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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble. School of the Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance. Part 2. (DVD).

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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble. School of the Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance. Part 2. (DVD).
"The video tutorial "School of the Traditional Ukrainian Folk Dance. Part 2" continues what was started in the first part popular introduction for the general public into rural folk dances that have been recorded on folklore expeditions. In the 2nd part of the video tutorial, theoretical aspects are explained much better and more thoroughly. Therefore we urge those who have already started mastering rural dances with part 1 to review the theoretical section of the 2nd part. This is not repeatition, it is a new level of awareness of folk choreography and the methodology of teaching folk dances. This video tutorial also includes an expanded section of "Steps" it contains a lot more options than the 1st part. The dances, explanations for which are contained in the 2nd part of the video tutorial, match with instrumental accompaniment on the CD "Ukrainian Dances. Part 2" (except for the melodies of Orlitsa and Yakov, which are included into the CD "Ukrainian Dances. Part 1").

I'm glad that we still manage to record new dances on expeditions, so we plan to prepare publication of further parts of the video tutorial." Ilya Fetysov, the manager of the School of the Traditional Folk Dance and the folk ensemble "Bozhychi"

The movie is in Ukrainian.

Video format - PAL

DVD Region: ALL

Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM DVD 516
Year: 2012

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"Bozhychi" folk ensemble

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1.  Ocheret (Zhytomyrske Polissja)
2.  Jakiv (Makarivskyy r-n Kyjivskoji obl.)
3.  Hrechanyky (s.Makariv Chernihiv)
4.  Vo sadu li (s.Zolotynka - Chernihiv)
5.  Vo sadu li (s.Kolychivka Chernihiv)
6.  Vo sadu li (s.Kocherezhky Pavlohrad Dnipropetrovsk)
7.  Oyra (s.Kocherezhky Pavlohrad Dnipropetrovsk)
8.  Kokhanka (Makarivskyy r-n Kyjivskoji obl.)
9.  Kozachok (s.Majachka Novi Sanzhary - Poltava)
10.  Vo sadu li (s.Pusta Hreblja Korop Chernihiv)
11.  Krakovjak (Kyjiv)
12.  Orlytsja (Chernihiv)
13.  Stradannja (Kyjiv)
14.  Stradannja (Chornobylskyy r-n Kyjivskoji obl.)
15.  Balamut (s.Pusta Hreblja Korop Chernihiv)
16.  Balamut (s.Shershni Tyvriv Vinnytsja)
17.  "Perekhidni" Stradannja (s.Masany Chernihiv)
18.  Kozachok (s.Bohuslav Pavlohrad Dnipropetrovsk)
19.  Krakovjak (s.Kocherezhky Pavlohrad Dnipropetrovsk)
20.  Krakovjak (s.Pusta Hreblja Korop Chernihiv)
21.  Stradannja (s.Pusta Hreblja Korop Chernihiv)
22.  Polka (s.Pusta Hreblja Korop Chernihiv)
23.  Zahalni pravyla
24.  Prostyy krok
25.  Pereminnyy krok "na raz-dva-try"
26.  Pereminnyy krok "na chotyry"
27.  Aktsentovane zakinchennja kolina
28.  Indyvidualni povoroty
29.  Parnyy povorot na chvert oberta
30.  Parnyy povorot na pivoberta
31.  Parnyy povorot na try chverti oberta
32.  Hopak u vykonannja uchasnykiv Shkoly tradytsiynoho narodnoho tantsju
  Ekspedytsiyni videozapysy:
33.  Stradannja (Chernihiv)
34.  Krakovjak (s.Smoljanka Kulykivka Chernihiv)
35.  Krakovjak (s.Knuty Sosnytsja Chernihiv)
36.  Stradannja (s.Knuty Sosnytsja Chernihiv)
37.  Korobochka (s.Knuty Sosnytsja Chernihiv)
38.  Jabluchko (s.Kocherezhky Pavlohrad Dnipropetrovsk)
39.  Hopak (s.Knuty Sosnytsja Chernihiv)
40.  Hopak (s.Smoljanka Kulykivka Chernihiv)
41.  Hopak (Lashuky Horodnja Chernihiv)
42.  Hopak (s.Kocherezhky Pavlohrad Dnipropetrovsk)
43.  Hopak (s.Zelenkiv Talne Cherkasy)
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Ukrainian state folk dance ensemble Virsky. Tanets, shcho obiymaje planetu. (DVD). (Dance unites a planet)

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Wooden Churches of Ukraine. Transcarpathia. (DVD).

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How and where you can rest and recover your health in the Transcarpathia. (DVD).

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Podorozh smachnym Zakarpattjam. (DVD). (Travelling Across the Delicious Transcarpathia)

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The great unknown Ukraine. Film One: Ukrainian Carpathians. (DVD).

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Dazzle Dreams Sound System. Nepal. (CD+DVD).

On February, 21, 2008, the folklore expedition of the project Dazzle Dreams Sound System left for Nepal. The primary objective of the project is searching and recording of countries' ethnic music music samples, accumulation of an original record library and its integration into their own music. During one week, the guys accumulated a great number of original samples, and they became part of new tracks by Dazzle Dreams.
Domestic price: 256.30UAH, International price: $23.30USD

Zamky Zakarpattja. (DVD). (Medieval Castles of Transcarpathia)

A gripping trip across the medieval castles of the Transcarpathian region. Historical events wrapped in myths and legends will in bright detail represent the epoch of the "dark ages" of Europe. You will see how empires blossomed and fell into decay, how the future of European peoples was born in the maelstrom of bloody wars.
Domestic price: 196.90UAH, International price: $17.90USD

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18 march 2020
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studio video project. (DVD)
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Telnyuk Sisters. Live at the Glenn Gould Studio. /Road of Glass/. (DVD-r).
Telnyuk: Sisters. Live at the Glenn Gould Studio. (DVD)
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Krajina. The History of the Ukrainian Lands. (4DVD).
The History of the Ukrainian Lands.
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