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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
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International: $19.90USD
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The Best of Ukrainian Folklore. International Festival of Ukrainian Music and Song "Gorytsvit". (2 videoCD).

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The Best of Ukrainian Folklore. International Festival of Ukrainian Music and Song "Gorytsvit". (2 videoCD).

The authentic musical folklore from different corners of Ukraine, the Ukrainian ethnic lands and the Ukrainian diaspora is represented for your attention. We introduce the creation of distinctive amateur groups and the individual performers to you. And also we introduce performance of your favorites. They are participants of the International Television Ukrainian Music and Song Festival "Gorytsvit", who came from Slobozhanshchyna, flowery Podillia, picturesque Polissia, from Russia, Byelorussia, from faraway Serbia and Montenegro. The years will have passed but we hope the threads of events on Ukrainian folk art towels will no change their bright colors. Their creators fill in gold pages of the Ukrainian Culture and Spirituality thesaurus. We do not say good-bye, we say: "Gorytsvit" unites all of us!"
See you at the new festivals!

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Video format - PAL

Publisher: SAME TAK!
Year: 2006

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1.  Who has mother, who has father (V koho bat'ko, v koho maty)
2.  Morning in the village (Ranok na seli)
3.  Peacock (Pavych)
4.  The Ukrainian humorous songs (Ukrajins'ki zhartivlyvi pisni)
5.  Shepherd's dance (Pastushyj tanec')
6.  Halytska barvysta (Halyc'ka barvysta)
7.  Oryska (Orys'ka)
8.  Piece composed at the Ukrainian folk songs (Kompozycija na temy ukrajins'kyh narodnyh pisen')
9.  The song "Djurdjevka", the dance "Kacherack" (Pisnja "Dzhurdzhjevka", tanec' "Kacherak"/)
10.  Cossack plays a wedding (Kozak huljaje vesillja)
11.  I Wish I Had a Trouble (Jakby meni lyha)
12.  Chachak
13.  Strip-tease for a clarinet witch an orchestra (Stryptyz dlja klarnetu z orkestrom)
14.  Dubotanets (Dubotanec')
1.  Wedding March (Vesil'nyj marsh)
2.  Phrairka (Frajirka)
3.  Oy u poli krynychenka (Oj, u poli krynychen'ka)
4.  Green grove (Haj zelenen'kyj)
5.  Vrantanska svyta (Vrantans'ka svyta)
6.  Night is falling (Vzhe vechir vechorije)
7.  Galochka (Halochka)
8.  Overdrinking wedding ritual (Vesil'nyj obrjad perepoju)
9.  Final
10.  The evening bonfire meeting (Vechirnja vatra)
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Reviews (2)

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