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Folklore Theater by Ostap Stakhiv. A vzhe vesna vskresla. (And Spring Has Already Resurrected)

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Folklore Theater by Ostap Stakhiv. A vzhe vesna vskresla. (And Spring Has Already Resurrected)

Ostap Stakhiv is well-known at least in the West of Ukraine in fact, that is not surprising, as it is there that a great part of activities initiated by him take place. And as he does not lack activity, Ostap Stakhiv is related to a considerable number of various projects in this or that way linked with revival and popularization of Ukrainian, in particular singing folklore. One of ways to do that was creation of Ostap Stakhiv's Folklore Theater and you will be able to hear some outcomes of the work already now, on this disc. Vesnivky, haivky, ryndzivky and dominical songs were included into the album therefore it is very appropriate that it first appears here right now, just on the eve of spring. And then Easter will come soon And as all that sounds cheerful, saturated indeed the disc will necessarily bring joy to all those not indifferent to folklore. Both the male and female parts of the collective sing really beautiful both separately and together and create the feeling of a real holiday in that way.

Publisher: Gal Records
Catalogue number: GAL 0197
Year: 2006

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Folklore Theater by Ostap Stakhiv

Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
1.  Zaspivaymo panjanochky
2. Mp3Divchatochka vorobjata
3.  A bryznuly kljuchi
4. Mp3A v nedilju ranenko
5.  Velykodni fayni svjeta
6.  A vzhe vesna vskresla
7.  Verba bje... shutka bje
8.  A vy, khloptsi, vstydaytesja
9. Mp3Uzhe, divochky, vesna pryyshla
10.  Pryyshla vesna krasna
11. Mp3Zelenyy Shum
12.  Ukrip
13.  Kachuryk
14.  Mak
15. Mp3Teremy
16.  Po tim botsi na tolotsi
17.  Na popoviy hrushi
18. Mp3Oy mlyn mele
19.  Choho divky pomarnily
20.  Shcho za chudo
21. Mp3A vesna vesnoju
22.  Pletu pletenytsi
23.  Fijalochky
24. Mp3Podoljanochka
25.  Oy chyja to huska
26.  Firman
27. Mp3Myshka
28.  Oy ty staryy didu
29. Mp3Kryvyy tanets
30.  Dibrova
31.  Zhinka na torzi
32.  Tam na hori koryto
33.  Na horodi stovpchyky
34.  Sokhla kobyla
35.  Oy vesna, vesna
36.  Bihla suka
37.  Ishly divky na hajivku
38.  Chohos khloptsi potrukhly
39.  Jastrub
40.  Mosty
41.  Vorotar
42.  Travko muravko
43.  Halja
44.  Ohirochky
45.  Zhuchok
46.  Zelman
47.  A na toy den (ryndzivka)
48.  Rano ranenko (ryndzivka)
49.  Kup sy
50.  Kostrubonko
51.  Vzhe y Khrystos, vzhe y voskres
52.  Khrystos voskres! Radist z neba
53.  Na pahubu nechystyvykh
 Total playing time: 48:12

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
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Reviews (1)

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