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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Folk group "Lviv Musicians". Khay zhyve vilna Ukrajina! UPA Songs. (Long Live Free Ukraine!)

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Folk group "Lviv Musicians". Khay zhyve vilna Ukrajina! UPA Songs. (Long Live Free Ukraine!)
Strangely enough, until now, not that many discs have been released with songs of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army). Even if we consider it more broadly with insurgents' songs. Kost' Erofeev, Rutenia, Volodymyr Verminsky, collections by the studio theater "Ne Zhurys!", Kraina Mriy and the "Golden Collection" series not an exhaustive but almost complete list, if we speak about modern arrangements. So, "Lvivski Muzyky" in due time made their contribution into that good cause. "Long Live Free Ukraine!" is, presumably, one of the most lyrical albums on this topic. And it is no surprise in fact, this ensemble is, in general, characterized by a soft, transparent attitude to the song. And due to such interpretation, you think not so mush about the heavy military paths, but about how ordinary people paced along those paths. People who longed for freedom and comfort as much as anyone does with the only difference that they were not afraid to truly defend their right to freedom...

For technical reasons not depending on us, the quality of the recording is not always irreproachable but, considering the theme of the album, which is interesting for lots of our visitors, we still decided to represent this CD in our shop.

Publisher: LIDA
Year: 2005

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Folk group "Lviv Musicians"

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1. Mp3Khloptsi z lisu
2.  Yshly selom partyzany
3. Mp3Poslukhay, kokhana divchyno
4.  Svityt sontse
5. Mp3Bandory
6.  Spy, tovaryshu miy
7. Mp3Kruta vezha
8.  Oy, tam popid lisom
9.  Pyymo, druzi
10. Mp3Tykho, tykho
11.  Otaman
12. Mp3Makivka
13.  Koshulja
14.  Kanon
15.  Oy, tam pry dolyni
16.  Kalynonka
17.  Khay zhyve vilna Ukrajina
 Total playing time: 58:21

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Taras Chubay, Kuzma Skryabin, Molotov 20. Nashi partysany. /cassette/. (Our Guerrillas)

Audio cassette/ ..This is, without exaggeration, a legendary album. And it was not even about the list of the project's authors.. The album was first released in 2000 and it was perhaps the first collection of insurgents' songs in modern arrangements in Ukraine. And it still, in my opinion, remains the best one.
Domestic price: 142.12UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Ne smie buty v nas strakhu. /re-edition/. Songs of the liberation contest of the Ukrainian people, 1914-1952. (Dare Not Have Fear Among Us)

The name of the collection provides rather exhaustive information about its content. If you know at least something about this period of the Ukrainian history probably, some of the songs represented here will be familiar to you as well. Because no matter how hard the "official authorities" tried, they did not manage to destroy the living memory.
Domestic price: 153.12UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Reviews (2)

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Ivan Pylypets. Karpatskyi chardash. /digi-pack/. (Carpathian Czardas)
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Nazariy Yaremchuk. Selected. Golden Collection.
Yaremchuk. Selected.
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Vjacheslav Hursenko. Sokolyata. /cassette/.
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Ljubov i Victor Anisimovy. Spohady i mriji. (Reflections and Dreams)
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