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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Ty zh mene pidmanula. Ukrainian Folk Humorous Songs. Golden Collection. (You Have Played A Trick On Me)

Reviews (4)
Ty zh mene pidmanula. Ukrainian Folk Humorous Songs. Golden Collection. (You Have Played A Trick On Me)
It seems sometimes that all Ukrainian folk songs are plangent, sad, lament-like, such that turn the soul inside out. It seems sometimes that in each of them, it is possible to discern such serious and ancient root that you get short of breath – such depth lurks there. And sometimes – well, wherever you glance, there are exclusively jokes, smiles, dances, light flirtations and joys of that kind. And it is then that one understands that not the one who glorifies depth is capable of real depth. No. Real depth is accessible only for the people able to truly crack a joke, even make fun of itself. Because only in such case it is able to soberly estimate itself. And then if the depth lurks – only then it will be real. I am driving at that this disk has been a joy for me. In the funds of the National Radio Company of Ukraine, they have found quite a bit of merry, humorous songs – and that is far from being everything that it is possible to find there. Ukrainians have always been able and are able now to make fun of themselves, they are not afraid of laughter. And it means that they have strong roots, deep ones. There is something to be proud of and something to dig out. It is important.

Publisher: Astra Records
Catalogue number: A.R. 036-06
Year: 2006

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1.  Vyjdy, Hrycju, na vulycju (Cherkas'kyj ukr. nar. hor)
2.  Kynu kuzhil' na polycju
3. Mp3Ty kazala pryydy, pryydy (National Honored Bandurist Capella)
4.  Ja schaslyva zrodu (Je. Krykun)
5. Mp3Pidkruchu ja chorniji vusa (V. Vermenych)
6.  Cherevychky (T. Buchna)
7. Mp3Chomu divky ne jdut' zamizh (vok. trio Ukr. nar. horu im. H. Ver'ovky)
8.  Hospodarochka (V. Synel'nyk)
9. Mp3Oj, sluzhyv zhe ja u pana (fol'k. ans. "Chervona kalyna")
10.  Viter, viter (Raisa Kyrychenko)
11.  V moho Hrycja chorni brovy (O. Pavlovs'ka, T. Horbatenko)
12.  Zhyto, maty, zhyto (V. Synel'nyk)
13. Mp3Hej, Ivane (V. Harchenko)
14.  Jarema (M. Poljakov)
15.  Koly-m bula mala (Alla Kudlay)
16.  Ozhenyvsja ja v Petrivku (fol'k. ans. s. Chahiv)
17.  Chy ja ne hazjajka (ans. pisni i tancju "Kozaky Podillja")
18.  Ta orav muzhyk kraj dorohy (Derzhavna kapela bandurystiv Ukrajiny)
19.  Sluzhyv Jashko u pana (Cherkas'kyj derzh. ukr. nar. hor)
20.  Kazhut' ljudy, scho ja lyha (Raisa Kyrychenko)
21.  Koly b meni zranku (fol'k. ans. "Veseli muzyky")
22.  Solom’jani bychky mav (A. Bobyr)
23.  Prodaj, mylyj, syvi bychky (Raisa Kyrychenko)
24.  Udovycju ja ljubyv (M. Chastij)
25.  A hto bachyv, a hto chuv (trio "Lybid'")
26.  Choloviche, choloviche (Raisa Kyrychenko)
27.  Z toho chasu, jak zhenyvsja (V. Hrycjuk)
28.  Pravda, ljudy, pravda (trio fol'k. ans. "Kalyna")
29.  Jak posijav muzhyk ta j u poli jachmin' (V. Jesypok)
30.  Hrechanyky (trojisti muzyky s. Druzhba)
31.  Ja zh tebe, Halju, ne laju (nar. hor radhospu "Martovs'kyj")
32.  Dobryj vechir, susidon'ko (V. Synel'nyk, V. Harchenko)
33.  Sadom, sadom, kumasen'ko (V. Mokrenko, M. Shramenko)
34.  Nasha baba na bazari bula (vok. trio Ukr. nar. horu im. H. Ver'ovky)
35.  Koly b ja buv poltavs'kym soc'kym ("Kozatski Zabavy" Ensemble)
36.  Na dosvitku (fol'k. teatr-studija "Berehynja")
 Total playing time: 78:16

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Reviews (4)

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