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Hycz Orkestr. Pid markoyu Ivana Yakovycha. /premium, mini-book+CD/. (Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovych)
poetic art-folk-rock
Domestic: 174.96UAH
International: $25.92USD
Lesya Ukrainka. Lysty. 1876-1897. (Letters)
Lesya Ukrainka. Letters. (1876-1897)
Domestic: 222.21UAH
International: $32.92USD
DakhaBrakha. Shlyakh. /premium, digi-pack/. (The Road)
the Ukrainian Zen
Domestic: 249.48UAH
International: $36.96USD
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Arachnophobia. Arachnophobia.

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Arachnophobia. Arachnophobia.

Everything now happens quickly – at least, it seems so to the outside observer. Who knew “Arachnophobia” just the day before yesterday? And yesterday their song "Ye-Ye-Ye!!!" already became the main musical theme of the resonance film, "the first Ukrainian blockbuster", – a serious claim. And today – be cautious, as it has not yet cooled down – the debut album. And it is a thing – in the positive sense. Powerful, sated musical grenade, in which classical, pure rock borders on the Gothic sound – and this is already good. But Valery Vlasenko’s vocals are something really so deep, rare, genuine that one even gets surprised. As for me, this voice transcends the overtones, intonations, timbres, vibrations that allow singing anything – and it will sound good. However, it is nice that it sing not just empty rhymes. If one day " Arachnophobia" address more or less serious musical and shaman searches (at that, having taken as the basis roots of some people), I am absolutely sure that success for such an album will be guaranteed. Even disregarding which language the audience considers the native one. But already now, in the first (first!) album, this international magic is easy to feel. From now – we’ll hope for impressive continuation.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 0946 360795 2 3

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Domestic price: 100.71UAH
International price: $14.92USD
1. Mp3Je-Je-Je!!!
2.  Parfumy
3.  Vichna Ljubov – Zvychna Ljubov
4.  Z nih do holovy
5. Mp3Mama, Sho?
6.  Kamasutra
7. Mp3Til'ky b ne vijna
8.  De ty teper?
9. Mp3Jaka chudova myt'!
10.  U Mamy odyn
11.  Zhuryt'sja kvitka
12.  Nasha Zemna Ljubov
13.  Nostal'hija
 Total playing time: 55:20

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 100.71UAH
International price: $14.92USD
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Tin Sontsya. Tanets' sertsia. (Heart Dance).

"Heart Dance", perhaps, has become one of the most anticipated Ukrainian albums in this direction for the last couple of years. And it lives up to expectations – the work appears powerful, bright and deep. It seems – the best one so far in the group's discography.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Tin Sontsya. Polum’jana ruta. (Flaming Rue)

Although the new disc also contains quite a bit of historical alliterations, they are, however, rather conditional, poetic. Here, foremost, the issue is already longing for pure freedom, the freedom to live and die by one's own choice, the ability to make such choice – and not to be afraid, not to retreat.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Vombad. Visim hodyn na dobu. (Eights Hours a Day)

Though there are no obvious and faultless ties with Australia and its fauna here, still something marsupial is felt in this music. I cannot explain that. Fortunately, there’s something else. For example, as for sounding, in it gothic notes and moods are mixed with neo-romantic ones.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Viy. Chorna Rillia.

Viy rock-group plays melodic rock-music with big gothic and authentic influences. Secret energy of ancient pagan Slavdom may be felt in every their song.
Domestic price: 201.96UAH, International price: $29.92USD

Ukrainian Gothic Vol. 1.

“Komu Vnyz”, “Skryabin”, “Pirata band”, Yulia Lord and a lot more people – is it strange that they are all here? You see, they and suchlike people are looking for purity and light, plunging into the deepest darkness.
Domestic price: 222.21UAH, International price: $32.92USD

Reviews (15)

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Rock-H. Spivanochky pro lyubov. /digi-pack/. (Melodies About Love)
ironic and lyrical
Domestic: 120.96UAH
International: $17.92USD
Hycz Orkestr. Pid markoyu Ivana Yakovycha. /premium, mini-book+CD/. (Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovych)
poetic art-folk-rock
Domestic: 174.96UAH
International: $25.92USD
Tik Tu. Shuma. /digi-pack/.
sunny indie
Domestic: 134.46UAH
International: $19.92USD
Gutzul Magik Foundation. Molfar. /digi-pack/.
Gutzul Magik Foundation. Molfar
Domestic: 127.71UAH
International: $18.92USD