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Ivan Hel. Vyklyk systemi. The Ukrainian Liberation Movement in the Late 20th Century. (The Challenge to the System)
The Ukrainian Liberation Movement in the Late 20th Century
Domestic: 98.64UAH
International: $21.92USD
Mykola Arkas. Istoria Ukrajiny-Rusi. /reprint edition/. (The History of Ukraine-Rus)
Arkas. The History of Ukraine-Rus. /reprint edition/
Domestic: 98.64UAH
International: $21.92USD
Antin Mukharsky. Zhlobolohiya. Catalogue Almanac. (deluxe edition).
Zhlobolohiya. Catalogue Almanac. (deluxe edition).
Domestic: 238.14UAH
International: $52.92USD
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Maria Bayko

People's Artist of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National Prize-Winner of Ukraine.

Maria Bayko's glorious creative life began in 1950 with the vocal trio with her sisters Nina and Danyyila. Their singing without accompaniment delighted the audience far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Maria Bayko's lyrical soprano was the leading one in this ensemble.

Odarka Bandrivska, who adopted the Italian "bel canto" school from Solomia Krushelnytska, was her teacher. Maria Bayko's innate ability of sound producing, all registers being regained, the fluency of a melodic lead are principal characteristic of her singing. Her light and at the same time warm and tender voice which has unique distinctive features sounds wonderfully natural. As a soloist and chamber singer in its significant meaning of this word she impresses not only by her exceptional gift for music, but by her skill as well. It is the singer's inborn gift for music that appears to be the symbol of music itself when we listen to her singing.

And in addition to that there exists the mastery of being able to use delicately her voice, the versatility of tembres and nuances of her singing. All these features provide good conditions for Maria Bayko's indefatigable performing. Time and years do not tell on the singer. Her special merit lies in performing an enormous repertoire of folk songs and reviving the forgotten works of such Ukrainian composers as D. Sichynsky, the Nyzhankivsky brothers and V. Barvinsky.

Stephania Pavlyshyn,
Doctor of Art Criticism

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20 march 2014
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10 march 2014
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Alan A.Milne. Vinni-Pukh i vsi-vsi-vsi. The complete collection of fairy tales and poems. (Winnie-the-Pooh and Everyone)
Winnie the Pooh. The complete collection of fairy tales and poems
Domestic: 260.64UAH
International: $57.92USD
Vasyl Simovych. Movoznavstvo. Literaturoznavstvo. Kultura. /2 volumes/. (Linguistics. Literary studies. Culture)
Vasyl Simovych: Language. Literature. 2 volumes
Domestic: 400.14UAH
International: $88.92USD
Larysa Denysenko. Nova stara baba. (The New Old Woman)
The New Old Woman
Domestic: 62.64UAH
International: $13.92USD
Daria Tsvek. Malyatam i batkam. /revised/. (For Kids and Parents)
For Kids and Parents. /revised/
Domestic: 125.64UAH
International: $27.92USD