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Zwyntar. Mertvi holosy. /digi-pack/. (Dead Voices)
trickster's tear
Domestic: 184.43UAH
International: $16.92USD
Anne Applebaum. Chervony Holod. Stalin's War on Ukraine. (Red Famine)
Anne Applebaum. Red Famine
Domestic: 347.93UAH
International: $31.92USD
LBB. Lemko Bluegrass Band. /digi-pack/.
Carpathian bluegrass
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
Terra Ucrainica. The History Atlas of Ukraine and Neighboring Lands.
Terra Ucrainica. The History Atlas of Ukraine and Neighboring Lands
Domestic: 544.13UAH
International: $49.92USD
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Viktor Horobets. Hetman Ruiny. Ivan Bryukhovetsky ta Moskva. (The Hetman of the Ruins. Ivan Bryukhovetsky and Moscow)

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Viktor Horobets. Hetman Ruiny. Ivan Bryukhovetsky ta Moskva. (The Hetman of the Ruins. Ivan Bryukhovetsky and Moscow)
"The book speaks about one of the key actors of the Ukrainian history in the so-called 'Ruins' period – the left-bank Hetman in 1663-1668  Ivan Bryukhovetsky. The Hetman's life and his political, military, and diplomatic activities are depicted against an extensive historical background, in the context of interaction of various – internal and external, objective and subjective – factors and influences. Focusing on both the achievements, and the numerous losses and failures of the legislator, the author does not condemn them, but tries to understand the reasons for such a situation and its implications for the development of the Cossack state."
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 145x215 mm
Number of pages: 247
Publisher: KM-Academy, Kyiv


- Vstupne slovo

Hlava 1. Zhyttja "v dobrom zakhovanju i v lastsi" het‘mana Khmel‘nyts‘koho i "vs‘oho Viys‘ka Zaporoz‘koho"

Hlava 2. "Mylostiju Bozhoju het‘man koshovyy" ta pretendent na het‘manstvo livoberezhne

Hlava 3. "Berehty nakripko, shchob Brjukhovets‘koho ne vtratyty, a vin naspravdi virnyy..."

Hlava 4. Chorna rada lita 1663-ho

Hlava 5. Na vershyni vlady. Zhyttja pislja rady

Hlava 6. "Bude vse tak, jak bulo pry Vyhovs‘komu"

Hlava 7. Neochikuvani rakursy "druzhby". Het‘man Brjukhovets‘kyy suproty jepyskopa Mefodija

Hlava 8. Tryvohy het‘mana u peredden‘ novoji viyny z Richchju Pospolytoju

Hlava 9. Baturyns‘kyy ispyt

Hlava 10. U poshukakh vojennoho shchastja: dyvna viyna 1663–1664 rokiv

Hlava 11. Kryvave zmahannja za Pravoberezhzhja

Hlava 12. Viyna vshchukhaje, a konflikty pohlybljujut‘sja – z koshovym Sirkom, jepyskopom Mefodijem, tsars‘kymy vojevodamy

Hlava 13. "Bachyty presvitli tsars‘ki ochi". Tseremonial‘nyy blysk, medy, "vyna frjaskye" ta nedobri politychni peredchuttja vid vizytu het‘mana do Moskvy

Hlava 14. Dyplomatychne fiasko oseni 1665-ho. Vydymi ta prykhovani zahrozy vid "Novopostalenykh" moskovs‘kykh statey

Hlava 15. "Khochu na Moskvi odruzhytysja". Kontroversiyne poshljublennja, prydvorni intryhy ta inshi klopoty bojars‘koho zhyttja Ivana Martynovycha

Hlava 16. "Shchastja na prudkomu kolesi duzhe shvydko obertajet‘sja". Tryvozhnyy 1666-y i ne mensh skladnyy 1667-y roky

Hlava 17. Tsars‘kyy bojaryn proty hosudarja. Zapiznile prozrinnja pochatku 1668-ho

Hlava 18. Ostannja rada Ivana Brjukhovets‘koho

- Epiloh. "Zabyt pravyl‘no"?

Publisher: KM-Academy, publishing house
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789665187110
Year: 2017

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Viktor Horobets

Domestic price: 217.13UAH
International price: $19.92USD
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Andreas Kappeler. Nerivni braty. Ukrainians and Russians from the Middle Ages to the present. (Uneven Brothers)

The annexation of the Crimea and the occupation of a part of the Donbas caused a military conflict between the seemingly "brotherly" Ukraine and Russia. However, Russia/Ukraine relations are characterized by asymmetry, where Russia considers Ukrainians part of the "All-Russian" nation and denies their original history..
Domestic price: 155.65UAH, International price: $14.28USD

Kyrylo Halushko. Ukrainska Derzhava – zhorstki uroky. Pavlo Skoropadsky. (The Ukrainian State: Hard Lessons)

The events of the rule in Ukraine in 1918 of the "last Hetman" Pavlo Skoropadsky still inspire heated debates among historians. The proposed work within the "LikBez. The History Front" project presents a wide range of researchers' opinions: from the Hetman's apologists and from skeptics and opponents.
Domestic price: 162.63UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Viktor Horobets. Svitanok ukrainskoi derzhavy. People, society, authorities, customs, traditions. (The Dawn of the Ukrainian State)

This is an honest story about grand and heroic deeds, vital state decisions and wisdom ahead of time, as well as about infamous manifestations of selfishness, shortsightedness, greed, and meanness. A story about how the history of Ukraine in its golden age was directed..
Domestic price: 112.05UAH, International price: $10.28USD

Knyazi i hetmany usieji Rusi. "Cherez shablyu maem pravo". The series "History Uncensored". (Princes and Hetmans of all Rus. "The Right of the Sword")

the Cossack Revolution of 1648-1649; Pereyaslav Council and the world after Pereyaslav; the War of Coasts and its consequences; the Hetman State in late 17th - early 18th centuries
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Oleh Druzdev. Ivan Mazepa.

One of the most prominent politicians and hetmans of Ukraine or an ordinary servant of the tsar, who in tough times decided to let him down? What is Mazepa's place in the history of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples? The author tries to offer the most accurate and reasonable assessment of this person full of contradictions and greatness.
Domestic price: 101.15UAH, International price: $9.28USD

Taras Barabash. Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Bohdan Khmelnytsky is an outstanding figure in the Ukrainian history. It is hard to find a historical figure who would receive so many conflicting assessments by his/her contemporaries and descendants. So who really was he, Bohdan-Zynoviy Khmelnytsky? What did he do for his state, for the Cossacks, and for the people?
Domestic price: 101.15UAH, International price: $9.28USD

Smoliy V., Stepankov V. Petro Doroshenko: A Political Portrait.

The work, involving an extensive range of sources, reproduces the hystorical portrait of one of the most charismatic political leaders of the Cossack Ukraine in the middle and second half of the 17th century. His life and activity are covered against the broad background of international relations in the Central and Eastern Europe
Domestic price: 217.13UAH, International price: $19.92USD

Taras Chukhlib. Sekrety ukrajinskoho polivasalitetu. Khmelnytsky-Doroshenko-Mazepa. (The Secrets of Ukrainian Poly-Vassalage)

How is it possible to unite two seemingly non-combinable historic truths: the truth of the winner and the truth of the one who lost? Can one really assess the revolution events in Ukraine that were unwinding in the middle 17th century and Mazepa uprising only within the limits of one truth? We hope that you will find answers to these complex issues in this book.
Domestic price: 140.83UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Olha Kovalevska. Ivan Mazepa in Questions and Answers.

In this book, the reader will find short but exhaustive answers to questions related to the figure of the hetman of Ukraine in 1687-1709 Ivan Mazepa, will find out interesting historic facts, sights of history and culture related to him, works of literature, painting and music in which his image was reproduced.
Domestic price: 129.93UAH, International price: $11.92USD

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12 january 2019
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4 january 2019
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