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Gaytana. Children of Light. Kookaburra.

Reviews (2)
Gaytana. Children of Light. Kookaburra.
As known, Kookaburra is an Australian bird; but, interestingly, its other name is "laughing halcyon (in Ukrainian "the winter-born bird")". Symbolic, is not it? Especially in view of that this disc saw the light of the day exactly in winter. In the end, Gaitana has long already been talking about her desire to implement some project with children and for children therefore, it is nice that her words were transformed into actions. The protagonists of this disc are nobody but children both because themes of the songs do not refer to problems of the "adult" world, and since all of the songs are sung exactly by children. Gaitana acted here as the producer and as, so to speak, a guest star. However, it would be more correct to say that she is an equal participant, only a more experienced one. Anyway, the album "Kookaburra" does not seem to be a publicity action. This is rather just a suggestion to smile and to remember that every adult used to be a child once small but an individual with his / her own bright world. Let us not forget about it and the today's world will become brighter...

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM-CD 545
Year: 2008

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1. Mp3Kukabarra (Ju. Havrylenko)
2.  Kanykuly (I. Halytska, V. Karashchuk)
3. Mp3Novyy rik (M. Stasjuk, (Gaytana)
4.  Shkolnyy bal (V. Petryk, (Gaytana)
5. Mp3Kupyte mne sobaku (K. Kostjuk)
6. Mp3Afryka (P. Terekhova)
7.  Vse professyy (V. Karashchuk, D. Borodin)
8.  Zasypay, malyshka, zasypay, malchyshka (Gaytana)
9. Mp3Den rozhdenyja (N. Tarasenko, Ja. Morhun, A. Andrijevska)
10.  Snova v shkolu (I. Halytska)
11.  Novyy hod (M. Stasjuk, (Gaytana)
12. Mp3Dity Svitla (Je. Selezneva, (Gaytana)
13.  Jalynochka (D. Kovalenko, A. Rzhavska, O. Kovalska, K. Judytska)
14.  Teplo Sliv ( E. Derjabin, (Gaytana)
15.  Ukrajina (Maryetta, (Gaytana)
 Total playing time: 52:12

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Reviews (2)

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