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Roman Kolyada, Anastasia Kolodiuk. KoKo Melange. /mini-pack/.
ethno melange
Domestic: 190.30UAH
International: $17.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Ukraine 2006 will be marked by a 36-year anniversary of a national legend professional music group named KOBZA. Nowadays KOBZA became one of true symbols of Ukrainian music, but also a huge Ukrainian trademark famous in many regions of the Earth, where the groups touring concerts took place.

Today one can hardly remember 1970, when four young musicians joint their skills to create a small music ensemble. No one can explain the way the first KOBZAs album was recorded in a single night. But all Ukrainian people would say, that in a year since that concerts of KOBZA gathered stadiums of spectators.
Later the groups touring activity increased up to 250 concerts in a year. From time to time musicians had to play three or even four concerts in a day.

In 2002 KOBZA received a commercial proposition from the "Dynasty" studio, one of Ukraines top companies in the recording business market. The company became the first groups producer in its long "noncommercial" history. After a year of joint work the group recorded material for two albums a rock and a folk one. The "Dynasty" studio produced a big solo concert of KOBZA in the "Ukraine" Palace the biggest concert hall of the country. Studios producers recorded and released a single of KOBZA feat. Tanok Na Maydani Kongo (a popular Ukrainian hip-hop team), shot a modern music video presenting it at the top national music channel "M1". The work has been done by the "Dynasty" studio, enriched KOBZAs auditorium and the number of concert halls and media ready to work with it, due to the groups modern sound and style.

In summer 2005 KOBZAs cast has been transformed: new musicians and instruments, that had never been used yet, have been engaged in the groups work. Olexander Rud (bass-guitar) was invited from another legendary Ukrainian group "Krayany", Poltava. A 20-years old saxophonist Dmytro Lytvynets deals in KOBZA with lead vocals and music arrangements. The groups drummer Yaroslav Vilchik was also famous working with Ruslana, the Eurovision-2004 winner. Experienced musicians playing flute and keyboards saved their positions in KOBZA untouchable.
Today KOBZA is working with the new album material, combining original Ukrainian music and singing with modern rhythms and sounds. KOBZA was one of those who supported Ukrainian nation by playing on Maydan, the Square of Independence, with the audience of total amount nearly one million spectators. Also the group is preparing a new concert show for its tour via Canada and the USA which is planned to be held in 2006. But there still are features that KOBZA can never loose. They are: the musicians professionalism, modern and original arrangements, huge vocal potential of the group, and its producers experience and professionalism.

Hereby there are some interesting facts from the groups life, from its beginning till 2006:

KOBZA is associated with:

the first big vinyl disk in Ukraine (1971)
the first electro-bandore (traditional musical instrument of Ukraine) in the world (1971)
the first Ukrainian vinyl disk published in the North America ("Forbidden in the USSR", Canada 1972)
the first Ukrainian group to be left in a commercial tour abroad (Canada, 1982)

KOBZAs touring map (1970-2004): 1977: Czechoslovakia & Italy 1980: Finland 1982: Canada 1985: Japan 1991: Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands 1991-2006: Germany, France, Greece, Egypt, England, Denmark, Lybia, Russia

information, photo from official web site of the group:


Pisni pro kohannja. Golden Collection. (Songs about love)

One should admit that there are not so many universal topics. Death, love, the sense of life - actually, all these things are the same. All of them constitute only one thing - love.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Igor Shamo. Songs.

Time is a scrupulous listener, you know, and straight-out as well. But the creative activity of Ihor Shamo seems to have passed such exam very well.
Domestic price: 141.90UAH, International price: $12.90USD

Oj, letily dyki husy. The Best Ukrainian Folk Songs.

As you can easily understand, this collection presents the best Ukrainian folk songs. It presents classical songs, which are classically performed really great stars perform them.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

The Best Songs of Ukrainian Variety Art of XX ct. Golden collection.

By its mood, the music represented here somehow reminds beginnings of the American jazz. Actually, these songs, almost all of them without exception, contain the special, touching secret of the naive and sincere sounding. The modern variety art no longer contains such a mystery, and, presumably, will never have it again.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Kvitka paporoti. Ukrainian Lyric collection. (Flower of Fern)

If a person did have voice, he/she also had the opportunity to fully demonstrate all of its charms. Melodiousness of songs allowed it. Maybe, that is the reason why we still listen to these records with pleasure?
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. Video Clips. (DVD).

For all those who love TNMK, who love Ukrainian hip-hop and high-quality hip-hot as such outstanding joy has come. On this disc, almost all video pieces of the group are collected there is now just no more complete official collection.
Domestic price: 157.08UAH, International price: $14.28USD

Ukrainian Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles. Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. /digi-pack/

There is no doubt that the fourth collection of this series will cheer up everyone who will have the luck of listening to it. Even those who do not know Ukrainian and, naturally, those who know and understand it. In Ukraine, such positive music, the more so in these generous amounts, was never created either before or after the times of VIEs' bloom.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Ukrainian Folk Songs. Volume 2. Ukrainian mp3 Collection.

The specificity of the series "Ukrainian mp3 Collection" is that the theme announced in the title of each of its discs is unwrapped as extensively as possible, from various aspects. And the second volume of the release having the theme of "Ukrainian Folk Songs" is no exception the selection of albums included here appears very multicolored.
Domestic price: 207.90UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Hits of Ukrainian Variety Art of XX ct. Volume 3. Ukrainian mp3 Collection.

This collection includes the following discs of the Golden Collection: "Chicheri. Ukrainian folk songs performed by Ukrainian vocal-instrumental ensembles", "My Kyiv", "Ukrainian Tango", "Songs about love", "My Dear Mother".
Domestic price: 207.90UAH, International price: $18.90USD

Ukrajinskyy tantsjuvalnyy. Golden Collection. (Ukrainian Dancing)

..the new disc is special for three reasons at once. The first one: until now, no discs devoted to Ukrainian folk dances have yet been released within the limits of the collection. The second in this case, you will almost not see known names. Well, and the third reason is already more habitual: you will hardly be able to find the recordings represented here anywhere else, in fact, they were made especially for the NRCU funds.
Domestic price: 131.12UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. Collection. 6 CDs box-set.

Probably, we should still say: these discs were not intended for sale, initially they were released only for the sake of presentation. But, fortunately, corporate schemes are not absolute yet that is why various pleasant violations of rules are possible..
Domestic price: 1054.90UAH, International price: $95.90USD

Golden Age of Ukrainian Music. Ukrainian Dancing Melodies. (premium release). /digi-pack/.

The basis of the collection is recordings of collectives virtually unknown to the large public although in issues of mastery they do not subdue to their better-known colleagues in trade. Well, and you will hardly be able to find the recordings represented here anywhere else, in fact, they were made especially for the NRCU funds, and in other archives you just won't see them.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

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Rare CDs (part 3)
Vasyl Shklyar. Kharakternyk.
Shklyar. Kharakternyk
Domestic: 163.90UAH
International: $14.90USD
Svitlana Macenka, ImR Platform. Literary and Jazz Improvisations: intermedial studies
Literary and Jazz Improvisations
Domestic: 350.90UAH
International: $31.90USD
ShockolaD, Bria Blessing. IVASYUK. /eco-pack/.
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
Natalya Humenyuk. Zahubleny ostriv. A book of reporting from the occupied Crimea. (The Lost Island)
The Lost Island. A book of reporting from the occupied Crimea
Domestic: 152.90UAH
International: $13.90USD