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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Catalogue -> Rock & Alternative -> "Rock Legends of Ukraine" series

Opal'nyj Prync. Rock legends of Ukraine.

Reviews (4)
Opal'nyj Prync. Rock legends of Ukraine.

I personally, for example, was not brought up with songs by "Opalny Prince" – I'm listening to them for the first time now. But I listen – and there rises inside me a strange feeling of nostalgia. Not for the times, no – that is a different thing. This is nostalgia for something right, something primary. The sounding of "Opalny Prince" immediately, from the first seconds convinces that they were at the very sources. It seems that this group is one of those lucky ones who do not make mistakes. First – because they are really talented. Second – because they are still from the cohort of the pioneers, and pioneers never make mistakes, they just discover new ways, opportunities. At all events, "Opalny Prince" as far back as in the 1980s started doing what virtually all Ukrainian rockers are engaged in now – adding some ethnic flavor to rock music. If you remember, at that time imitation of western standards was more popular – but the guys even then correctly felt the new vector. And, having listened to this disc, you will make sure – almost 20 years ago they were doing their business so intellectually, as not everyone does it today. And it's a pity, by the way.

"Rock legends of Ukraine" is a series of compilations of the best works of known Ukrainian rock groups. These musicians have created modern Ukrainian music.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2006

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Opal'nyj Prync

Domestic price: 124.30UAH
International price: $11.30USD
1. Mp3Hej Ukrajino
2.  Nash prapor
3.  Braty po zbroji
4. Mp3Ty na vijni
5.  Rozmyti dorohy
6.  Nova revoljucija
7. Mp3Hlib po vodi
8.  Ty zhyvesh v Ukrajini
9.  17 Veresnja
10. Mp3Muzyka do fil'mu "Pip Ivan"
 Total playing time: 41:04

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 124.30UAH
International price: $11.30USD
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Neborock. Rock legends of Ukraine.

May be, “Neborok” is one of the most queer but interesting projects within modern Ukrainian music in general. This is undoubtedly an alternative. Even with regard to alternative music.
Domestic price: 135.30UAH, International price: $12.30USD

Pikkardiyska Tertsia. Rock legends of Ukraine.

They are favourite singers and they deserve it.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Plach Yeremiji. Rock legends of Ukraine.

Domestic price: 207.90UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Jajaja. Rock legends of Ukraine.

They resemble the modern Ukrainian cuisine – a bit from everywhere plus a little bit of fat and the ability to laugh at it, and, certainly, let us add the flavor of Kyiv coffee houses. Yes, this is farce and burlesque, a front walk by tragicomic clowns, but they have clearly proved that they are musicians in any circumstances.
Domestic price: 124.30UAH, International price: $11.30USD

Reviews (4)

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