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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. ReFormatIon vol.2.

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Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. ReFormatIon vol.2.

We have long been waiting for continuation of this project. And not only because songs by TNMK come into notice in any case just because these are songs by TNMK. But also because the first disc of what has now become the series "ReFormatIon" clearly demonstrated that Ukraine had a number of interesting groups capable of original reconsideration of familiar things. At that, that is often so original that the updated sounding does not yield to the initial variant. Actually, here you will hear development and confirmation of exactly this observation there is no doubt that the disc is able to make three turns at once. First, sure, it is nice to have an alternative vision of favorite songs. Second, the people who have taken part in reconsideration of TNMK's works and who long ago already mainly defined their own face, style. But here even they, not only TNMK, sporadically appear in quite fresh, unexpected light. Honestly speaking, it is nice to observe this kind of flexibility of thinking that means that the space for a step ahead is not yet occupied Well, and third: the disc has become virtually double one, as together with the ordinary disc, the group has released a separate Internet-disc "ReFormatIon-2.2". In fact, the Internet has been long and extensively used for popularizing music but TNMK has become the first known Ukrainian group that has prepared an official Internet-release.

Publisher: Vesna Music
Year: 2008

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Tanok Na Maydani Kongo

Domestic price: 152.90UAH
International price: $13.90USD
1.  Intro (uryvok z filmu "Ostanniy bunker")
2.  Hranuly Banhi Khep vs. TNMK
3.  Spayom (Alla Puhacheva & Anhelina Vovk live)
4. Mp3Chervona Ruta (Sofija Rotaru, Tanok Na Maydani Kongo)
5. Mp3Voseny (Kryhitka Cahes)
6.  Ani kurjat (uryvok z filmu "Za dvoma zaytsjamy")
7. Mp3Moja mama TNMK feat Serhiy Sivokho
8.  Vovka (uryvok z filmu "Kin-Dza-Dza")
9.  Mushu yty - Top Studio mix (msk)
10. Mp3Nemaje bilshoji (skit by PruzhynyNet)
11.  Syla PruzhynyNet
12. Mp3Tekst po debilnomu
13. Mp3Zabuv - Para Normalnykh
14. Mp3Les Poupées (Oleh Skrypka)
15.  Hranuly JALSOMINO mix
16. Mp3Sadok Vyshnevyy (skit by Hosha Arnautov)
17.  Banzay GreatFrut
18.  Kytayskoju (skit by Kateryna Khinkulova & Paul Crook, BBC Live)
19. Mp3Ivo Bobul (Gutsul Calipso)
20.  Heohrafija (skit by Juriy Horbunov)
21.  Molodets - Top Studio mix (msk)
22.  Chempion (skit by Anatoliy Vekskljarskyy)
23.  Ta Ty Sho (Rolliks)
24.  Vesillja Barbi (uryvok z filmu "Vesillja Barbi")
25.  Voda - U.eR.A vs. TNMK
26. Mp3Plyve choven TNMK, narodna
27. Mp3Aresht (Maria Burmaka)
28.  Hranuly (Qzzaargh)
 Total playing time: 68:19

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 152.90UAH
International price: $13.90USD
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Ot Vinta. Dupotryaska. (AssJump)

First, you see now not an album as such, but the first thematic collection by the group Ot Vinta. And second at which the name hints this disc surprisingly transfers the group's creativity inot a new dimension, the dimension of seemingly sheer dance music. Seemingly because the boys have not lost their sense of humor, and for that reason the music has remained very specific.
Domestic price: 218.90UAH, International price: $19.90USD

Alena Vinnitskaya. Electro.

...this album may serve far not only for dancing. Though it is announced as a dancing one, it is interesting and pleasant just to listen to it. As for me, it is here that Aljona Vinnytska has come very closely to her own format, correct exactly for her.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Qzzaargh, Perkalaba. Qzzaargh vs. Perkalaba.

There are "Perkalaba" group works pulverized with Kuzia muscle on the disk. It's now more clear but multilayer, something more sad but philosophic...
Domestic price: 185.90UAH, International price: $16.90USD

Tartak. Pershyj komercijnyj. /digi-pack/

...on the one hand we have renewed arrangements of famous compositions but on the other hand we have the quality that does not storm from without, but sprouts inside of a listener...
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Shock! Super Dance Ukraine.

It is that modern Ukrainian pop art, which has had no time yet to become paunchy and boring, but it is not already too young and inexperienced. But none of the compositions presented here sound in an original version - all are remixed.
Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. ReFORMATsia. (re-edition).

Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

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