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Roman Kolyada, Anastasia Kolodiuk. KoKo Melange. /mini-pack/.
ethno melange
Domestic: 190.30UAH
International: $17.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Innertion Intelligent Session. Ukrainian electronic music in mp3 format.

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Innertion Intelligent Session. Ukrainian electronic music in mp3 format.
It is not quite clear why, but somehow it happens so that Ukrainian electronic music does not reach the wide public too often yet. Club variants in particular. Certainly, those who know and listen to it find it, because quite a lot of it is released recently. Accordingly, those who do not know leave it beyond their attention. And this, I think, is wrong already. First, in the whole world, not only in Ukraine, this music is now very actual and one should at least be in the context. Secondly it seems to me that now Ukrainian club electronics are quite able to compete with oversea standards. Regardless of whether the music is intended for dance or for chill-out. But in order to make sure again, you need to listen. Preferably as much as possible. That is why collections like this become just irreplaceable. On the one hand, no multitude of separate tracks from which it is quite difficult to compose a consistent picture of the musicians is sliced here. And on the other on one disk, they represent not too many projects, that is why it is not that difficult to listen to everything attentively. And, as a result, to get not fatigue but pleasure in this case, this is easily. And thats what I wish to you.
Format: mp3, 320 kbps.
Disclamer: All software proposed AS IS. We do not guarantee that it will be working on your PC. We have tested every CD on our PC and it works fine.

Publisher: Mp3 records
Catalogue number: mp3 00596
Year: 2006

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  Alex Junior Zhyzhchenko The Door (2006)
1.  The Door
2. Mp3Kat'Ka Lubit Sashku
3.  World Of Tomato Jaws
4.  Atributika
5. Mp3Ive No Wish
6.  Come On Come Body
7.  Fisherman'S
8.  Robotic Endless Party
9.  I'Ve No Wish (After Kazantip Remake)
10. Mp3Let'S Try 2 Cosmos Fly
11.  Zardel FRM
12. Mp316.04.2005
  iMotion Deeper Tonight (2006)
13.  Unfrozen
14. Mp3Viewpoint Of Jesus
15.  Deeper Tonight
16.  The Night
17. Mp3Always With U
18.  Chocolate Balls
19. Mp3Deeper Tonight (Pt. 3)
20.  Our Game Feat. Play One
21.  Love (Elevations Tribute)
22.  Insomnia
  Play One Jungle Destinations (2003)
23.  Frozen
24. Mp3Digital People
25.  Double Reflexions
26.  Jazz Stations
27. Mp3Progression Tools
28. Mp3Express
29.  Someday
30.  Timeless
31.  Dreams
32. Mp3Creamer & Stephan K. I Wish You Were Here (Play One Jungle Mix)
  Play One Moving 2 U (2006)
33. Mp3You Are So Good
34.  So Time
35.  Elevations (Body And Soul Mix)
36. Mp3Tell Me (Feat. Nata from Tomato Jaws)
37.  Monday Evening
38.  Moving 2 U (Feat. Tomato Jaws)
39.  Night Being Alone
40. Mp3Urban Man
41.  Elevations
42.  Without You (Feat. Nata from Tomato Jaws) (Naked Adaptation Mix)
43.  Cosmic Excursions
44. Mp3True Love
  Tomato Jaws Session (Tomato Jaws)
45.  World Of Tomato Jaws
46.  All my senses
47.  Lovely
48. Mp3NormalSubStation
49.  Come On Come Body
50.  Funky Mashine
51. Mp3ComeWithMe
52.  France
53. Mp3StapInToTheFuture
54.  From Mix
55.  I've No Wish
56.  Temothy Leary
57.  Keep So Calm
58.  Stereo Cassette Player
59. Mp3Fisherman's
60.  Robotic Endless Party

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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the Maneken. 5. /digi-pack/.

"5" is The Best, a collection of the best compositions in the more than five-year career of The Maneken. The collection includes 17 songs compositions from the albums First Look, Soulmate Sublime and Portrait, as well as the new singles "L/R" and "Keep Moving On".
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Viktor Krysko. Cinema graffiti. The best of movie music. /digi-pack/.

Above all, Viktor Krysko is known as the constant member of the original Kyiv project Er.J.Orchestra, although recently he pays no less attention to the so-called K-Trio Roman Kolyada's project. Well, and the album "Cinema Graffiti" introduces us to his somewhat different hypostasis. That of a composer.
Domestic price: 241.12UAH, International price: $21.92USD

Tomato Jaws. Reconstructed. /digi-pack/.

Thus, this album is a collection of already known but updated compositions by Tomato Jaws. Thus, not only Ukrainian friends of the project, but also international ones as Tigerskin and Steve Jones, involved themselves into the update. Another remix was thrown by a participant of the Kyiv trio, Pavlo Lenchenko aka Playone. Plus four tracks were prepared by the hosts Tomato Jaws.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Million Ways To Spend Your Time. /mini-pack/

CD compilation "Million Ways To Spend Your Time" was dedicated to 5th birthday of Ukrainian label Quasi Pop. It represents new & rare works by label mates and exclusive tracks from Quasi Pop's friends from different countries:
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

To be continued. Vol.2. Keep the wave... /dg-pack/

The release, mixed by DJ Small, mainly contains tracks by residents of CTS records: Sergio Mega, Marcello Mineo, Ikiro as well as three joint projects. The pearl of this release is a remix by the famous founder of Acid House DJ Pierre (the USA) for the track by Sergio Mega "Only Friends", which is included into the compiling as a complete bonus track.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

True Story. (v/a). /digi-pack/

Sentimony Records led by the duet Sphingida continues releasing new discs and making us enjoy their content. At that, there is a lasting impression that collections by this recoding studio good, aren't they become even better each time. Pleasant impression, sure.
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

To be continued. Vol.1. Next level is present... /digi-pack/

The album has comprised 12 tracks by Ukrainian, European and Russian producers. Next to such names of the stars of the world dancing floor as DaHool, Trik & Kubic, Coburn there are names of known, as well as new Ukrainian and Russian producers Sergio Mega, DJ Small, DJ DerBastler, Dan Brain, Sambooca.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection. /digi-pack/.

Complete collection of solo works by Oleh Skrypka in mp3.Attention! For the first time on a CD the album "Concert for Skrypka and a Big-Band" recorded together with the jazz orchestra directed by Igor Butman!
Domestic price: 174.90UAH, International price: $15.90USD

Evshanzillya 4. Rock Collection 2010. (mp3).

In 2010, following the tradition now, "Yevshanzillya" (already for the fourth year in succession) has become the first rock collection in the New Year. And, again as usual, the main focus is not on pop-rock and heavy alternative as it happens in the majority of rock collections but on a wide range of every other rock music.
Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Vopli Vidopliassova. The Best. Official mp3 Collection. /digi-pack/.

..not every listener and not always has time and desire to conduct selection within such collections but you sure know that. Therefore, in this case, VV group undertook the selection job and included into this disc far not everything. But the best.
Domestic price: 153.12UAH, International price: $13.92USD

National mp3 Collection. Volume 1.

Gorchitza live project, Tomato Jaws, The Maneken, Dazzle Dreams, Alexey Gorchitza.
Domestic price: 124.30UAH, International price: $11.30USD

Zakarpats'kyj sektor. 42 tracks in mp3 format. we have something resembling hip-hop, wedding music, kolomyikas with their banter, chanson, punk a very strange mix. But interesting. It tries to surprise and, frankly speaking, it succeeds in it.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Reviews (1)

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18 march 2020
Our work schedule during quarantine
12 march 2020
Rare CDs (part 3)
Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection. /digi-pack/.
Oleh Skrypka. Official mp3-collection.
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
Insight, Nino Katamadze. Mp3.
Nino Katamadze & Insight. mp3
Domestic: 124.30UAH
International: $11.30USD
Vopli Vidopliassova. Official mp3-collection. (2CD-ROM). Collection edition. /digi-pack/.
Official mp3-collection. (2CD-ROM). Collection edition.
Domestic: 196.90UAH
International: $17.90USD
Hurt "Expres". Ukrajinski zastolni pisni. (mp3). (Ukrainian drinking songs)
together in joy and sorrow
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD