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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Kyiv Chamber Choir. Ukrajins'ke Rizdvo (Ukrainian Christmas)

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Kyiv Chamber Choir. Ukrajins'ke Rizdvo (Ukrainian Christmas)
Have you already listened to music for a lute from CD "Spravzhniy podyh vikiv"? Then, probably, this compilation will be also interesting for you. Here there is more classical performance, but both discs are close because the roots of music are the same ancient and deep, as the Tradition. The Ukrainian Christmas is not absolutely Christian holiday. There is probably more paganism, than Christianity in it. Schedrivky, koliadky are folk products which do not have certain author. Recorded compositions are already the works of concrete composers, which worked in a style of folk tradition and imposed on it academic sharpness of classical music education. Thus, we have the sounding created on a joint authentic and classical, an interlacing of spirit and time.

Catalogue number: CCK 012
Year: 1999

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Kyiv Chamber Choir

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1.  A New Joy has come (Nova radist' stala)
music: K. Stecenko, V. Barvins'kyj
2.  Silent Night (Svjata nich)
music: M. Hruber
3. Mp3Chrit is born (Hrystos rodyvsja)
music: O. Nyzhankivs'kyj
4.  Heavently Stars (Nebo jasni zirky vkryly)
music: Folk song
5. Mp3Generosity (Schedryk)
music: M. Leontovych
6.  The Great Miracle (Scho to za predyvo)
music: V. Barvins'kyj
7. Mp3The Savior is born (Boh sja rozhdaje)
music: O. Nyzhankivs'kyj
8.  Let's Rejoice (Lykujuchy, vozyhrajmo dnes')
music: Folk song
9.  Rachael, don't cry (Ne plach, Rahyle)
music: M. Skoryk
10.  Good Evening (Dobryj vechir Tobi)
music: K. Stecenko
11.  Sleep, Jesus, sleep (Spy, Isuse, spy)
music: Folk song
12.  Little Peacock (Pavochka)
music: A. Avdijevs'kyj
13.  The Saints (Svjati sydily)
music: V. Bozhyk
14. Mp3A Star in the sky (Na nebi zirka)
music: O. Nyzhankivs'kyj
15.  Our Parish (Scho na nashij parafiji)
music: Folk song
16.  In Kiev-town (A v Kyjevi-hradi)
music: Ja. Jacynevych
17.  All over the World (Po vs'omu svitu)
music: K. Stecenko
18.  Eternal God (Boh Predvichnyj)
music: S. Ljudkevych
 Total playing time: 54:09

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