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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Victor Pavlik. Anna-Maria / Ty podobajeshsya meni. 2CD. /digi-pack/. (I Like You)

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Victor Pavlik. Anna-Maria / Ty podobajeshsya meni. 2CD. /digi-pack/. (I Like You)
This release is a kind of a present for all fans of not only Viktor Pavlik, but also of the "Anna-Maria" group, where his music career started. And at the same time for fans of that particular song, "I Like You", which brought first wide-scale fame to the musicians and became the best lyrical song in Ukraine in 1993 (and at the same time, "Anna-Maria" was recognized as the best pop band in Ukraine). The trial by time has been duly passed it is still aired, and the latest studio cover version of it as of today was recently recorded by Ihor Zakus, in 2012.

Thus, you will discover here the best songs by Viktor Pavlik of the "Anna-Maria" period (the collection was already released once within "Rock Legends of Ukraine" series), and two dozen versions of "I Like You." One can hear even now that it is pop music of a special sort, having its own distinct personality which, unfortunately, modern pop groups rather often lack...


Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM CD 611
Year: 2012

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Victor Pavlik

Domestic price: 278.60UAH
International price: $19.90USD
1.  Shchaslyvyy den
2. Mp3Smutok
3. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni
4.  Nove zhyttja
5. Mp3Podaruy
6. Mp3Ne kazhy proshchay
7.  Ja khochu buty z toboju
8. Mp3Ukrajina
9.  Pro tebe
10.  Mamyna krynytsja
11. Mp3Kvity dlja tebe
12. Mp3Chorni okuljary (feat. ()
13.  Pryydy i zrozumiy
14. Mp3Solodka mrija
15.  Muzyka kokhannja
16.  Sonjachnyy zaychyk
17.  Balada
 Total playing time: 66:43
1.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Andriy Kirjushchenko INTRO OUTMIX)
2. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni (Oleh Kharytonov version)
3. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni (Tymur Poljanskyy version)
4. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni (version by (ManSound)
5.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Ihor Balan version)
6.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Volodymyr Tsap version)
7. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni (Stas Sova live version)
8.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Maksym Daniels R&B version)
9. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni (Dmytro Hershenzon version)
10.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Nekrasov version)
11. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni (Anatoliy Karpenko strunnyy orkestr version)
12.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Juriy Savchenko version)
13.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Ihor Rozhko Terminate version)
14.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Andriy Ostapenko version)
15.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (live version exclusive by Oleh Shevchenko (White)
16.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (version by (Igor Zakus)
17.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Ihor Rudyy version)
18.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (Anatoliy Plotnykov live version z kontserta 2003r.)
19.  Ty podobajeshsja meni (I just like you Oleksandr Soshalskyy version)
 Total playing time: 75:16

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 278.60UAH
International price: $19.90USD
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Victor Pavlik. Naykrashe. (The best of...)

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Victor Pavlik. Divchyna - Sontse.

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