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Ukrainian Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles. Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. /digi-pack/

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Ukrainian Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles. Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. /digi-pack/

There is no doubt that the fourth collection of this series will cheer up everyone who will have the luck of listening to it. Even those who do not know Ukrainian and, naturally, those who know and understand it. In Ukraine, such positive music, the more so in these generous amounts, was never created either before or after the times of VIEs' bloom. Now, it is merry but people have changed a little... There exist several theories related to reasons for appearance of this kind of music, and not all of them are optimistic. But, nevertheless, the fact remains a fact with sounds of these songs, it is just impossible to cherish gloomy moods. It is impossible, and you don't want to do that in the end, what is the sense of resisting beautiful things that enter your life? Thus, we should recommend this to you as well: do not resist enjoy!

It is not only interesting, but also pleasant to know that guess who Oleh Skrypka himself made a direct contribution into compilation of absolutely all discs of the "Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music" series. Considering that it was his recording house "Kraina Mriy" that has been working over the series that is, actually, not surprising. But, in any case, it is nice to see that Skrypka has revealed an outstanding awareness of the material. You should also take into account how extensive the palette of themes selected has appeared and not hackneyed, by the way... We believe that when working over these compilations, he had a lot of interesting discoveries for himself and we have no doubt that for the future audience of these discs these discoveries may appear no less interesting...

You may order this item as a part of the following item set:

Masterpieces of Ukrainian Music. Collection. 6 CDs box-set.

Publisher: Krajina mrij
Catalogue number: krm 014-4
Year: 2006

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1. Mp3Vodohray (VIE "Smerichka")
2.  A my udvokh (VIA Kalyna)
3. Mp3Try trembity (VIE "Vodohraj")
4.  Chervona ruta (VIE "Smerichka")
5. Mp3Chycheri (VIA Chervona Ruta)
6.  Divchyno myla (VIE "Vodohraj")
7.  Ja pidu v daleki hory (L. Vidash ta ans. p\k V. Petrusja)
8. Mp3Kokhaty chas (Kobza)
9.  Kolo mlyna kalyna (VIA Vizerunky Shljakhiv)
10. Mp3Nesla divchyna vodu (VIE "Vodohraj")
11.  Oy, kynuv ja buk (Kobza)
12.  Oy, na hori bilyy kamin ("Dva Koliory" Duo)
13. Mp3Vesna i ty (VIA Vizerunky Shljakhiv)
14.  Zelen klen (N. Zlobina, N. Pashchenko i ansambl Mrija)
15.  Hay, zelenyy hay (VIE "Smerichka")
16.  Zozulenka bila ("Vatra" hurt)
17.  Charivna skrypka (trio Lybid)
 Total playing time: 54:49

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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Nazariy Yaremchuk. The Best. /digi-pack/. just needs to listen to a couple of songs from any collection by Yaremchuk to feel: that was a true talent, because even today his voice is able to break through to touch some very important strings of the soul. So let's listen.
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Victor Pavlik. No Promises No Forgiveness. /digi-pack/.

Pavlik has come back with the album in English. There is the feeling that the album was created mainly for the guys' own fun and this must be right. By the way, perhaps, this is because there are not only translations of the best songs by Pavlik of various years, but also some nice covers of world hits.
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Victor Pavlik. Kimnata v seredyni moho sercia. (Room in the Middle of My Heart)

In our opinion, it is the album "Room in the Middle of my Heart" that turns out the best studio album among Viktor Pavlik's works and it still remains such. So, it is very nice that this disc is now re-issued in good quality we believe it has not lost its relevance, as good drinks and elegant clothes do not lose it...
Domestic price: 166.60UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Olexander Vasylenko. Meni z toboju dobre. /digi-pack/. (I Feel Good With You), one can hear both a capella compositions, and orchestrated ones, and those recorded in the variety art genre. And such variety, as a result, presents Olexander Vasylenko as a vocalist in a very positive light because different styles, sure, imply different performance nature. And he has succeeded in this easily, convincingly.
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Olexander Vasylenko. Kvitka nichnoho sadu. /digi-pack/. (Night Garden Flower)

Olexander Vasylenko has released two more related, interconnected works: "Night Garden Flower" and "I Feel Good With You". They are dedicated to the romance. Thus, it is nice that the term here implies a rather broad sense.
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Volodymyr Luciw. Collection. (3CD box-set).

The premium box set includes the following CDs: - "With Ukraine in heart", - "International songs", - "Ukrainian folk song & dumy".
Domestic price: 432.60UAH 389.34UAH
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Volodymyr Luciw. Z Ukrajinoju v sertsi. (With Ukraine in heart)

For Ukrainians, it is already the highest time to get rid of the inferiority complex. Only those nations that do not yield their authenticity and culture will manage to withstand and preserve their historical prospect in the contemporary cruel, dynamic, technological and changeable world...
Domestic price: 144.20UAH, International price: $10.30USD

Mykola Hnatyuk. Znov. (Again).

He got his first real popularity approximately 30 years ago. And it was huge as it was measured by the scale of the Soviet Union. Then there was the victory at the festival in Sopot and here in those times this was considered a sort of a peak of a variety art career.
Domestic price: 130.20UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Reviews (1)

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