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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Ulyubleni virshi. (+ 7 songs). Volume 1. /tenth edition/. (Favorite poems)

Reviews (2)
This is one of the most successful books by "A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA", the book that is constantly updated with new pictures and complemented with new poems the most valuable examples of the classic and modern Ukrainian poetry, as well as skilful translations of popular poems from foreign classics. The latest edition is completed with wonderful modern Ukrainian children songs with notes. The book has its audio version on a CD performed by popular actors, children "accompanied by cockerels, frogs, doggies, kitties, locomotives and music instruments". According to readers, it is due to this book that in some families they started speaking Ukrainian."

(information provided by the publishing house)

In Ukrainian.

Illustrations: Kost Lavro, Viktoria Kovalchuk, Oksana Ignaschenko, Kateryna Shtanko, Vita Konotop-Haidurova et al

Compiler: Ivan Malkovych

Age group: for kids from 2 through 102

Edition type: premium, colored, hard glossy cover

Format: 235x305 mm, number of pages: 112

Publisher: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, Kyiv


1 Urantsi bilja khaty (Leonid Kulish-Zinkiv)

2 U lisi, v lisi temnomu (Ivan Nekhoda)

3 Zaychyk v ternyni (Mariyka Pidhirjanka)

4 Babusyn pesyk (Z anhliyskoji perespivala Natalja Zabila)

5 Konyk-strybunets (Leonid Hlibov)

6 Ide pivnyk na viynu (Z narodnoho)

7 Zakhvorilo vedmezhatko (Oleh Holovko)

8 Khto vona? (Za Leonidom Hlibovym)

9 Kosychky (Anatoliy Kostetskyy)

10 Pisenka "Cherez mist" (Vasyl Vasyljev)

11 Badjaka-manjaka (Neonila Stefurak)

12 Skoromovka (Bohdan Stelmakh)

13 Pelikan (Rober Desnos. Z frantsuzkoji pereklav Dmytro Pavlychko)

14 Jalynka (Oleksandr Oles)

15 Padav snih na porih (Platon Voronko)

16 Ide kit cherez lid (Mykola Vinhranovskyy)

17 Teche voda iz-za haju (Taras Shevchenko)

18 Pochapaly kachenjata (Mykola Vinhranovskyy)

19 Ko-ko-ko (Za Jurijem Chernykh perespivav z rosiyskoji Ivan Malkovych)

20 A ja u hay khodyla (Pavlo Tychyna)

21 Z lisu zaychyky ishly (Leonid Poltavia)

22 Lop-ljup-ljap (Mykola Vinhranovskyy)

23 Lastivka (Mykola Vinhranovskyy)

24 Pro pana Traljalynskoho (Julian Tuvim. Z polskoji pereklav Ivan Malkovych)

25 Kotyk (Mariyka Pidhirjanka)

26 Sim mishkiv horishkiv (Z narodnoho)

27 Kapusta bilja Khusta (Lidija Povkh)

28 Skilky bude dva i dva? (Oleksandr Parkhomenko)

29 Baran (Dmytro Pavlychko)

30 Veseli zhabky (Natalja Zabila / Ivan Malkovych)

31 Otakyy rozzjava (Ivan Malkovych za Samujilom Marshakom. Perespiv z rosiyskoji)

32 Nedilja (Rene de Obaldia. Z frantsuzkoji pereklav Oleksandr Mokrovolskyy)

33 Pisenka "Kachechka" (Ivan Ivanenko)

34 Jarynka (Larysa Shevchuk)

35 Mur-r-r mur (Stanislav Bondarenko)

36 Ide, ide did, did (Z narodnoho)

37 Jide vojak morkvjanyy (Olena Pchilka / Ivan Malkovych)

38 Parotjah (Julian Tuvim. Z polskoji pereklav Ivan Malkovych)

39 Virsh-rak (Volodymyr Luchuk)

40 Do Paryzha (Maks Zhakob. Z frantsuzkoji pereklav Oleh Zhupanskyy)

41 Zasmutylos koshenja (Platon Voronko)

42 Soloveyko zastudyvsja (Lina Kostenko)

43 Hoydalka (Vit Vitko)

44 Hreky y chebureky (Stanislav Shapovaliv)

45 Vovky (Stepan Rudanskyy)

46 Robin-Bobin (Za anhliyskoju pisenkoju perespivav Ivan Malkovych)

47 Khodyt Harbuz po horodu (Volodymyr Aleksandriv)

48 Pisenka "Oy dvi zhabky" (Ivan Ivanenko)

49 Zhabka (Lidija Povkh)

50 Pryhoda (Volodymyr Kolomijets)

51 Jidu, jidu na koni (Stanislav Shapovaliv)

52 Pisenka pro hrushi (Lidija Povkh)

53 Jivha (Volodymyr Luchuk)

54 Ljuba (Ivan Nekhoda)

55 Linyvi varenyky (Anatoliy Kachan)

56 Stojala sobi khatka (Natalja Zabila)

57 Bilja morja, pry Dunaju (Vit Vitko)

58 Kyte, kyte, pokatay! (Moysey Fishbeyn)

59 Himpelkhen i Pimpelkhen (Z nimetskoji pereklav Ivan Malkovych)

60 Khvostyk nide dity (Platon Voronko)

61 Donja khoche spaty (Platon Voronko)

62 Pisenka "Ishov Mykolay" (Ivan Malkovych za narodnoju pisenkoju)

63 Koljadka "V hlybokiy dolyni" (Z narodnoho)

64 Kolyskova dlja zaychenjaty (Mykola Vinhranovskyy)

65 Khatka, jaku zbuduvav sobi Dzhek (Z anhliyskoji perespivaly Ivan Malkovych ta Juriy Andrukhovych)

66 Pisenka vid A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HY

Publisher: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789667047415
Year: 2010

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The great tale by Dmytro Pavlychko about true friendship of a boy and a deer as a new version, which the author prepared specifically for our publication. In my opinion, "The Golden Horn Deer" is the best modern fairy-tale poem for children. - Ivan Malkovych -
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Lesya Ukrainka. Kazka pro kotyka ta pivnyka. (The Fairy-Tale about the Cat and the Rooster)

One of the oldest and best beloved Ukrainian folk tales in the excellent poetic interpretation by Lesya Ukrainka. In Ukraine, this book has been published in three different editions, and this is the most complete one. This was the first "a-ba-ba-ga-la-ma-ga" book that gained international fame.
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Julian Tuwim. Slon Trubalsky. (Elephant Trunkalsky)

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Maryana Savka. Tykhi virshyky na zymu. (Quiet Poems for Winter)

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Palindromy. Cardboard book. (Palindromes)

Perhaps, not every mom or dad know what a palindrome is (or spoonerism, or literary inversion). So, having looked through this cardboard book with their kids, they will be able to read phrases hidden in the pictures both in the usual way, and... topsy turvy. The hint will be the specific "mirror" feature of the pictures.
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Kateryna Mikhalitsyna. Luhova lichylka. Cardboard book. (Meadow Counting Rhymes)

How many mischievous ladybugs have hidden in the grass and among the flowers? With the wonderful "Meadow Counting Rhymes" by Kateryna Mihalitsyna, children will not only find these little tomboys, but will also be able to count them. And, sure, they will learn a new good poem.
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Maryana Savka. Bosonizhky dlya stonizhky. (Sandals for a Centipede)

Kind and funny poems about a centipede, for whom one needs to buy fifty pairs of shoes; about a mouse, who drags to her hole... a cat's tail; about a cow, which even knows how to embroider; about a small snail and lots of other animal...
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Oksana Krotyuk. Ot by meni konyka! (If Only I Had a Horse!)

Why has the giraffe put on a nice dress and nine threads of necklace, why is the leopard speckled all through, why is the ocean named the Pacific one kids will discover answer to all these questions by reading poems by Oksana Krotyuk from her new collection..
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Tirza Atar. Vid viyny plachut. (They Cry Because of War)

These poems were composed by Israeli poet Tirza Atar. She composed them long ago, in the mid 70s. Sure, not about our reality but about theirs, for the war has long been grown into normal lives of people there. And it is creepy that these poems written on behalf of a seven year-old Jewish girl are so much in unison with our reality..
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Taras Shevchenko. Dytyachy Kobzar. (Kobzar for Children)

Kobzar for children is not just a collection of the most famous poems by Taras Shevchenko, but an artful publications with bright illustrations. Paintings by Maryna Myhayloshyna emphasize words by our Great Kobzar and attract attention of both small and adult reader...
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Reviews (2)

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18 march 2020
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Vladyslav Hrynevych. Chervony Imperializm. World War II and Public Opinion in Ukraine, 1939-1941. /2nd edition, supplemented and revised/. (Red Imperialism)
Vladyslav Hrynevych. Red Imperialism
Domestic: 350.90UAH
International: $31.90USD
Natalya Humenyuk. Zahubleny ostriv. A book of reporting from the occupied Crimea. (The Lost Island)
The Lost Island. A book of reporting from the occupied Crimea
Domestic: 152.90UAH
International: $13.90USD
Halyna Pahutyak. Sentymentalni mandrivky Halychynoyu ta inshi istorii. A Travel Book. (Sentimental Travels in Galicia and Other Stories)
Pahutyak. A Travel Book
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
Carmen Maria Machado. Yiyi tilo ta inshi storony. (Her Body and Other Parties)
Her Body and Other Parties
Domestic: 152.90UAH
International: $13.90USD