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DakhaBrakha. Shlyakh. /premium, digi-pack/. (The Road)
the Ukrainian Zen
Domestic: 249.48UAH
International: $36.96USD
Anya Tchaykovska, Acoustic Quartet. Krosna. /premium, digi-pack/. (Hoop)
inner shining
Domestic: 0.00UAH
International: $0.00USD
Iryna Ihnatenko. Choloviche tilo u tradytsiyniy kulturi ukraintsiv. (The Male Body in the Traditional Culture of Ukrainians)
The Male Body in the Traditional Culture of Ukrainians
Domestic: 103.14UAH
International: $15.28USD
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Zapaska. Pomalu. /eco-pack/.

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Zapaska. Pomalu. /eco-pack/.
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"Sparklers in the eyes" Ц that's a line from the title song, "Pomalu", and this is the feeling that one listens through the entire album with. A quiet celebration of fragile landscapes, muted colors, and clear verbal sketches Ц this seeming simplicity borders on the finest intimacy, while remaining impermeable enough. But sometimes the shell cracks, and then the breaks start Ц shining.. Lo-fi, post-rock, psychedelia, neo-folk Ц these scar patches slowly slide off the skin and dissolve somewhere, in the vague light of lanterns of the unconscious. The album.. imagine a solar eclipse Ц full. And that's the moment when you see the abyss of the dark circle, the solar corona, and here, around, the world acquires some bizarre lighting, and the sense of reality grows surprisingly uncertain Ц that is the moment that "Pomalu"'s sound is about. Powerful without anguish, self-sufficient, convincing in its enchanted slowness. Fair.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

I should probably mention that according to the British newspaper Overblown, for example, the Pomalu album was named the best in 2016 across the entire post-Soviet space.

Publisher: Slnko records
Catalogue number: sz 0082 2 331
Year: 2016

See all albums and songs of the musician(s) on our site:

Domestic price: 114.21UAH
International price: $16.92USD
1. Mp3Pomalu
2.  Harno
3. Mp3Vikna vidchynyty
4. Mp3Lety
5.  Zapytajsia
6.  Shkolyarska
7. Mp3Aliona
8. Mp3Chuhajstra
9.  Svarka
10. Mp3Generosity
 Total playing time: 43:22

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 114.21UAH
International price: $16.92USD
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Tik Tu. Shuma. /digi-pack/.

It is hard to believe that all this amazing lace was created by just three individuals Ц the matter, given the saturation, is the precision of every line, every stroke. And in addition to this rather dense, rich basis, there's a whole bunch of decoration sounds. If you have been looking for inadvertently solar indie Ц this is a rare case of it, definitely.
Domestic price: 130.14UAH, International price: $19.28USD

Zapaska. Kontur. /eco-pack/.

The first full-length album by Zapaska Ц from the first seconds Ц is a kind of ancient magic actualized due to modern technology. And, characteristically and significantly, there is no diving into folklore quotations..
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Atomic Simao. Sphyro. /digi-pack/.

The album "Sphyro" is rock, but with nuances in the domain of psychedelia, tending towards acid jazz, specific atmospherity, when you breathe in deeply, and the feeling is as if the calorie content of this air exceeds the limit...
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Gutzul Magik Foundation. Molfar. /digi-pack/.

"Molfar", I guess, is about the fact that there is no difference where from and where to, because there as always here-and-now. Where there is no place for hope Ц hope requires memory and time Ц and here all the space is occupied with.. attention? I do not even know Ц you stay in this space while the album plays on, and then this space just plays on in you..
Domestic price: 103.14UAH, International price: $15.28USD

Zapaska. translitom. (EP). /digi-pack/.

Zapaska is an interesting, cozy and energetic post-rock duo that with the both pairs of its feet firmly stands on the principles of minimalism. Moreover, Zapaska is a family project, and it is not a fact that this fact is not felt in everything that concerns the quality of the voiced fantasies.
Domestic price: 147.96UAH, International price: $21.92USD

Ti, Khto Vidayut. Movlennyek. (collection edition). /digi-pack/.

On the one hand Ц Mokh (Oleg Hnativ) has read authentic magic Huzul texts, sayings against evil forces. And their power can hardly be ignored. On the other hand Ц Kuzya (Serhiy Kuzminsky) created the music component and provided the entire material with that very specific sound that brings the album to some other orbit...
Domestic price: 127.71UAH, International price: $18.92USD

Karbido, Yuri Andrukhovych. Cinnamon (with "India" supplement). (CD + miniCD). /digi-pack/

Possibly, Andrukhovych did not exaggerate too much when he said that he did not expect any significant external resonance from his work with Karbido Ц he just had a lot of fun in the process. But sells-out during the whole "cinnamon" tour Ц are already a fact, and a pleasant one. Because it proves once again that the "underground" in the today's culture is not dust-covered nooks of outsider...
Domestic price: 249.21UAH, International price: $36.92USD

4.A.J.K.A. Aerodinamika.

...due to the dub basis and electronic "sparkles" 4.A.J.K.A† creates an interesting, energetically twilight atmosphere Ц here, we bow to trip-hop Ц but. Some guitar motions, as well as the trumpet, in spite of such "twilightness" of sounding Ц fill the music with extra fragile light, do not let it submerge irreversibly into the dark depths.
Domestic price: 107.46UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Reviews (1)

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24 february 2017
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10 february 2017
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Vivienne Mort. Rosa. (EP). /mini-pack/.
conscious magic
Domestic: 116.64UAH
International: $17.28USD
Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. Dzerkalo. /digi-pack/. (The Mirror)
the Ukrainian mirror
Domestic: 107.46UAH
International: $15.92USD
Odyn v kanoe. Odyn v kanoe. (2CD). /digi-pack/.
acoustic elegy, indi-folk
Domestic: 235.71UAH
International: $34.92USD
Tonya Matvienko. ANTONINA project. /digi-pack/.
the past + the future
Domestic: 100.71UAH
International: $14.92USD