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Myroslav Levytsky. Session in Banff. Rollston Hall (live). /digi-pack/.

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Myroslav Levytsky. Session in Banff. Rollston Hall (live). /digi-pack/.
Myroslav Levytsky, as known, is one of the brothers who founded the jazz group "Braty Bluzu", which is significant for Ukraine. Besides, he is the author of the majority of compositions performed by their group. But today we offer to you to deeper, more attentively estimate Myroslav both as a composer, and as a pianist. Because, first, he just deserves that, and secondly because what if not a solo album creates the best opportunity for this? By the way, do not expect that only piano music sounds on the disc although it, sure, forms the foundation. And, we should say, four piano plays are represented here this is a true theme for meditation. In them Myroslav so transparently, deliberately, confidently lines up the space for reflections and light touches, that there is no longer any doubt: a master of deep journeys is in front of us. And, actually, the fact that in the other compositions it is possible to hear both the vocal, and the rhythm section and the violin in no way destroys this pulsating attention, fragile equilibrium between the silence and the harmony of the search. Everything is very appropriate, and additional colors only emphasize the key tone of tranquility and its presentiment, it seems to me, fills in even the external design of this album..
Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)
Myroslav Levytsky (Ukraine) - piano (1-7)
Sheila Jordan (USA) - voice (3)
Brigitte Mortensen (Denmark) - voice (6)
Erik Hegdal (Norway) - sax (3)
Jeffrey Goldberg (USA) - piano (1)
Claire Dolby (UK) - violin (5)
Chris Jennings (Canada) - bass (3)
Knut Voran (Norway) - drums (3)

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2005

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Myroslav Levytsky

Domestic price: 264.60UAH
International price: $18.90USD
1. Mp3Please... just a moment - II
2.  Muse
3. Mp3The Water is Wide
4.  Vienna Woods
5. Mp3Oj-ja or soundtrack
6.  Round Midnight
7. Mp3I've met somebody / I've not seen for ages
 Total playing time: 46:23

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 264.60UAH
International price: $18.90USD
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Domestic price: 390.60UAH, International price: $27.90USD

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