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Roman Kolyada, Anastasia Kolodiuk. KoKo Melange. /mini-pack/.
ethno melange
Domestic: 188.35UAH
International: $17.28USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 199.25UAH
International: $18.28USD
Terra Ucrainica. The History Atlas of Ukraine and Neighboring Lands.
Terra Ucrainica. The History Atlas of Ukraine and Neighboring Lands
Domestic: 544.13UAH
International: $49.92USD
Sheetel. Mr. White. /special edition, digi-pack/.
the broken space
Domestic: 253.75UAH
International: $23.28USD
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Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection. /digi-pack/.

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Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection. /digi-pack/.
Complete collection of solo works by Oleh Skrypka in mp3. All full-length albums, singles and maxi-singles.

Attention! For the first time on a CD the album "Concert for Skrypka and a Big-Band" recorded together with the jazz orchestra directed by Igor Butman!

Premium edition, limited edition.

Format: mp3, 320 kbps.

Important notice! Record is made in mp3 format. All files names are in Ukrainian.

Disclamer: All software proposed AS IS. We do not guarantee that it will be working on your PC. We have tested every CD on our PC and it works fine.

Publisher: Krajina mrij
Catalogue number: krm 058
Year: 2011

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Oleh Skrypka

Domestic price: 173.53UAH
International price: $15.92USD
  Inkoly (2001)
1.  Ty Ushel
2.  Ja Proshu
3.  Inkoly
4.  Ja Pidiydu
5. Mp3Halju, Prykhod
6. Mp3Jikhaly Kozaky
7. Mp3Ty Zh Mene
8.  Stryvay, Parovoze
9.  Hop-Stop
10.  Tantsi
11. Mp3Vesna
12.  Ja V Vesennem Lesu
13.  Je-je
  Vidrada (2004)
14. Mp3Vidrada (sufi improvisation)
15.  Tombe la neige ("french & gypsy" romance)
16.  Ne probuzhday vospomynanja / Don't wake the memories (russian romance)
17. Mp3Fever (Elvis Presley tribute)
18. Mp3Rien de rien (french reggae)
19.  Osin / Autumn (buddah nostalgie)
20.  It's now or never (italian country and western)
21.  Romashky sprjatalys / Ox-eye daisies are hide (soviet blues)
22. Mp3Qui sas (spanish traditional)
23.  Ne pytay / Don't ask (ukrainian romance)
24. Mp3Oy, ta khto horja ne znaje! / Oops! Who don't know the grief! (carpatian dance)
25.  Vyrishyv pojikhat ja z ridnoho sela... / I decided to leave my native country
  Sertse u mene vrazlyve... (2009)
26.  Jak pochujesh
27. Mp3Kariji ochi
28.  I znovu osin
29. Mp3Berizka
30.  Paraska
31. Mp3Velyke misto
  Oleh Skrypka ta Dzhaz-orkestr Ihorja Butmana: Kontsert dlja Skrypky i bih-bendu (2010)
32.  Intro
33. Mp3Dance With Me
34.  Fly Me to the Moon
35. Mp3Besame Mucho
36.  Ja v vesennem lesu
37. Mp3Chervoni koni
38.  Ty ushel
39. Mp3Ja proshu
40.  Na vulytsi skrypka hraje
41.  Qui Sas
42.  Podmoskovnye vechera
43.  Romashky sprjatalys
44.  Stryvay, parovoze
45.  Shumel kamysh
  Shchedryk (2010)
46. Mp3Shchedryk
47.  Carol of the Bells
48.  Shchedryk (radio versija)
49. Mp3Carol of the Bells (radio edit)
  Zhorzhyna (2011)
50. Mp3Jak pochujesh
51.  Usmikh tviy tajemnychyy
52. Mp3Berizka
53.  Mov potsilunok sontsja
54. Mp3Nichchju
55. Mp3Kariji ochi
56.  Paraska
57. Mp3Ne plachte, rozhi
58.  I znovu osin
59. Mp3Velyke misto
60.  Ljubov mene ne obmyna
61.  Zhorzhyna
62.  Ne pokyn
63.  Jak znaydesh ty kohos
64.  Shchastja

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 173.53UAH
International price: $15.92USD
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Pikkardiyska Tertsia. 20 Years. (mp3). /digi-pack/.

...Thus, there is something worth listening to 11 albums, and the three first ones have not been released on discs, so for many they will be a true revelation. We think it will be a nice one because Pikkardiyska Tertsia right from the beginning set its bar for quality really high. Plus you can hear the Polish album here as well...
Domestic price: 217.13UAH, International price: $19.92USD

Evshanzillya 4. Rock Collection 2010. (mp3).

In 2010, following the tradition now, "Yevshanzillya" (already for the fourth year in succession) has become the first rock collection in the New Year. And, again as usual, the main focus is not on pop-rock and heavy alternative as it happens in the majority of rock collections but on a wide range of every other rock music.
Domestic price: 119.03UAH, International price: $10.92USD

Vopli Vidopliassova. The Best. Official mp3 Collection. /digi-pack/.

..not every listener and not always has time and desire to conduct selection within such collections but you sure know that. Therefore, in this case, VV group undertook the selection job and included into this disc far not everything. But the best.
Domestic price: 151.73UAH, International price: $13.92USD

National mp3 Collection. Volume 1.

Gorchitza live project, Tomato Jaws, The Maneken, Dazzle Dreams, Alexey Gorchitza.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Braty Hadyukiny. Official mp3 collection.

Braty Gadyukiny is a legend of Ukrainian rock music, which has appeared considerably more alive than it seemed even a couple of years ago. This group has appeared even more alive than many of those who have during the last 10-15 years been engaged in playing concerts and releasing of discs much more actively than it isnt it a wonder?
Domestic price: 173.53UAH, International price: $15.92USD

Zakarpats'kyj sektor. 42 tracks in mp3 format. we have something resembling hip-hop, wedding music, kolomyikas with their banter, chanson, punk a very strange mix. But interesting. It tries to surprise and, frankly speaking, it succeeds in it.
Domestic price: 151.73UAH, International price: $13.92USD

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Insight, Nino Katamadze. Mp3.
Nino Katamadze & Insight. mp3
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Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection. /digi-pack/.
Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection.
Domestic: 173.53UAH
International: $15.92USD
Hurt "Expres". Ukrajinski zastolni. (mp3). /digi-pack/. (Ukrainian Feast Songs)
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Ukrainian mp3 Collection
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