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Oksana Zabuzhko. Yak rubaly vyshnevy sad, abo Dovha doroha z Bad-Emsa. (How the Cherry Orchard Was Cut Down, or the Long Road from Bad Ems)
Zabuzhko. How the Cherry Orchard Was Cut Down..
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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"Drevo" group, "Volodar" group. Volodar, vidchynjaj vorota! (Volodar, open the gates!)

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"Drevo" group, "Volodar" group. Volodar, vidchynjaj vorota! (Volodar, open the gates!)

The project "Lets get together, kin" is an authentic and unpolished singing. The booklet to this compact disc contains substantial information on the songs and the project itself. Still, even without reading this booklet, but after listening to the disc, I find it to be one of the best and the most interesting records of such kind that I have ever heard. It looks as if it does not differ from reletives, but still it differs. It touches you in a specific way. Variety and beauty of performance impress you simply and deeply. It is so good, that it is really GOOD. It is so vivid and native that even smells bread. It is worth while listening to it even for those who do not like authentic singing. It is most likely that they will like it.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: OBERIH XXI
Catalogue number: 044-O-021-2
Year: 2003

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"Drevo" group
"Volodar" group

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  Spring songs
1.  Oj daj, Bozhe, vesnu pochat'
2.  Volodar-Volodar, odchynyaj vorota
3. Mp3Volodar-Volodarchyku
4. Mp3Oj na mori, na mori (lyrical song)
5.  Oj tarn na mori na synyomu
6. Mp3Dryb-dryb-drybushky (spring play)
7.  Na yulytsi stoyit" verba zeiena
8.  Oj syera guson'ka (spring play)
9. Mp3Da na popovoj da sinozhati (lyrical song)
10.  Longitudinal flute folk-tune
11.  Da viter viye da povyvaye (ballad)
12.  Kolo mlyna bila glyna (middlesummer song)
13.  Oj pye chumak, pye (lyrical song)
  Harvest songs
14.  Blagoslovi, Bozha mati
15.  Zhyta ne dozhala, kopy ne doklala (ballad)
16.  Ne tur vorota yodchynyv
17.  Oj na gori zhenchyky zhyto zhnut'
18.  Hop-hop Kozitsa, nekhaj zhyto rodytsa
19.  Nash piven' syzokrylyj
20.  Nash gospodarko zhuryvsya
21.  Kotylasya bochechka dubovaya (lyrical song)
22.  Katyushechka-dushechka (ballad)
23.  V subotu piznen'ko (soldier song)
24.  Oj hotila maty (comic song)
25.  Vysokyj nash korovaj (wedding song)
26.  "Babs'kyj kozachok" (comic dansing couplets)
27.  Chervona kalyna (lyrical song)
  New year day songs (carols)
28.  Schodryj vechor, dobryj vechor, Vasylye
29.  Nadvorl chorna hmara vyet'sya
30.  Chy vdoma-vdoma bidnaya vdova
31.  Heruvymiv zbir
32.  Krasnaya panna pshenycyu zhala
33.  Po vsyomu sviti stala novyna
34.  Oho-ho Koza, oho-ho syera
35.  Zozulen'ka raben'kaya
36.  Sijsya-rodysya, zhyto-pshenytsya
37.  Oj vechor dobryj, pan gospodaru
38.  Oj gospodaru na tvojmu dvoru
 Total playing time: 73:16

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Tetiana Shkolna. Dobraja hodynonka. Ukrainian folk songs. /cassette/. (The Right Time)

Audio cassette/ ..In her time Tetiana Shkolna went by herself into the folklore expeditions through the whole territory of Ukraine to study and to record folk songs from their original sources. That is why most of the songs recorded at her album are performed unaccompanied..
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

Ladovytsi. A Bozhaya Maty po svitu khodyla. /digi-pack/. (Oh Mother of God walked along the world)

"Ladovytsi" have a very respectful attitude to preservation of the tradition thus, we are talking about reproduction of the authentic performance. However, you don't need to think about that just listen, because the songs are really good. They somehow imperceptibly dissolve the exhaustion and habit of the routine and fill with the hope for joy.
Domestic price: 201.30UAH, International price: $18.30USD

Uliana Horbachevska. Dole. /digi-pack/. (Destiny)

Perhaps, it would sound surprising if one said silent music. But how else could one put it? No, it does not keep silent, it is something different. This is the beauty that can only be born in pure silence, in the situation of total immersion into, total emergence from...
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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble. Psalmy. Pomyshlyayte, chelovetsy. /digi-pack/. (Reason Thee, Men. Psalmas)

A "Psal'ma" is a folk song with a religious meaning or content. On this disc the Kyiv folk group "Bozhychi" features a series of ancient Ukrainian psal'ms, recording in the course of several folk expeditions to the eastern part of Ukraine the Dnipropetrovs'k, Donets'k, Luhans'k and Kharkiv regions. These songs are played without additional editing, in a manner inherent to folk singers.
Domestic price: 163.90UAH, International price: $14.90USD

Folklore Theater by Ostap Stakhiv. A vzhe vesna vskresla. (And Spring Has Already Resurrected)

Ostap Stakhiv is related to a considerable number of various projects in this or that way linked with revival and popularization of Ukrainian, in particular singing folklore. One of ways to do that was creation of Ostap Stakhiv's Folklore Theater and you will be able to hear some outcomes of the work already now, on this disc.
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

"Bozhychi" folk ensemble. Vik ljubysh ne naljubyshsja. (You Love Forever And You Do Not Love Enough)

At presentation of this album "Bozhychi" told approximately the following about its appearance: that once they revised all of their materials collected in folklore expeditions and understood that the majority of the songs they collected were about love. In this or that form, in various situations of life, but about love.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

"Bozhychi" folk ensemble. Sho z Kyjeva ta j do Rusalyma. Kolyada songs. (From Kyiv to Jerusalem)

As a matter of fact, you feel as if your old friends have come for a moment to welcome you and stayed for some light hours. You see these people not so often, but when you do see them, you really feel glad because with them even silence seems to be good.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

"Bozhychi" folk ensemble. Kotylsja oj jasn zorja z neb. (Rolled, oh, the clear star from the sky)

Bozhychi have created and recreated a kind, high-quality and multicolour space of ritual songs of the Ukrainian Prydnipovya and, first of all, of Livoberezhzhya.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

"Dyke pole" group, "Otava" group, "Volodar" group, Hurtopravtsi, "Drevo" group. Zberimosja, rode... /v.2/. (Let's gather the family)

These voices and melodies possess a real magic, which has no bounds either in time or in space.
Domestic price: 218.90UAH, International price: $19.90USD

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7 november 2020
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