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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
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International: $14.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Korovaj. Ukrainian ethnic music.

Reviews (2)
Korovaj. Ukrainian ethnic music.

There is some general impression of this entire story. A simple impression. Thank God, there still exist people on the earth who in contrast to most of us not only listen to songs. These are the people who sing. These are the people who make recordings.

The right-bank Kyiv region, musical folklore of which is presented at this disc, is the border between a forest and a forest-steppe natural habitats, and that's why features of several traditions are presented here, namely of Polissya, Podillya and Podniprovslyi region. You should understand that mixture and reciprocal influence always give colour to those things, which seem to be well know. You never know where you will find something. There is a wonderful Christmas coral recorded at this disc, which tells us about the creation of the world. For me it is simply charming. Or, for example, the song of girls enchantresses,with which in old times girls bewitched young men to love them.Or a chumak's song, which is so simple, but there is so much sadness in it, that you understand – it is true. I am an amateur and can miss fine points. But I can listen. And thanks to this I can feel – at least sometimes. As any person.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

This CD is a remastered edition of "As It Was From Ancient Times ..." Tradition songs from the right bank of Kyiv region. Authentic performing.

"Ukrainian Ethnic Music" series came out of many ethnographical expeditions to different region of Ukraine. Compact discs have stylish design. In the colourful booklets you will find information about the places where recordings were made, stories about performers, lyrics of the songs etc. Information is given in Ukrainian and English.

Publisher: Atlantic
Year: 2004

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1. Mp3Oj, jak zhe bulo izprezhda vika
2.  Vylety, hulju, vylety
3.  Ja v kryvoho tancja
4.  Verboviji kolesa
5.  Tam vesnjanochko, panjanochko zolotyje kil'cja
6.  Oj na nashij da vesnjanci ne parubky hlopci
7.  Pozhenu ja na jar tovar na horu teljata
8.  Vyjizhdzhaje mij mylen'kyj po hori
9.  Cholovik mene byv, oj i byv da uchyv
10.  Oj, nu, kycju-kycju, ne jdy po vodycju
11.  Oj nu, kotu, koty dva siri – bili obydva
12.  Oj, kupavsja Ivan, taj u vodu upav
13.  Oj, u lisi, u lisi na dubku
14.  A v horodi svynja ryla
15.  Petrivochka mala nichka, ne vyspalasja nevistochka
16.  Oj huk, maty, huk de kozaky jdut'
17. Mp3Oj chumache, chumache
18.  Za nasheju hranyceju
19.  A vzhe sonce nad hrushamy
20. Mp3Oj ne hody barabashu na ulycju nashu
21.  Oj tam za lisochkom
22.  Mamon'ko – holubon'ko
23.  Oj na mori da j na syn'omu
24.  Teper budesh, maty moja, styho spaty
25.  Oj ponad sadom bytaja dorizhen'ka
26.  Oj sjadu ja, molodaja, podumaju
27.  Vesil'nyj obrjad "skryvannja molodi"
28.  Chy ne mozhesh, moja maty, vyjty z haty
29.  Oj dub duba da j pohytuje
30.  Svekorko nevistku na porozi strichaje
31.  Oj pojdu ja v lis po drova
32.  Oj poshla b ja na vulycju pohuljala
33.  Vyjdu ja na horu
34.  Ljuli, ljuli, ljuli
35.  Oj nu, ljuli, ljuli
36.  Oj my hodymo, pohodzhajemo
 Total playing time: 74:06

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

See also:

"Otava" group, Kiyv Kobza Guilds. Ya my hodymo prokhozhaemo. Zabuti pisni Kyivschyny. (Lost Songs of Kyiv Region)

It’s not a secret for anybody that long ago due to all kinds of perturbations of culture in Kyiv region it was not simply ruined, but practically destroyed – political centers always pay high price. Still today Ukrainian revival of basic cultural layers acquires bigger and bigger range...
Domestic price: 218.90UAH, International price: $19.90USD

Reviews (2)

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