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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Stelsi. 108 tracks in mp3 format.

Reviews (3)
Stelsi. 108 tracks in mp3 format.
Chernivtsi group "Stelsi" has for 6 years already been confidently breaking waves of Ukrainian electronic music. Confidently and very vigorously, from the very start and now you can easily make sure of this yourself. For by this time the group has already passed an intensive and interesting way of development and it seems that a new stage begins now. First, this was just good dance club music consider that one of its first albums had the title "Continuous Synth-Ethics". But afterwards texts started sounding together with the music thus, certain pop-rock elements appeared in their stylistics. Moreover, virtually simultaneously with the texts, light folklore motives began accompanying music by "Stelsi" as well. Now, this electronic music acquires ethnic coloring it is quite easy to hear Ukrainian roots here. However, it is nice to remark that it is not less easy to hear here motives of the North of Europe, Middle Asia and the East, special attention is paid to Indian melodies. And a bit later the music becomes more urban again but now in the new quality, softer than at the beginning. And, at the same time, another turn to Ukrainian folklore. As a result, today the group has a bright personality, which it is easy to separate from others. What will happen next it is difficult to forecast. But it is possible to now say already that what will happen next will be interesting.

Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

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Publisher: Mp3 records
Catalogue number: mp3 00595
Year: 2006

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  Fenix (2000) (Single)
1.  Fenix
2.  Da ja takov (vs. Kvazimodo)
  Stelsi (2000) (Limited Edition)
3.  Intro
4. Mp3Phoenix
5.  Jay Beat (House version)
6. Mp3Up & up
7. Mp3Sweet
8.  Narcotic Sunshine
9.  NDLM
10.  Feel da groove
11.  Action
12. Mp3Outro
13.  Bonus beats
  Jay Beat (2001) (Single)
14.  Jay beat
15.  Jay beat (Dance mix)
  Sweet (2001) (Single)
16.  Sweet
17.  Sweet (Remix)
  Sucil'na synt-etyka (2001)
18. Mp3Holovy, ruky
19.  Fenix
20.  Ruta-brejk
21. Mp350 000 Watts
22.  Sucil'na synt-etyka
23. Mp3Novyj svit
24.  Soncesvit
25. Mp31,2,3 (Drop it)
26.  NDLM
27.  Povelytel'
28. Mp3Rika
29.  Stelsi & Mc Val: Bud' hotov (Remix) (+Bonus+)
  DJ Zarubajko (2002) (Single)
30.  DJ Zarubajko
31.  Baby
  Tobi (2002) (Single)
32.  Tobi (Rok versija)
33.  Tobi (Rytm versija)
  Chernivci (Chudove misto) (2002) (Single)
34.  Chernivci (Chudove misto)
35.  Chernivci (Versija 2)
36.  Chernivci (Versija 3)
  Sonceshid (2002)
37. Mp3Sonceshid
38.  Up & Up [Indomix]
39.  Krishna buv des' tut
40.  Shyva
41. Mp3Dalila
42. Mp3Myroslav Kanabis
43.  Mirazh
44.  Chernivci (Chudove misto)
45.  Mr. Scratch
46.  Huchnomovec'
47. Mp3Rika [Chastyna 2]
  Game (2003) (Single)
48.  Game
49.  Game (Remix)
  Christmas (2003) (Single)
50.  1,2,3 Christmas
51.  1,2,3 Christmas (Extended)
  Model' (2003) (Single)
52.  Model'
53.  Model' (Remix)
54.  Model' (Drajv mix)
55.  Das Modell
56.  Das Modell (Remix)
57.  Das Modell (Drive mix)
58.  The Model
59.  The Model (Remix)
60.  The Model (Drive mix)
  Model' (2003)
61.  Das Modell
62. Mp3Edem
63.  Moja uljublena
64. Mp3Dity oseni
65. Mp3Casino
66.  Big mama
67. Mp3Model' (Remix)
68.  Moja uljublena (Frejd versija)
  Prybul'ci (2004) (Single)
69.  Prybul'ci
70.  Prybul'ci (Remix)
71.  Freefire
  Lorelaj (2004) (Single)
72.  Lorelaj
73.  Lorelaj (Remix)
74.  Lorelaj (Rus)
  Aliens (2004)
75. Mp3Preludium
76.  Surinami
77. Mp3Traum
78.  Scotch
79.  Aliens
80.  Vertigo
81. Mp3Lorelei
82. Mp3Topotun
83.  Nebelung
84.  Porno
85.  Kick up
86. Mp3Mr. Kanabiz
87.  Invaders
88.  Aliens (Remix) (+Bonus+)
  Nebelunh (2004) (Single)
89.  Nebelunh
90.  Nebelunh (Remix)
91.  Nebelung (German Remix)
  Juschenko Tak (2004) (Single)
92.  Juschenko Tak!
93.  Juschenko Tak! (Original)
  Mrija (2005) (Single)
94.  Mrija
95.  Mrija (2 Step)
96.  Mrija (Remix)
  Tam na hori (2006) (Single)
97.  Tam (Radio versija)
98.  Tam (Dance Instrumental)
  Tam (2005)
99. Mp3Tam
100.  SSSR
101.  Bezroboty
102. Mp3Molodyj
103.  Pro ce
104. Mp3Pi Ar
105.  Lukavyj
106. Mp3Arnika
107.  Stelsi
108.  Tobi

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Reviews (3)

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18 march 2020
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