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Pisni pro kohannja. Golden Collection. (Songs about love)

Reviews (4)
Pisni pro kohannja. Golden Collection. (Songs about love)
One should admit that there are not so many universal topics. Death, love, the sense of life - actually, all these things are the same. All of them constitute only one thing - love. In connection with this disc, we may talk about love in pastel shades. To be exact, now we are talking about the language of love, since all these songs were composed in 60-th - 80-th and that's why it is easy to imagine at once which language we are speaking now, which music our talk is accompanied with. The atmosphere of the pop-music of those times was not exactly crystal-clear, but soft and not strained. It is pleasant to plunge into it, to swing back and forth on its waves, to taste this sweet salt. Even if these songs are older than people who are listening to them now. And it is quite easy to imagine the green of parks washed by a warm rain, open-air theatres, from which these songs sound, people with dreamy faces and couples whirling in a dance. So, let this disc set you in a light mood, the mood without anxiety and sadness. Let this disc to bring the inspiration to say to a beloved person that he or she is loved.

Publisher: Astra Records
Catalogue number: A.R. 005-04
Year: 2004

Domestic price: 166.60UAH
International price: $11.90USD
1.  Jak ja ljublju tebe (Lidija Vidash)
music: Ihor Poklad
lyrics: Dmytro Lucenko
2.  Chervona Ruta (VIE "Smerichka")
music: Volodymyr Ivasjuk
lyrics: Volodymyr Ivasjuk
3.  Kohanyj (Ljudmyla Nevzhljad-Mahon'ko)
music: Ihor Poklad
lyrics: Ihor Barah
4.  Lyshe raz cvite ljubov (Sofija Rotaru)
music: Volodymyr Ivasjuk
lyrics: Borys Stel'mah
5. Mp3Tysha navkruhy (Marenych Trio)
music: Olexandr Bohachuk
lyrics: Olexandr Bohachuk
6.  Kohaty chas (Kobza)
music: Olexij Semenov
lyrics: Olexandr Vratar'ov
7.  Ochima tyskazav meni – ljublju (Olha Bohomolets)
music: Ol'ha Bohomolec'
lyrics: Lina Kostenko
8.  Vesna i ty (VIA "Vizerunok shljahiv")
music: Taras Petrynenko
lyrics: Taras Petrynenko
9.  Charivna skrypka (VIA "Chajka")
music: Ihor Poklad
lyrics: Jurij Rybchyns'kyj
10.  Vidlunnja krokiv (Lidija Vidash)
music: Volodymyr Ivasjuk
lyrics: Volodymyr Ivasjuk
11. Mp3Dyvo-son (Volodymyr Udovychenko)
music: Stepan Sabadash
lyrics: Andrij Demydenko
12.  Ne pytaj (Natalja Lojchenko)
music: Ihor Poklad
lyrics: Myhajlo Tkach
13.  A my udvoh (VIA "Kalyna")
music: Olexandr Zujev
lyrics: Volodymyr Kudrjavcev
14.  Pokohala vitra z polja (Natalja Kostenko)
music: Iryna Kyrylyna
lyrics: Borys Chyp
15.  Chervoni maky (Tetjana Rusova)
music: Roman Savyc'kyj
lyrics: Roman Savyc'kyj
16. Mp3Mynaje den' (Sofija Rotaru)
music: Mykola Mozhovyj
lyrics: Jurij Rybchyns'kyj
17.  Zapytaj u sercja Olexij Semenov Volodymyr Kudrjavcev (Kobza)
music: Olexij Semenov
lyrics: Volodymyr Kudrjavcev
18.  Chervona trojanda (Tetjana Rusova)
music: Anatolij Horchyns'kyj
lyrics: Leonid Tatarenko
19.  Zalysheni kvity (VIE "Smerichka")
music: V. Hromcev
lyrics: Volodymyr Ivasjuk
20. Mp3Slipyj dosch (Lidija Vidash)
music: Viktor Shevchenko
21.  Pisnja Ljubovi (Lidija Vidash)
music: Olexij Semenov
lyrics: Mykola Synhajivs'kyj
 Total playing time: 72:30

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 166.60UAH
International price: $11.90USD
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Reviews (4)

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