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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Pole bytvy – Ukraina. Vid "volodariv stepu" do "kiborhiv". The series "History Uncensored". (Battlefield Ukraine. From the "Lords of the Steppe" to "Cyborgs")

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Pole bytvy – Ukraina. Vid "volodariv stepu" do "kiborhiv". The series "History Uncensored". (Battlefield Ukraine. From the "Lords of the Steppe" to "Cyborgs")
"The objective of the books in this series is to speak about the Ukrainian past relying on facts rather than fabrications or orders. To create the future, one needs not only the will and courage, not only persistence and daily work, but also knowledge about our history. Uncensored. For the first time in 15 years, a multi-volume popular exposition of the history of our country is published in Ukraine. The authors do not follow an ideological order, their assessments sometimes do not coincide, allowing the reader be the judge in these disputes." Volodymyr Vyatrovych
- Which military conflicts took place in the Ukrainian territory?
- What is the foundation of the Ukrainian military tradition?
- What needs to be recalled and restored, what must be constantly reminded?
- What is true in our history, and what is propaganda?
The group of authors ​​includes: Borys Cherkas, Oleksuy Sokyrko, Andriy Plakhonin, Yana Prymachenko, Mykhaylo Videyko, Andriy Halushka, Kyrylo Halushko, Serhiy Hromenko, Maksym Mayorov, Andriy Rukkas, Yevhen Synytsya
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 128x200 mm

Number of pages: 352, illustrated
Publisher: Bookclub, Kharkiv

1. Terytorija Ukrajiny z vojennoji tochky zoru

2. Pochatky viys‘kovoji spravy na ukrajins‘kykh zemljakh (vid doby neolitu do X st. do n.e.)

- Istorychni protsesy na terytoriji Ukrajiny vid doby neolitu do 900 r. do n.e.

- Viys‘kova sprava doby neolitu-eneolitu

- Viys‘kova sprava doby bronzy

3. Viys‘kova sprava ta viyny doby rann‘oho zaliza (X st. do n.e. – III st.. n.e.)

- Istorychni protsesy na ukrajins‘kykh zemljakh kimmeriys‘koji ta skifs‘koji doby

- Ozbrojennja, taktyka boju ta pokhody kimmeriytsiv

- Aziys‘ki pryhody kimmeriytsiv

- Ozbrojennja, viys‘kova sprava ta pokhody skifiv

- Aziys‘ki pokhody skifiv

- Krajina mist

- Viys‘kova sprava antychnykh mist-derzhav Pivnichnoho Prychornomor’ja

- Viys‘kova sprava ta pokhody sarmativ

4. Viys‘kova sprava ta pokhody doby Velykoho pereselennja narodiv (III-VIII st.)

- Viys‘kova sprava ta pokhody hermantsiv

- Viyny hotiv

- Huns‘ka navala

- Viys‘kove mystetstvo davnikh slov’jan

5. Viyny Rusi: vid Dorostola do Jaroslava (X-XIII st.)

- Politychna istorija ukrajins‘kykh zemel‘ za davn‘orus‘kykh chasiv

- Druzhynnyy period

- Pokhody Svjatoslava

- Derzhava Volodymyra ta Jaroslava

- Udil‘nyy period

- Etapy detsentralizatsiji Rusi: pohromy Kyjeva 1169 ta 1203 rr.

- Bytva na Kaltsi

- Bytva pid Jaroslavom

6. Viys‘kova sprava ta viyny Lytovs‘koji doby (XIV-XVI st.)

- Orhanizatsija y komplektuvannja viys‘ka

- Viys‘ko Velykoho knjazivstva Lytovs‘koho

- Hrjunval‘ds‘ka bytva

- Bytva pid Orfeju 1514 r.

7. Viys‘kova sprava ta viyny doby Kryms‘koho khanatu

- Politychna istorija Pivnichnoho Prychornomor’ja u XIV – pershiy polovyni XVII st.

- Viys‘ko Kryms‘koho khanstva

- Rozorennja Kyjeva khanom Manhli Gerajem 1482 r.

- Kryms‘ki pokhody na Moskvu 1571 ta 1572 rr.

- Viys‘kova sprava ta viyny na ukrajins‘kykh zemljakh za pol‘s‘koji doby (1569-1648 rr.)

8. Ukrajins‘ke viys‘ko Kozats‘koji doby (1648-1775)

- Viys‘kovo-politychna istorija Ukrajiny Kozats‘koji doby

- Zbroyni syly Kozats‘koho het‘manatu

- Kozats‘ke opolchennja

- Naymani viys‘ka

- Nadvirni ta pryvatni formuvannja

- Kopus artyleriji

- Pyljavets‘ka bytva 1648 r.

- Konotops‘ka bytva 1659 r.

- Vzjattja turets‘kykh fortets‘ u ponyzzi Dnipra 1695 r.

9. Ukrajins‘ke viys‘ko doby Vyzvol‘nykh zmahan‘ 1917-1921 rr.

10. Ukrajina ta ukrajintsi u Druhiy svitoviy viyni

- Karpats‘ka Sich

- Biy na Krasnomu Poli

- Orijentatsiji ukrajins‘kykh politychnykh rukhiv

- Ukrajintsi u Veresneviy kampaniji 1939 r.

- Viys‘kovi diji na Skhidnomu fronti u 1941-1942 rr.

- Rukh Oporu v Ukrajini u 1941-1944 rr.

- Biy pid Hurbamy

- Na botsi derzhav Osi

- Na botsi Ob’jednanykh Natsiy

11. Viyna na skhodi Ukrajiny 2014-2015 rr.

- Rosiys‘ka okupatsija Krymu

- Anty terorystychna operatsija

- Parlaments‘ka asambleja OBSJe, shcho zvynuvatyla Rosiju v okupatsiji Ukrajiny

Publisher: BookClub
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786171201439
Year: 2016

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