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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Ian Whybrow. Heroyska kyzhka Melenkoho Vovchyka. (Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds)

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Ian Whybrow. Heroyska kyzhka Melenkoho Vovchyka. (Little Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds)
"This is the second book of the famous series about adventures of Little Wolf. Little Wolf has become rich and took the position of the principal of the Adventure Academy. He dreams of creating the funniest school in the world. The clever Mr. Marvo is supposed to help him do it. In exchange for a significant amount of money, he promised to arrange Instant Adventures, where one will have plenty of entertainment. But one should not trust cunning wizards. Instead of carefree life and safe entertainment, our friends should expect a journey full of dangers, heroic deeds, and funny adventures."
Translated from English by: Orest Stadnyk
In Ukrainian
Illustrations: Tony Ross
Type of the edition: hard cover, black and white illustrations
Format: 128x200 mm
Number of pages: 170, illustrated publication
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv

- Bud laska, bud laska, NU BUD LASONKA

- Jak vam tsey papir? Pravda, shykarnyy?


- U svojemu suvoromu lysti vy pyshete...

- Tak, Khmurljandija khoroshe mistse...

- Prosto shchob pokazaty, jak vy pomyljajetesja...

- Chukhlyk u nas vzhe dva dni

- Vhadayte, shcho!

- U Chukhlyka vse harazd...

- Shchoyno otrymav vashoho lysta z poradoju...

- Akademiju Pryhod zamelo snihom

- Njukhlyk u zakhvati vid pana Chudija

- Kazhete, u vas tam khurde metelytsja...

- Pan Chudiy dosi tut

- Repetun prydumav...

- Znovu trokhy sturbovanyy...

- Pan Chudiy vreshti zakinchyv svoji tajemnychi...

- Rjatuyte!

- Znajete shcho?

- Obnadiylyvi novyny

- Sohodni my maly Heroysku pryhodu

- V Zabudkakh zatrymuvatys ne varto

- Vybachte, ne pysav vam kilka dniv...

- Shvydka jizda tse vam ne khoda

- Proyty Zhovtok urni Bolota nelehko

- Chukhlju my taky toy... znayshly...

- Dosi v dovichnomu uvjaznenni

- Pan Krutykhvist

- Kilka sliv pro zhyttja

- Sohodni ja znovu auknuv u trubu

- Zakhekani ta zmoreni

- My tajemno otaborylysja v Motoroshnomu Lisi

- My zaznaly pidstupnoho NIChNOHO NAPADU!

- Pram-param, a my zvilnyly Njukhlyka!

- Pan Krutykhvist spravdi vtik...

- Sohodni dopysav ostannju storinku...


Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789662909913
Year: 2012

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Ian Whybrow

Domestic price: 102.30UAH
International price: $9.30USD
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Ian Whybrow. Maly Vovchyk otaman zgrai. (Little Wolf, Pack Leader)

This time, the boosty and threatening rival of the Little Wolf becomes the leader of his own pack. He is about to camp in Murkshire and catch Mr. Twister, because there is a fair reward for the one who does that! Will Little Wolf be able to defeat him, to teach the cunning fox a lesson, and become the true leader of the pack?
Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Martin Sodomka. Yak zmaystruvaty litak. (How to Construct a Plane)

Characters of the new book by Martin Sodomka hand and glove friends Zyla the Sparrow and Arni the Rat decide to improvise a plane to fly to travel. It is not an easy task, as well as, eventually, constructing a car. But last year they succeeded!
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International price: $11.90USD $10.71USD

Megan McDonald. Judy Moody.

What expects you is meeting a funny girl named Judy Moody, whose mood tends to change often. It can be good, bad, pre-school, school whatever. And she also has her younger brother, Stink, best friend Rocky and "sworn" friend Frank Pearl. They find themselves in a variety of adventure...
Domestic price: 75.90UAH, International price: $6.90USD

Ian Whybrow. Piratska knyha Maloho Vovchyka. (Little Wolf, Terror of the Shivery Sea)

The restless Little Wolf and his friends his younger brother Smellybreff, Yeller, Normus Bear, and Stubbs Crow leave for a new adventurous journey. This time, there are ships, swords, and guns, sharks and islands in store for them, and also a war with the insidious Capn Froshu...
Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Ian Whybrow. Malyi Vovchyk lisovyi detektyv. (Little Wolf, Forest Detective)

The fourth book about adventures of Little Wolf turns out super-detective and super-modern. Get ready to get acquainted with Furlock Holmes and his Hi-Tech Investigator, as well as decipher mysterious messages, explore genetic modifiers, seek for the kidnapped ghost of Uncle Bigbad, and unravel thrilling crime...
Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Rudyard Kipling. Metelyk, jaky tupnuv nizhkoyu. (The Butterfly That Stamped)

There was a kingdom ruled by the wise king Suleiman-bin-Daoud, and he had his beautiful and intelligent wife Baltis, and 999 wives more, who always quarreled with each other. The governor was the wisest one, and he had a magic ring, but even he needed help. Assistance in need was provided by butterflie...
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Hans Christian Andersen. Nove vbrannya dlya korolya. (The King's New Clothes)

The vain king is afraid that he lost respect of his people. Suddenly, two otter dressmakers come to the palace and promise unheard garments to the king a masterpiece of tailoring, due to which they will start treating him with awe. Or even more such unbelievable garments will also enable him to recognize fools among people...
Domestic price: 218.90UAH, International price: $19.90USD

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9 january 2021
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19 november 2020
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Yulia Smal. Lesevi istoriji. Experiment and Discover. (Les' Stories)
Experiment and Discover
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
Yaryna Vynnytska, CA "Kovcheh". U kraini syrnykh konykiv. A Christmas Fairy Tale. /premium/. (In the Country of Cheese Horses)
In the Country of Cheese Horses
Domestic: 196.90UAH
International: $17.90USD
Angela Nanetti. Mistral.
Nanetti. Mistral
Domestic: 135.30UAH
International: $12.30USD
Gareth Moore. Intelektualni ihry dlya rozumnykh ditey. (Brain Gaming for Clever Kids)
Brain Gaming for Clever Kids
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD