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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Borys Demenko, Valentyn Sylvestrov. Metaphoric Music. /digi-pack/.

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Borys Demenko, Valentyn Sylvestrov. Metaphoric Music. /digi-pack/.
You know, someone correctly said: everyone has his/her own Silvestrov. I was introduced to his music due to the album "Meditation", but he really began for me with "Sacred Works" performed by the choir "Kyiv" – and this is, probably, symptomatic. Music of the tenderest spiritual motions, the deepest experiences beyond words, most intimate insights into the beauty of the visible and invisible – well, how else could one speak about it? I just do not know any other contemporary composer who could so easily, intelligently, naturally invite/encourage to contemplate the harmony of the unspeakable – who could so clearly express this in the sound, despite its a priori obscurity for the intellect. Although, I believe, this music is not so much for the intellect, but rather for more subtle and warm instruments... However, everyone gets what he/she should get, and others will hear something different. That's right – perception should not be unambiguous. As well as with any revelation, only one thing can be stated for certain here: the revelation did happen. Everything else is interpretation. But, on the other hand, the art of recognition is not limited to intuition – it is impossible without a thoughtful attitude, without the intellectual component. And here I would like to express separate compliments to Borys Demenko – in his performance, in my opinion, one can hear a harmonious proportionality of the first and second elements, due to which recognition, interpretation turn, in fact, into art.
Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

The publication contains an 8-page booklet with photos and texts in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Publisher: National Radio Company of Ukraine
Year: 2012

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Borys Demenko
Valentyn Sylvestrov

Domestic price: 152.90UAH
International price: $13.90USD
  [performed by B.Demenko]:
  - 2 Serenades (November 2008), op.118. For I.S.Czarevitch:
1. Mp3Allegretto
2.  Moderato
  - 2 Elegies (piano version, 2006), op.60:
3. Mp3Moderato
4.  Andante
  - 5 Valses (April 2007), op.100. For Maria Dolnucky:
5. Mp3Con moto lontano
6.  Animato dolcissimo
7. Mp3Con moto leggierissimo
8.  Allegro
9. Mp3Con moto dolce
  - 3 Postludes (October 2005), op.57. For Jenny Lin:
10.  Allegro vivace dolce
11. Mp3Allegro moderato con moto
12.  Animato leggiero
  - 6 Pieces (June 2006), op.61:
13. Mp3Pastorale
14.  Serenade
15.  Barcarolle
16.  Valse
17.  Pastorale
18.  Mazurka
  - 3 Valses (March 2005), op.54:
19.  " Inga"
20.  " Kate"
21.  " Pavel"
  - 4 Intermezzo (2009), op.155. For Borys Demenko:
22.  Allegro
23.  Andantino
24.  Animato
25.  Moderato
  - Dedication to G.Purcell (Cycle of 4 pieces attaca, 2007), op.95:
26. Mp3Andantino
27.  Andantino
28.  Animato
29.  Animato
  - Italian Serenades (2005), op.48:
30.  Serenade
31.  Dedication to G.Rossini
32.  Dedication to V.Bellini
33.  Dedication to G.Verdi
34.  Dedication to W.Mozart
35.  Dedication to M.Glinka
  BONUS: ARCHIVE RECORDING [performed by V.Silvestrov]:
  - Dedication to G.Purcell (Cycle of 4 pieces attaca, 2007), op.95:
36. Mp3Andantino
37.  Andantino
38.  Animato
39.  Animato
 Total playing time: 75:58

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 152.90UAH
International price: $13.90USD
See also:

Chamber Ensemble "New Music in Ukraine". Collection. 10 CDs.

Volodymyr Runchak and his chamber ensemble "New Music in Ukraine" do invaluable work – they do not let new music keep silent, convey it to an enormous audience. They have carried out over three hundred world and Ukrainian premieres of pieces by modern composers. In particular – within exactly this concerto series "New Music in Ukraine".
Domestic price: 2418.90UAH, International price: $219.90USD

Myroslav Skoryk. The Opera Moses. /cassette/.

Audio cassette/ ..The Lviv Theatre for Opera and Ballet named after S. Krushelnytska has prepared great premiere: an opera "Moses", based on Bible legends..
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Kyiv Camerata. Alexander Levkovich. Chamber Works.

Levkovych's stile can be characterized as vivid, colorful and original. His works are composed in a very modern manner utilizing a serial technique, while being simple and romantic. He applies the timbers of different instruments very well and experiments with orchestral sounds.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Kyiv Camerata. Oleh Kiva. Chamber Works. (2CD).

In each work, Oleh Kiva reveals himself as a lyrical composer, romantic, chamber author of a very personal nature. He is perceived as an amazing myth creator of a unique world... Clarity and superior simplicity characterize the composer's music poetics. His music needs no explanation...
Domestic price: 207.90UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Ivan Karabits. Symphonic and chamber compositions.

"Ivan Karabits worked in many musical genres – from instrumental miniatures to large symphonic works. The disc includes records of compositions written by the composer in different periods of his life."
Domestic price: 124.08UAH, International price: $11.28USD

State chamber ensemble "Kyiv Soloists", Yevhen Stankovych. Live in Kyiv. /digi-pack/ of important features of all his music lies herein – it is practically impossible to perceive it in a contemplative, alienated way. Because it carries not only the atmosphere, feeling, space – but also a certain thought, question, message. Sometimes simple and clear, but often – encoded, hidden in complicated constructions and strong (as they seem from outside) emotions.
Domestic price: 218.90UAH, International price: $19.90USD

Kyiv Chamber Choir. Romuald Twardowski. "Kyivska" Liturgy.

Romuald Twardowski composes in 2006 "Kyivska" Liturgy – and dedicates it exactly to the chamber choir "Kyiv". Such honor and attention could not remain without an answer – consequently, as it could be expected, the choir became the performer of the Liturgy... This is, sure, a good record – transparently soft and strong at the same time.
Domestic price: 295.90UAH, International price: $26.90USD

Svyatoslav Lunyov. Para Pacem – Para Bellum.

This music is as though a child who was unfairly offended by strangers, and it can start crying from despair, or it can initiate a fight. However, it can also start laughing – and, in the end, that is to what all that leads, and results in. In any case, the green sprout chops up concrete...
Domestic price: 197.12UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Valentyn Sylvestrov, Kyiv Camerata. Meditation (symphony for violoncello and chamber orchestra).

His "Meditation" is a symphony for a violoncello and a chamber orchestra. Meditation in a general sense is a state, a process and quality at the same time. Since a symphony is called to reproduce and to recreate the first, the second and the third, it is hopeless to reproduce the content. This music...
Domestic price: 306.90UAH, International price: $27.90USD

Reviews (1)

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Trio Bortniansky, Natalya Svyrydenko. Trio Bortniansky.
Trio Bortniansky
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Borys Hmyrya. Velykomu Kobzarevi. /premium, digi-pack/. (To the Great Kobzar)
Hmyria + Shevchenko
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Borys Demenko, Valentyn Sylvestrov. Metaphoric Music. /digi-pack/.
music of revelations
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International: $13.90USD
Sax Kings. Classics & Jazz. Live in concert. /digi-pack/.
Classics & Jazz
Domestic: 135.30UAH
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