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Marta Zhekhovych

Marta Zhekhovych origins from Ukraine. A young soprano studied in Lviv National Music Academy with proffessor Tamara Didyk. Her first conductor was Placido Domingo, her main mentors Riccardo Muti and Zubin Mehta, she took masterclasses with Mirella Freni and Peter Dvorsky. By the time she finished High School as a magister she also protected a bachelor diploma at National University as a philologist. She is a winner of numerous prestigious Ukrainian and international competitions.
While being a student Marta Zhekhovych gained a Presidential Scholarship and after toured almost all European countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Chech Republic, Greece, Marocco and USA.
Knowledge of 10 foreign languages leads her to sing her roles with a special interpretation.
Nowadays she keeps different kinds of roles in operas written by Mozart, Donizetti, Dvorzhak, Gounod, Tchaikovskyi, Puccini and Verdi.
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Marta Zhekhovych. 4 Seasons.

Only now, when she has become known abroad they start writing and speaking about Marta in Ukraine. Actually, here is the first album that has come out... On the other hand we can rejoice in the fact that this progress is still happening. For the voice it is good, skills present, and it would be a pity to fail to notice a talented young artist.
Domestic price: 152.60UAH, International price: $10.90USD

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22 february 2022
The "Return Alive" Foundation
23 november 2020
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