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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Ukrainian folk dance melodies.

Reviews (7)
Ukrainian folk dance melodies.
For those who doubt that Ukrainians like all kinds of dances and amusement connected with them, this disc is a black discovery, because it testifies categorically to the fact that they like them. Otherwise where could all these twenty six bright tracks appear from? It is also understandable that having all material presented, it is not the whole palette so far. But still even these melodies are quite enough to feel and to understand at least partially fidgety Ukrainian spirits. Listen to it Ц it is not, I beg your pardon, a УMarlezon balletФ. Hardly anyone could rest, that is, sleep to such music. Moreover, this is a collection which presents famous professionals of this genre like УKralytsyaФ, УTroisti MuzykyФ, УBudТmoФ and others. By the way, you have had a chance to appreciate the abilities of most of these performers earlier Ц we have already presented their discs separately. Well, as people say, Уhey-I-hup!Ф.

Publisher: Taras Bulba Entertainment
Catalogue number: TBE-012-2
Year: 2004

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1.  Ukrajins'kyj hopak (kvartet narodnyh instrumentiv "Dzherelo")
2.  Husachok (instrumental'na hrupa hurtu "Kralycja")
3. Mp3Polis'ka pol'ka (M. Totovyc'kyj (harmoshka, hudozhnij svyst))
4.  Polis'ka kadryl' (ansambl' "Trojisti muzyky")
5.  Toloka (bukovyns'ka narodna kartynka) (ansambl' "Trojisti muzyky")
6.  Zajon (ansambl' "Trojisti muzyky")
7. Mp3Pol'ka z peretupom ta pol'ka z pidhvycjem (instrumental'na hrupa ansamblju "Hreschatyj jar")
8.  Starovynna ukrajins'ka pol'ka (I. Honcharova (domra), N. Marunych (domra), V. Marunych (bajan))
9. Mp3Kozachok (ansambl' "Dyvohraj")
10.  Shalantuh (ansambl' "Dyvohraj")
11.  Kateryna (ansambl' pid keruvannjam Ju. Jacenka)
12.  Ojra (variaciji na temu pol'ky) (ansambl''Trojisti muzyky")
13.  Tanok lisorubiv (ansambl' "Trojisti muzyky")
14.  Muzychni zharty (ansambl' "Narodni muzyky")
15.  Trepak (kvintet bajanistiv: A. Verhopulo, O. Morozov, Ju. Plehov, E. Kozlovs'kyj, O. Val'cev)
16. Mp3Hop-ha-hov (zhartivlyva pol'ka) (Ukrainian Folk Music Ensemble "Bud'mo!")
17.  Jakiv (ansambl' "Trojisti muzyky")
18.  Jak jshly chumachen'ky iz Jarmarku (orkestrova hrupa Cherkas'koho narodnoho horu)
19.  Bukovynka na kozi (ansambl' "Dnipro")
20.  Poltavs'ka pol'ka (ansambl' "Dnipro")
21.  Hopak-kolo Nacional'nyj orkestr narodnyh instrumentiv Ukrajiny (NAOFI)
22.  Ku-ku (pol'ka) ansambl'" Kozac'ki zabavy"
23.  Kozak-pol'ka-kyjanka (orkestr narodnyh instrumentiv Ukrajins'koho radio)
24.  Vasylechky (orkestrova hrupa ansamblju "Kozaky Podillja")
25.  Kryvyj tanok (NAOFI)
 Total playing time: 68:28

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

See also:

"Bozhychi" folk ensemble, Serhiy Okhrimchuk. Ukrainian Dances. Part 2.

"Ukrainian Dances. Part 2" is a continuation of the collection of melodies of folk dance that were performed by Ukrainian peasants before the 1960's, up until the period when live music in the village was replaced by the audio set.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

"Susidy" Group. KryHITna EUROpa. (Small Europe)

The group likes to arrange folk songs Ц and often chooses not too well-known variants for this purpose. Here and there, own, author songs by "Susidy" appear among folk ones Ц but this is even not always noticeable at once, because everything is done in the same stylistics. It happened so this time again.
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

UkrajinsСkyy tantsjuvalСnyy. Golden Collection. (Ukrainian Dancing)

..the new disc is special for three reasons at once. The first one: until now, no discs devoted to Ukrainian folk dances have yet been released within the limits of the collection. The second Ц in this case, you will almost not see known names. Well, and the third reason is already more habitual: you will hardly be able to find the recordings represented here anywhere else, in fact, they were made especially for the NRCU funds.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Levko Durko. LСvivsСka khata. (Lviv Hut)

Levko Durko, as usual, does not limit himself to just collecting enough songs for an album and releasing it. As he says himself, songs do not come to him upon request Ц an impulse from outside is needed. Some event, a funny scene, conversation or even simply a word Ц and only then songs appear quite independently. Thus, as you see, not one by one, but in real thematic cycles.
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

Ukrainian folk joke songs. general the notion of Ukrainian folk songs by half comprises of the idea that these songs are mostly doleful...
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Levko Durko. Huljay, vesillja!!! (music comedy). (Hey, Wedding!)

Well, here is an absolutely fresh creation by Levko Durko. If his previous discs were intended, in fact, for children, this one will be able to cheer up adults as well. Actually, it is even advisable not to offer this disc to the junior generation Ц it contains such jokes that may be heard only in an adult company.
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

Reviews (7)

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