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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
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International: $28.90USD
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Kholodne Sonce. Promeni sliz. (Rays of tears)

Reviews (20)
Kholodne Sonce. Promeni sliz. (Rays of tears)
Because I don't know what to start with. Each subsequent song brings new images, new variants of a start, so it is difficult to choose one thing. At that, it is already a good sign and speaks in favour of the quality. It is that case when from the very beginning you expect something well-known to you and get it, but still not the way you have expected. Why? May be, simply because from the moment the first chords sound, this music involuntarily enchants you and you start listening to it attentively. Then you notice that it is exactly attention that is put by musicians here. There are two main manifestations in this music. All songs are connected with one main topic, which is not so much noticeable as felt. It happens this way because all details are worked out at a good level - and they attach expressiveness to the general background and create the game of shadows in night velvet. Do you need any more descriptions? Have you heard the idea that all mirrors are connected with one common space and that's why each of them, even a small pocket looking glass, is a peculiar portal, an entry to any necessary place? As for me, this album and its every song is such kind of connection to something bigger - and a thing in itself. The eyes of a chameleon, which are connected with each other by the only one but important thing - its head. Here is the night with a young moon, which has just been born - that's why you can see its real face so closely, so openly. To see without any make-up of a moonlight. Here it is again, but decorated with multicoloured lights of a big city, and it blows up, and kisses swiftly, and disappears in the corners of eyes, and rolls with tears down, and rushes away, and stays - clear and salty. Here is a stone, cold and warm - and hands, cold and warm - and your eyes, cold and warm - and in reality? Here is a stone, and your hands, and your eyes. Here is music.

Publisher: Atlantic
Catalogue number: UGPCD002
Year: 2004

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Kholodne Sonce

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1.  Temna trojanda
2.  Tin' kohannja
3.  Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)
4. Mp3Zabery mene
5.  Kolyskova
6.  Znykle u sni
7.  Bezkrylyj anhel
8. Mp3Pry zahodi
9. Mp3Tam de ja
10.  Kryzhana zirka
11. Mp3Pohovaj
12.  Pry zahodi
 Total playing time: 49:40

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Reviews (20)

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