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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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Chary ukrajins'koho bahatoholossja. Ukrainian folk songs. A cappella. Golden Collection. (Charms of Ukrainian Polyphony)

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Chary ukrajins'koho bahatoholossja. Ukrainian folk songs. A cappella. Golden Collection. (Charms of Ukrainian Polyphony)
No music instrument is able to surpass the force of expressiveness of the human voice or almost unable. At least, it is with voice that they compare sounding of an instrument when it sounds so beautiful and live that it seems to be a miracle. The cases when a violin cries, a flute sings, a French horn whispers are exactly from this series. And if the voice is the standard of expressiveness there is also music in which it shows up most brightly. Naturally, this is the music in which voice appears as the only instrument that is a capella music. Lately, variety and jazz variants of such collectives have become very popular, but, speaking largely, folk songs were initially always performed a capella. Some other instruments could be used afterwards, but at first there always was just voice. Later this tradition was continued and developed by spiritual music and only at appearance of jazz such singing made its way to the wide, popular scene. But lets go back to the start, to folk music as it is exactly Ukrainian folk songs that have been collected on this disk. This time the performance is not authentic you will hear songs performed by serious professionals (some of them, as the State Honored Academic Folk Choir named after G.Veryovka, are professionals with the world-known name). You will hear it and, I am sure, will not for the first time thank in your heart compilers of the "Gold Collection" series, their patience and taste. The ability to select from the whole enormous volume of funds of the National Radio Company of Ukraine such high-quality material, to arrange all that correctly is a great thing to do, tedious work. But the result is also of the highest quality.

Publisher: Astra Records
Catalogue number: A.R. 042-06
Year: 2006

Domestic price: 251.90UAH
International price: $22.90USD
1. Mp3Kolo richky, kolo brodu (vok. trio (Chorus named G. Veryovka)
2.  Svity, misjachen'ku (vok. kvartet "Kolo")
3.  Shumila sosna i javir (Polis'kyj nar. ans. "L'onok")
4.  Haju, haju, zelen rozmaju (chol. hor. kapela muz.-hor. tovarystva Ukrajiny)
5. Mp3Chyja to dolyna (Derzh. zasl. Bukovyns'kyj ans. pisni i tancju)
6.  Oj, chyj to kin' stojit' ("Yavir" quartet)
7.  Oj, pry luzhku (vok. trio "Chervona kalyna")
8. Mp3Stojit' javir nad vodoju (Kyjivs'ka chol. hor. kapela im. L. Revuc'koho)
9.  Tyho Dunaj vodu nese (Honoured Chapel of Ukraine "Trembita")
10.  Stelysja, barvinku (hor Kyjivs'koji konservatoriji im. P. Chajkovs'koho)
11. Mp3Serce, Marusju (Kyjivs'ka chol. hor. kapela im. L. Revuc'koho)
12.  Kolo moji haty zacvily blavaty (hor Ukr. radio)
13.  Molodychka-charivnychka (chol. hor. kapela muz.-hor. tovarystva Ukrajiny)
14. Mp3Chepurushka (Cherkas'kyj ukr. nar. hor)
15.  Na hori, hori jidut' mazury (Kyjivs'ka chol. hor. kapela im. L. Revuc'koho)
16.  Oj, u poli dvi topoli (Derzh. zasl. Bukovyns'kyj ans. pisni i tancju)
17.  Oj, puschu ja konychen'ka (Chorus named G. Veryovka)
18.  Oj, u poli krynychen'ka (Polis'kyj nar. ans. "L'onok")
19.  Po sadochku hodzhu ("Yavir" quartet)
20.  Oj, zasvity, misjachen'ku (Bayko sisters)
21.  Oj, u poli try krynychen'ky (Kyjivs'ka chol. hor. kapela im. L. Revuc'koho)
22.  Letila zozulja (vok. trio (Chorus named G. Veryovka)
23.  Hylja, hylja, siri husy (vok. kvartet "Kolo")
24.  Cvite teren (Honoured Chapel of Ukraine "Trembita")
25.  Oj, z-za hory kamjanoji (Derzh. zasl. akadem. hor. kapela Ukrajiny "Dumka")
26.  Dub na duba pohylyvsja (vok. kvartet "Kolo")
 Total playing time: 79:05

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 251.90UAH
International price: $22.90USD
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Reviews (2)

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