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Roman Kolyada, Anastasia Kolodiuk. KoKo Melange. /mini-pack/.
ethno melange
Domestic: 188.35UAH
International: $17.28USD
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Greenjolly. Haj bude tak. (Let it Be)

Reviews (4)
Greenjolly. Haj bude tak. (Let it Be)

It is for sure that the album "let it be" will change general concept about the "Greenjolly" group. Music has changed and it is light shiny mixture of folk-pop-rock now. Style has changed. As far as the manner used to be clear, slightly rough, and even with the part of pathos thus much it is joyful and positive now. It doesn’t mean that lads have increased towards the optimism out of any reason and can’t see, what they used to now. The policy still could not be avoided here. But it is so easy to hear the smile in these songs. And you want to answer in the same way. Anyway, I’ve got a gratitude feeling every time someone tries to increase the amount of positive in this life. At least who does that sincerely. Because as a rule at that time the result is as it has to be. And as for me, I’ll be really impressed if you wont smile even once while listening to this album. "Greenjolly" have made a very pleasant present for everybody even for those who didn’t expect on it.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Ukrainian records
Catalogue number: UR 1119-2
Year: 2005

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1.  Dobroho vechora
2. Mp3Sche mozhna
3.  Ne vmyraj
4.  De lita nema
5. Mp3Vesillja
6.  Ja ne znaju slova "dosyt'"
7.  Ukrajina
8. Mp3Pora
9.  Okean
10.  Znovu sam
11.  Fany
12.  Haj bude tak
  Bonus treky:
13. Mp3Taras taman
14.  Hej, Ivan!
15.  Malo meni
16.  Razom nas bahato
 Total playing time: 51:50

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Reviews (4)

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23 august 2019
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the foundational colors
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