
International price: $11.28USD
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Jdem koljaduvaty! Children Sing. Golden Collection. (We Go to Carol!)

I think that everyone who during the holiday has been visited by children who came to sing songs and receive a gift knows there is great pleasure and joy in these songs. Especially if they are sung not hit or miss, but well otherwise the celebratory mood may be spoilt a bit. As to this disk, you need not doubt here, everything is sung either well, or very well.
Domestic price: 260.73UAH, International price: $23.92USD

Harnyj nastrij. Children Sing. Golden Collection. (Good Mood)

...because sincere child singing is able to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead of even a very grown person. You know, I sometimes feel sorry that child's songs are especially written for children. If they sang other songs, about "adult" problems, discoveries and adventures I am sure that adults would start perceiving life more easily and quietly.
Domestic price: 249.83UAH, International price: $22.92USD

Children's choir "Vesnivka". Vesnivka.

Usually, you can hear it in performance of children collectives this childishness. In this case the singing is neither childish, nor adult. It is masterful. It is sufficient to abandon limitations of usual determinations. Sufficient to charm with purity of performance...
Domestic price: 253.75UAH, International price: $23.28USD

The Dmytro Bortnianskyi hamber hoir. Dobryj vechir tobi, pane hospodarju!

...thanks to such music you feel that this world is big and there is enough space for everything in it, and first of all, there is enough space for gladness. Gladness, you know, is the thing, which should be by all means shared with other...
Domestic price: 217.13UAH, International price: $19.92USD

Men's Choir "Nadija Tserkvy". Koljadky ta schedrivky. this particular case we find service not only to the art, but also to the church. Especially since carols and New Year songs are not only works of arts, but also religious and ritual work...
Domestic price: 199.25UAH, International price: $18.28USD

Khreshchatyk choir. Ukrainian wreath. Ukrainian Christmas songs.

A powerful tenderness may be, the first characteristic, the first impression was like that. It looks as if it were not so difficult to sing a song well, but to sing a well-known song in such a way that the attention will be turned to you from the very first moment it is already the skill...
Domestic price: 249.83UAH, International price: $22.92USD

Reviews (1)

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