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Tetiana Shkolna. Dobraja hodynon'ka. (The right time)

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Tetiana Shkolna. Dobraja hodynon'ka. (The right time)
She is a soloist of the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine. In her time she went by herself into the folklore expeditions through the whole territory of Ukraine to study and to record folk songs from their original sources. That is why most of the songs recorded at her album are performed unaccompanied, because exactly in such a way the folk songs were often performed in Ukrainian villages ages and ages ago. She has the voice, which is easy to be recognized among others voices, it is clear and penetrating. And she possesses her voice skillfully Ц because even difficult songs performed by her sound so lightly that you even do not notice how they penetrate inside of you and sound from there, but not from the speakers. What can be added here? May be, she has a generous soul, otherwise even the simplest song would not make itself heard by other soul Ц and she performs her songs in such a way as if they were native, even if you had not heard them before. It especially concerns unaccompanied performance, because this way or that, for a song there does not exist a straighter Ц and at the same time more complicated - path to the heart. It is always pleasant to listen to a person when she performs in such a way.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2003

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Tetiana Shkolna

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1.  Rounding Up The Oxen (Zajmu ja voly)
2. Mp3Tanya In The Cherry Orchard (Ishla Tanechka v vyshnev sad (vesil'na))
3.  Flying Halochki (Letjat' halochky)
4. Mp3Why Most Spring End? (Choho vesna na nyz poshla (vesnjanka))
5.  I Go To The River (Oj vyjdu ja na richen'ku (vesnjanka))
6.  With My Father (A v moho baten'ka)
7. Mp3I Go To The Hill (Oj vyjdu ja, vyjdu (lirychna))
8.  The Right Time (Oj dobraja hodynon'ka (vesil'na))
9.  Tanya's Walk (Oj hodyla Tanochka (vesil'na))
10.  Daughter In Law (Nevistka)
11.  Oh, Spring (Oj vesnjanochka (vesnjanka))
12. Mp3Oh, Short Night Petrivochka (Malaja nichka petrivochka (petrivchana))
13.  God Help Me (Oj, Hospody, Bozhe (lirychna))
14.  Over My House (Nad mojeju hatynoju)
15.  Lullaby (Kolyskova)
16.  Lullaby (Kolyskova)
17.  Poplars (Oj u poli, v poli (balada))
18.  Dahlias (Zhorzhyny)
music: V. Homoljaka
lyrics: D. Lucenko
19.  Oh You White Birch (Oj ty bila berezo (lirychna))
20.  The Good Weaver (A ja prjaha harna)
21.  I Bid You Farewell (Ta buvajte zdorovi)
 Total playing time: 52:08

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