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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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NIK_TO. ChronoMaster.

Reviews (2)
NIK_TO. ChronoMaster.
How are you doing? I recommend not to do anything for some time, there is a nice alternative. Without exaggeration and flattery works by this artist each time strike and thrill more and more. And the thing is even not how professionally he does his business, how fragile his palette is able to be although this, sure, matters. But there is another aspect discs by exactly this man can be called original electronic symphonies, and I am not sure that there are analogues of this phenomenon in Ukraine. At least, an electronic symphony is although not an exact term, but it is the closest definition that seems appropriate. Besides, discs by NIK_TO are, apart from that, the only Ukrainian discs with electronic music (out of those that I know), which have their real own libretto. Each. Thus with every new work it becomes more ramified, detailed, expressive. As to me, it is a model characteristic. It is possible, certainly, to perceive this music even without prompts such method is not less enchanting, not less useful. But on the other hand, to make attempt to have a glance at a picture through the eyes of the artist it is also a difficult and interesting thing. In the end, this music simply deserves attention, and choosing the method it is already up to you. But, in any case, I recommend not to do anything for some time let this picture acquire dimensions and time. See you.


Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 3802822
Year: 2006

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Domestic price: 141.90UAH
International price: $12.90USD
1.  Chrono Intro
2. Mp3Korda and Colombina
3. Mp3Feel the Rain?
4.  Urb Planet
5.  The Wasp Factory
6. Mp3Stasys
7. Mp3Dolour Song
8.  Colombina Theme
9.  Verdy
10.  Slive of the Dreams
11.  Arabu Theme
12.  Cybergsoul of Celebration
13. Mp3Model
14. Mp3Arrabia Time
15.  Tale in the Road
16. Mp3Riddle Mr. Huggins
17. Mp3Solaris
18.  Slash Song
19.  ChronoMaster Song (Why?)
20.  Bi Theme
21.  Chrono Outro
 Total playing time: 75:17

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 141.90UAH
International price: $12.90USD
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ONUKA, NAOFI. MOZAKA. /digi-pack/. (Mosaics)

"Mosaics" is like a home with a thousand windows, behind each of them there being a new landscape, its own story... and what goes without words. A bright house where all these different stories complement each other. Actually, Onuka does define her style as electro-folk, and this is, again, an intersection of the archaic and the modern via an attempt to pronounce old signs in the modern language.
Domestic price: 157.30UAH, International price: $14.30USD

NIK_TO. Open.

This is as if an ocean liner flows in the large water: sharp sounds of dancing music echo from some deck, in the wardroom one hears laughter and an intellectual cabaret surprises, and from the hold mysterious sounds of invisible but saturated motions are meantime heard. While all around there is always only the dark sky, salty air and the water that you see neither the edge nor the bottom of...
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

NIK_TO. The Flora.

What color will it be salty, as the sea, green, as life, or boundless, as the sky? Well see... Anyway, this album has free internal horizons thus, one cannot grasp, embrace everything at the first try...
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Reviews (2)

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9 january 2021
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19 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock" series as a present!
KRUT. Live Concert With Chamber Orchestra. /digi-pack/.
KRUT. Live concert with chamber orchestra
Domestic: 234.30UAH
International: $21.30USD
Tanya Sha, MuzBat. Neskoreny ProRock. Olena Teliha. /songbook+CD/. (Unsubdued ProRock. Olena Teliha)
Unsubdued ProRock. Olena Teliha. /songbook+CD/
Domestic: 0.00UAH
International: $0.00USD
Bria Blessing. Chapter 2: Of Good News & Great Joy. /eco-pack/.
...Great Joy
Domestic: 102.30UAH
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O.Torvald. Diller Kaifu. (2CD). /eco-pack/.
drive and buzz
Domestic: 179.30UAH
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