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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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Taras Kalyandruk. Tajemnytsi boyovykh mystetstv Ukrajiny. (Secrets of Martial Arts of Ukraine)

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Taras Kalyandruk. Tajemnytsi boyovykh mystetstv Ukrajiny. (Secrets of Martial Arts of Ukraine)
"This unique book for the first time collects information about martial arts of Ukrainians, approximately 400 images from rare sources are represented here, the majority of them till recently remained scarcely explored.

The original martial culture of our ancestors, which for thousands of years helped them to protect the native land against enemies, comes to life on the book's pages."

In Ukrainian.

Offset paper
Format: 166237 mm

Number of pages: 304, illustrated publication

Cover: hard

Publisher: Piramida, Lviv

Table of Contents:


V. Idzo. Istorija ta tajemnytsi boyovykh mystetstv Ukrajiny

Rozdil 1. Zhertsi

1. Kastovyy podil davnoariyskoho suspilstva. Rol i znachennja zhertsiv, jikhni viyskovi znannja. Vykhovannja bohatyriv

2. Kharakternyky. Ariyski koreni kharakternytstva. Mozhlyvosti kharakternykiv

3. Plastuny. Plastunivskyy kurin na Zaporizkiy Sichi. Istorija plastuniv ta jikhni zvychaji

4. Boyove mystetstvo plastuniv, yoho koreni ta pokhodzhennja

5. Plastuny pislja zruynuvannja Sichi. Kubanski plastuny. Podalshyy rozvytok plastunskykh tradytsiy ta boyovoho mystetstva v Ukrajini

Rozdil 2. Vojiny

1. Ariyski koreni boyovoho mystetstva vojiniv. Pokhodzhennja kozatstva

2. Boyove mystetstvo kasty vojiniv. Tradytsiji viyskovoho vykhovannja

3. Rozvytok nadzvychaynykh mozhlyvostey kozakiv. Vojiny-smertnyky

4. Kozatska vzajemovyruchka. Pobratymstvo. Stavlennja do zhyttja i smerti. Ponjattja viyskovoji chesti ta obovjazku

5. Moralnist vojina i viyskove shchastja

6. Viyskovi pisni i tantsi. Herojichna pisnja jak zasib zmitsnennja lytsarskoho dukhu. Rol kobzariv

7. Systema vojatskoho vyshkolu v Ukrajini. Sichova shkola. Vojatski vyprobuvannja u kozakiv ta opryshkiv. Vojatska prysjaha

8. Zhinky-vojiny v Ukrajini. Pytannja pro amazonok

9. Systema vojatskykh zmahiv v Ukrajini. Riznovydy vojatskoho mystetstva

10. Tradytsiji pojedynkiv. Svjashchennyy pojedynok jak riznovyd sudovoho rishennja. "Pole"

11. Viyskovi zmahy na chest bohiv abo pomerlykh. Tryzna. Vynyknennja lytsarskykh turniriv

Rozdil 3. Narod

1. Vysoki viyskovi jakosti nashykh predkiv

2. Sposoby viyskovoji pidhotovky naselennja. Narodni viyskovi ihry ta zabavy

3. Nyshchennja narodnykh jedynoborstv okupantamy. Vidrodzhennja jedynoborstv u nezalezhniy Ukrajini

Spysok vykorystanykh dzherel


Catalogue number: ISBN 9789664410486
Year: 2007

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Taras Kalyandruk

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Reviews (1)

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