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Ukrajins'ki marshi. Performed by Wind Orchestras. Golden Collection. (Ukrainian Marches)

Reviews (12)
Ukrajins'ki marshi. Performed by Wind Orchestras. Golden Collection. (Ukrainian Marches)

Ukrainian marches performed by brass bands are not lollipops – they are pleasant things, which do not stick to your hands. What do we need a march for? The answer is simple – we need it for good spirits. What do we need a brass instrument for? We need it for our souls to feel free, even notwithstanding bodily shackles. Moreover, the sounding of a brass band itself brings the feeling, or presentiment, of some kind of a holiday, elation of spirits and body. It is not that while listening to such music you automatically feel an unconscious desire to start marching along the central street of a city. Still, it possesses some kind of charm peculiar only to it. Why not to square shoulders and to twirl moustaches, even if you do not have them? Sometimes we have a holiday tete-a-tete, sometimes we have a holiday for everybody - this music suits exactly the second one. It suits the holiday during which you gladly greet every unknown person you meet in the street only because you feel glad. By the way, these marches are so melodious that you can easily dance at them. These marches are not without reason Ukrainian.

Anton Yozhyk Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: Astra Records
Catalogue number: A. R. 014 - 05
Year: 2005

Domestic price: 166.60UAH
International price: $11.90USD
1. Mp3Starovynnyj zaporiz'kyj marsh
music: arr. Je. Adamtsevych, S. Tvorun
2.  Marsh na temy pisen' " Oj, u luzi chervona kalyna" ta "Nalyvajmo brattja"
music: B. Sapeljuk
3.  Marsh na temy pisen' "Hej, numo, hlopci", "Jihav kozak mistom" ta "Divka v sinjah stojala"
music: O. Bazhenov
4.  Marsh "Bohdan Khmel‘nyts‘kyy"
music: M. Lysenko, arr. Ja. Orlov
5.  Marsh na temy pisen' "Hej, tam na hori sich ide", "My – hajdamaky" ta "Za Ukrajinu"
music: B. Sapeljuk
6. Mp3"Ukrajins'kyj marsh"
music: L. Kolodub
7. Mp3Marsh na temy pisen' "Oj na hori, na makivci" ta "Povijav viter stepovyj"
music: B. Sapeljuk
8. Mp3Marsh Sotni z operety "Konotops'ka vid'ma"
music: I. Poklad, arr. A. Serebrenykov
9.  Kompozycija na temy starovynnyh vijs'kovyh marshiv
music: H. Hryhor'jev
10.  Marsh na temy pisen' "Mav ja raz divchynon'ku", "Jak zasjademo, brattja, kolo chary" ta "Kazala divchyna"
music: B. Sapeljuk
11.  Marsh na temy pisen' "Hej, vy, stril'ci sichoviji", "Rozprjahajte hlopci konej" ta " Hej, u luzi chervona kalyna"
music: O. Morozov
12.  Marsh na temy pisen' "Nalyvajmo, brattja", "Hej, nalyvajte povniji sary" ta "Hej, huljajut' kozaky"
music: O. Morozov
 Total playing time: 43:14

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Domestic price: 166.60UAH
International price: $11.90USD

Reviews (12)

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