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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
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Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
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Zolota kolekcija ukrajins'koji etnichnoji muzyky + etnichnyj humor. (mp3). (Golden Collection of Ukrainian Ethnic Music + Ethnic Humor)

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Zolota kolekcija ukrajins'koji etnichnoji muzyky + etnichnyj humor. (mp3). (Golden Collection of Ukrainian Ethnic Music + Ethnic Humor)
This disc has included really interesting albums – and, apart from that, absolutely diversified ones. Let the name not mislead you – because here it is used in the extensive sense. So, everything in order. "Golden Kolomyikas" performed by Mykola Savchuk is a collection of real, old kolomyikas. In fact, this is authentic material – but performed by professionals. "Source of the Carpathians" is also original folklore material performed by professionals. But that is already mostly just music, not songs. Then – "For Happiness, For Luck". This is a collection of wedding songs in the format already habitual for us – that is with wide use of synthesizers. Here, you also find both songs and dancing melodies, mostly folk ones. And "Magic Sounds of Music" by Vasyl' Gamar is already something different. These are instrumental arrangements based on themes of the favorite, very popular Ukrainian variety songs. These themes are easily recognizable, and the sparkle of the album is solo variations by V.Gamara – he plays folk winds, such as the panpipe, dvodentsivka, etc. Well, and the last component is another album by Mykola Savchuk "Do Not Eat for 7 Days, And Look Joyfully!". This time – no kolomyikas. Here you have sayings, narrations, fantasies. Told with delight, humor, wonderful mood, colors – they, I am sure, will certainly please all listeners.
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Publisher: 6 seconds
Catalogue number: CD-011
Year: 2007

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  Zoloti kolomyjky.
1. Mp3Kolomyjky do tancju "Huculka" (uryvok) (Mykola Savchuk)
2. Mp3Kolomyjky-spivanochky (Mykola Savchuk)
3.  Huculy (Mykola Savchuk)
4.  Sela j mista (Mykola Savchuk)
5. Mp3Rekruts'ki (Mykola Savchuk)
6.  U lystah (Mykola Savchuk)
7.  Imena (Mykola Savchuk)
8.  Polonyns'ki (Mykola Savchuk)
9. Mp3Zarobitchans'ki j emihrants'ki (Mykola Savchuk)
10. Mp3Paruboctvo (Mykola Savchuk)
11.  Divoctvo (Mykola Savchuk)
12.  Kohannja (Mykola Savchuk)
13.  Dytyni (kolyskovi) (Mykola Savchuk)
14.  Zrada j rozluka (Mykola Savchuk)
15.  Pyjaky j pyjactvo (Mykola Savchuk)
16.  Starist' (Mykola Savchuk)
17.  Na nabutkah (zastil'ni) (Mykola Savchuk)
18.  Smishni (zhartivlyvi) (Mykola Savchuk)
  Dzherelo Karpat.
19.  Karpaty (Trojisti muzyky)
20. Mp3Arkan (Trojisti muzyky)
21.  Ohins'kyj "Polonez" (Trojisti muzyky)
music: Ohins'kyj
22. Mp3"Chardash" (Trojisti muzyky)
music: Monti
23. Mp3Chardash (Trojisti muzyky)
music: Hungarian folk dance
24.  Polonyns'ki melodiji (Trojisti muzyky)
25.  Hora (Trojisti muzyky)
music: Moldavian folk dance
26. Mp3Moldavs'ka pol'ka (Trojisti muzyky)
27.  Hucul's'kyj marsh (Trojisti muzyky)
28.  Hucul's'kyj vesil'nyj marsh
29.  V’jazanka hucul's'kyh melodij (Trojisti muzyky)
30.  Ridnyj kraj (Trojisti muzyky)
31.  Marichka (Trojisti muzyky)
32.  Huculka Xenja (Trojisti muzyky)
33.  Vodohraj (Trojisti muzyky)
34.  Cheremshyna (Trojisti muzyky)
35.  Verhovyno (Trojisti muzyky)
36.  Pisnja pro rushnyk (Trojisti muzyky)
  Na schastja, na dolju. (Hucul's'ke vesillja – 3)
37.  Dovbush
38. Mp3Pisnja pro Mamu
39.  Oj na hori bilyj kamin'
40.  Mama
41. Mp3Svyst polonyny
42.  Do tancju
43. Mp3Oj z ponedilka do ponedilka
44.  Oj pidu po Rahivschyni
45.  Chirikalo pot'y
46. Mp3Do tancju
47.  Oj divchyno malyno
48. Mp3Oj nohy moji nohy
49.  Ponad Hustom
50.  Chiki joj
51.  Do tancju
52.  Do tancju
53.  Hucul's'ki spivanky
  Charivni zvuky muzyky. (Vasyl' Hamar)
54. Mp3Charivna skrypka
music: I. Poklad
55.  Pisnja-val's
music: I. Shamo
56. Mp3V’jazanka ukrajins'kyh narodnyh melodij
57.  Viter ljubovi
music: M. Bloschychak
58. Mp3Vatra
music: A. Matvijchuk
59.  Try porady
music: I. Shamo
60.  Kodry
music: Je. Doha
61.  Kolomyjka na dvodencivci
music: V. Popadjuk
62. Mp3Val's
63.  P’je zhuravka vodu
music: O. Zujev
64.  Ukrajins'ka pol'ka
music: V. Popadjuk
65.  Tyho padaje cvit
music: A. Dominchen
66.  Ave Maria
music: D. Kachchini
  7 den‘ ne jizh, a veselo dyvys!
67.  Jaki to je huculy? (Mykola Savchuk)
68. Mp3De je ti huculy? (Mykola Savchuk)
69.  Huculy i okaljary (Mykola Savchuk)
70.  Jak ja zdybavsja z inoplanetjanamy (Mykola Savchuk)
71.  Pro Tet'ynku (Mykola Savchuk)
72.  Spagetti (Mykola Savchuk)
73.  Cyrk u cyrku (Mykola Savchuk)
74.  Zhinka z hazety (Mykola Savchuk)
75.  Havrylo (Mykola Savchuk)
76.  Pro zuby (Mykola Savchuk)
77.  Pro nitraty (Mykola Savchuk)
78.  Japons'ki pihulky (Mykola Savchuk)

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Reviews (5)

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