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Pravytsya. Kryvy tanets. /digi-pack/. (Crooked Dance)
folklore modernization
Domestic: 107.46UAH
International: $15.92USD
Anya Tchaykovska, Acoustic Quartet. Krosna. /premium, digi-pack/. (Hoop)
inner shining
Domestic: 0.00UAH
International: $0.00USD
Starovynni ukrainski uzory dlya vyshyvannya khrestom. The Magic Pattern. (Ancient Ukrainian Patterns for Cross-Based Embroidering)
The Magic Pattern
Domestic: 134.46UAH
International: $19.92USD
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Second Breath. Save the Blues.

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Second Breath. Save the Blues.
(item from the "Rare Discs" section)
An exclusive edition and it is, probably, said too quietly. It looks like that even externally really, an interesting package. But that is not the thing, still. First strange enough, but this disc, is, evidently, virtually the only Ukrainian album consisting exclusively of blueses (in quite a wide understanding of this word). At least, among official releases. The majority of compositions, naturally, originate from the United States but, what is nice, there are also four blues pieces by Ukrainian authors. Moreover, the emphasis was all the same not on archaic blues and, I should confess, it was nice to hear here, among the rest, a message from Jim Morrison. Thus, that is one side. Well, and the second let us look closely who recorded this album, for this is another display of the declared exclusiveness. Second Breath is a Kyiv group that has been playing blues for 40 (!) years already. It is quite possible that this is the oldest active blues band not only in Kyiv, but also all through Ukraine. Or, maybe, through considerably wider territories who knows... And Second Breath not just plays quietly to itself the group is one of the best in the territory of the CIS. However, this is already quite a relative assessment, whatever you might say. At least, in view of the blues tree. Another thing is important here: your music either touches something live, or not. And that's all. Technical mastery, experience, better, worse these are simply words of those who listen. Second Breath plays.

Publisher: Lemma
Catalogue number: 07042 2
Year: 2007

See all albums and songs of the musician(s) on our site:
Second Breath

Domestic price: 147.96UAH
International price: $21.92USD
1. Mp3For Katya
music: O. Kuznetsov
lyrics: O. Kuznetsov
2.  Ain't Got You
music: Billy Boy Arnold
lyrics: Billy Boy Arnold
3. Mp3Roadhouse Blues
music: Jim Morrison
lyrics: Jim Morrison
4.  Save the Blues
music: V. Herasymovych
lyrics: V. Herasymovych
5.  Sweet Little Sixteen
music: Chuk Berry
lyrics: Chuk Berry
6. Mp3Why People Like That
music: Bob Margolin
lyrics: Bob Margolin
7.  Mannish Boy
music: London, McDaniel, Morganfield
lyrics: London, McDaniel, Morganfield
8.  It Hearts Me Too
music: Hudson Whuttaker
lyrics: Hudson Whuttaker
9.  Dixi
music: O. Kuznetsov
lyrics: O. Kuznetsov
10. Mp3I Like To Walk
music: V. Herasymovych
lyrics: V. Herasymovych
11.  Let Me Love You Baby
music: Buddy Guy
lyrics: Buddy Guy
12. Mp3House Is Rocking
music: Stevie Ray Vaughan
lyrics: Stevie Ray Vaughan
13.  Got My Mojo Working
music: Foster, Morganfield
lyrics: Foster, Morganfield
 Total playing time: 56:28

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 147.96UAH
International price: $21.92USD
See also:

Vuraj. Rajok. /digi-pack/.

Belarus bands famous here are specific in their artistic, nonlinear attitude to arrangements, self-irony and they are somehow particularly enlightened, I guess. When one listens to them sometimes it seems that they are singing the anthem of the Sun, facing the dark wall of the ancient forest. And Vuraj in this regard is no exception.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Yuriy Kovtun. BraviBelli.

...the album at once creates elated, festive mood but in a surprising way. In the correct way. Because, although about a half of the compositions can hardly be called merry ones a smile is very expressly felt in them. Somewhere dim, somewhere transparent, somewhere dreamy, somewhere thoughtful but it is present in each piece, and it warms.
Domestic price: 98.62UAH, International price: $14.61USD

Red Cardell. Narodzhennja. (Naitre) (Birth)

"Red Cardell" wished to create an album open for the whole world. As a result, French chanson was mixed with African rhythms, Ukrainian authentic singing with Oriental, Asian melodies, Celtic archaic with elements of trip- and hip-hop. And all this together laughs, dances, gets a bit sad, makes love...
Domestic price: 127.71UAH, International price: $18.92USD

Izzet. Reggalia.

...we have an album of Tatar folklore arranged in the style of Jamaica folklore. All this sounds in an organic way, which is a sure sign of plasticity of Tatar language...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Liapis Trubetskoy. Zolotye jajcy. (Golden eggs)

Their music is the mixture of everything that gets into your hands and is reinforced by a powerful and skilful spiritual section. You can find practically everything here, starting with grunge and ending with raggy, and all that is fully stuffed with Byelorussian outlook and sense of humour...
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Nik Efremov. Rytsar. (Knight)

By and large, the album "Knight" continues the lines announced in the previous work by Mykola Efremov. Here you can find both soft lyricism, and epic sketches. If there are acoustic guitars they are very transparent, they sound weightlessly, one senses the space and fresh air. If electric ones this is already an art-rock scope..
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Nik Efremov. Instrumental Compositions2.

First of all, this disc is a present for all fans of the guitar music. In its various forms since Mykola Efremov equally deftly handles both acoustic and electric guitars. Moreover, the album must also please fans of the classical art rock because it's from the music of the 70's that it grew, and this can be heard.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Nino Katamadze, Insight. Green.

Very transparent, juicy, quiet and confident and yet full of irrepressible life this is what this work appears like. Stylistically, it continues the trend including the albums "Black" and "Red" the pure jazz-rock line, with no direct immersions into the lounge or symphonicity. But in a much softer, tender version.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Back Country. Reflection of Universe. /digi-pack/

I could say something about the reflection of the musical universe here, as several musical trends and styles got skilfully and gently entangled in this album. Still it seems to me that it would not be groundless to speak about the reflection of the Universe itself, as it is a musical stream, which is characterised by generality.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Krymov Duo. Tam, de nas nemaje II. (Where We Are Not Present)

Any concrete definition would seem too narrow here even though such directions as new-age, fusion, jazz-rock imply a wide palette of sounds and technical tools. But here you will find all this and something more, for what there are rather not names, but feeling.
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Reviews (1)

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Hennadiy Melnyk. Traditional Hutsul Music from Verkhovyna. /digi-pack/.
Verkhovyna Hutsul music
Domestic: 100.71UAH
International: $14.92USD
Taras Chubay, Kuzma Skryabin, Molotov 20. Nashi Partyzany. (Our Guerrillas)
our guerrillas
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Victor Morozov, Batiar-band "Halychyna". Batiar Blues. /digi-pack/.
salty smiles
Domestic: 107.46UAH
International: $15.92USD
Ne smie buty v nas strakhu. /re-edition/. Songs of the liberation contest of the Ukrainian people, 1914-1952. (Dare Not Have Fear Among Us)
songs of Ukrainian insurgents
Domestic: 100.71UAH
International: $14.92USD