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Folk group "Vesnyanka". Oh come out vesnyanky.

Reviews (2)
Folk group "Vesnyanka". Oh come out vesnyanky.
It seems to me that this is the fourth album of the folk group "Vesnysnka" - so, it is for the fourth time that I am impressed with the skilfulness of the group. Now the subject of their research is the culture of performance in Rivnenske Polissya. According to scientists, it is exactly in Polissya region that the most archaic folklore relics have been preserved. In other words, "Vesnysnka" gives us the opportunity to hear and to feel our Ukrainian ceremonial songs the way they were several, if not more than several, centuries ago. More detailed and better grounded ideas about that may be found in the booklet – and it is really interesting to read the information presented there. Even if you are not so much interested in the aspect of time and scientific research, all the same this album is worth while listening to. You should not be a great connoisseur to estimate the true worth of the cleanliness and beauty of performance. It possesses a certain essential magic, which provokes subconscious memory in people – even if you do not grasp the content and the meanings of words at once. Because this singing contains another content – which is hidden behind the words. It is worth while listening in order to hear that singing at least for the sake of feeling.

Publisher: Ethnodisc
Catalogue number: ED CD-032-04
Year: 2004

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Folk group "Vesnyanka"

Domestic price: 306.60UAH
International price: $21.90USD
1.  Oh come out vesnyanky (Oj vyhod'te, vesnjanky)
2.  Oh I will come out on the meadow (Oj vyjdu ja na poljanku)
3. Mp3Spring-maid, what have you brought (Vesna - krasna, scho ty nam prynesla)
4.  Spring defeated winter (Vesna zymu pohylyla)
5.  Lord, lord (Bojare, bojare)
6. Mp3Master (Volodar)
7.  Oh spring, spring (Oj vesna, vesna)
8.  Come out one at a time (Vyhod'te po odnomu)
9.  Oh, we were in a big forest (Oj my buly j u velykomu lisi)
10.  Holy Trinity (Svjataja Trojca)
11.  Oh, let, God, wait till Kust (Oj daj, Bozhe, za rik Kusta dizhdaty)
12.  Enough to sing, coo-coo bird (Hodi, hodi, zozulja, kuvaty)
13.  Oh at Ivana, at Kupala (Oj na Jvana, na Kupajla)
14. Mp3Hey you, fine Kupalo (Oj ty, Kupajlo horosheje)
15.  Oh, at Ivana (Oj na Jvana)
16.  Oh, crayfish wanted to get married (Oj hotiv zhje rak zhenytysja)
17.  I'll make a bridge (Pokladu kladochku)
18.  Oh I gathered barriers in the woods (Oj ja v boru jahod brala)
19.  Our young lord (Nashyj panych moloden'kyj)
20.  Oh, the peacock was flying (Oj litala raba pava)
21.  Oh, wreath rolling from the fields (Oj kotyvsja vinok z polja)
22.  I was reaping rye on the hill (Ja j na hori da zhyto zhala)
23. Mp3Reapers, it's not early (Vzhe zhenchyky ne rano)
24.  Pine is green in summer and winter (A sosonka litom i zymoj zelena)
25.  Mother, let have a supper with you (Davaj, mat'onko, povecherajem z toboju)
26.  Oh, early early on Sunday (Oj rano-rano v nedilju)
27.  Oh, at the sea and at the lake (Oj na mori da na ozeri)
28.  Ill plant poppy (Da posjeju mak)
29.  Guilder rose-raspberry (Kalyno-malyno)
30.  Boys, dig out a dam (Rozkopajte, hlopci, hreblju)
31.  Hey you, crow-crow (Oj ty, voron, voron)
32.  You go by the hills (Ty jdy horoju)
33.  There wind is breaking rose and guilder rose (Tam viter lamaje rozhu z kalynoju)
34.  Hey you fields (Vy zh polja)
35.  Behind the fog (Za tumanom)
 Total playing time: 58:37

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 306.60UAH
International price: $21.90USD
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Reviews (2)

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